Backgrounder: Investments in the Canadian Army

The Canadian Army is a highly-trained, agile, and professional force that can deploy anything from a single soldier all the way up to a large-scale formation of troops. This provides the Government with a scalable, flexible, and highly responsive range of military land capabilities. Strong, Secure, Engaged enables the Canadian Army to recapitalize and sustain many core capabilities, modernize vehicle fleets and weapons systems, as well as maintain interoperability with allies and an advantage over potential adversaries.

We will:

The Government will provide $18.9 billion on an accrual basis ($23.2 billion on a cash basis) for Canadian Army equipment projects over the next 20 years. This includes:

New Investments in the Canadian Army (CA)


Project Description


Canadian Forces Land Electronic Warfare Modernization – Modernizes and improves the ability of the CA to fully utilize the electromagnetic spectrum in a contested environment. It will replace obsolete systems employed in the Regular and Reserve Force.


Common Heavy Equipment Replacement Replaces obsolete material handling equipment such as bulldozers and cranes for domestic and expeditionary operations.


Domestic & Arctic Mobility Enhancement Replaces fleet of Arctic and Domestic vehicles (BV 206, Light Over-Snow Vehicle, All-Terrain Vehicle, and Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled Command & Reconnaissance). This will improve the CA’s ability to operate anywhere in Canada.


Forward Observation Officer (FOO) and Forward Air Controller (FAC) Modernization Upgrade – Improves target selection and planning tools employed by FOO/FAC teams by providing a digital interface. This will reduce human error, increase communications speed and designate threat targets with the necessary degree of precision required for precision guided munitions in accordance with NATO standards.


Ground Based Air and Munitions Defence – Provides a Ground Based Air and Munitions Defence system to defeat threats posed by airborne weapons such as potential adversary aircraft and remotely piloted vehicles.


Land Command Support System Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Modernization Improves the overall ability of the CA to achieve and maintain situational awareness by modernizing land-based surveillance tools by providing state-of-the art sensors. 


Land Command Support System Tactical Command, Control and Information Improves the ability of tactical commanders and their staffs to plan and execute land operations by modernizing and re-capitalizing the in-service command, control, and information systems. The project will provide user-friendly hardware and software tools for use in command posts at all tactical levels.


Land Command Support System Tactical Communications Modernization Existing obsolete systems will be replaced to cope with the increased volume of voice and data requirements.


Light Force Enhancement – Equips CA Light Forces with Utility Terrain Vehicles, All-Terrain Vehicles, trailers, light weight generators and tents, radio rebroadcast kits, long range communications equipment, special insertion/extraction equipment, and aerial delivery kits to enable deployment and operations in complex terrain and challenging operating environments.


Light Utility Vehicle Project Recapitalizes the Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled, Military Commercial off the Shelf & Standard Military Pattern fleet.


Logistics Vehicle Modernization – Replaces existing light and heavy logistics vehicles for use in domestic and expeditionary operations, 50 percent of which are beyond economical repair.


Advanced Improvised Explosive Device Detection and Defeat Enhances CAF capability to mitigate the threat posed by improvised explosive devices (IED). It will enable operations by improving CAF's ability to anticipate, analyze and protect against IED attacks. The project will examine land and air based standoff detection, identification and defeat capabilities.


Anti-tank Guided Missile Replacement Provides a new multi-purpose anti-armour, anti-structure weapons system.


Armoured Combat Support Vehicle – This project will replace aging armoured command vehicles, ambulances, and mobile repair teams with a modern well-protected fleet.


Assault Rifle Procures 20,000 new assault rifles with upgraded sights and barrels for use by Regular Force and Primary Reserve units to replace the C7A2/C8A3.


Bridge and Gap Crossing Modernization – Modernizes the CA’s ability to cross rivers and gaps as the existing system cannot support the weight of many current CA vehicle types.


Camp Sustain - Reduces deployed sustainment costs with new camp utilities such as power and waste management systems that improve efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of a deployed military base/compound.


Night Vision System Modernization Addresses upcoming capability gaps in our current systems designed to enhance observation in low light and poor weather. This project will provide modernized equipment such as thermal imagers, night vision systems, laser range finders, and laser designators.


Advanced Water Supply Systems Provides CA with a modern water supply system that will reduce the logistical burden of transporting water.


Tactical Power System Provides modern replacements for existing power systems (tactical generators from 2kW to 60kW) that will reach end of life over the next five years.

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