Canada's vision for Defence

Canada’s vision will provide Canada with an agile, multi-purpose combat-ready military, operated by highly trained, well-equipped women and men, secure in the knowledge that they have the full support of their government and their fellow Canadians.

Highlighted initiatives

2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference

  • greater safety for at-risk populations;
  • better performance of peacekeepers;
  • greater engagement of women in communities in conflict;
  • a renewed emphasis on the role of police; and
  • more effective operations, particularly in francophone countries.

Peace Support Training Centre (Kingston)

  • enables Canadian instructors to teach and gain experience at allied training centres;
  • hosts foreign instructors at the centre;
  • will meet the criteria for LEED Silver certification.

Cyber Operator Occupation

  • Canada’s vision for defence, outlined in Strong, Secure, Engaged, included a commitment to create a new Cyber Operator occupation.
  • The new Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Cyber Operator occupation has been created and the first Cyber Operators were inaugurated on November 3, 2017.
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