Investments to Enhance Capability and Capacity

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must be ready and able to deliver across a spectrum of operations – from domestic humanitarian assistance and disaster response to counter-terrorism and peace support operations, to high intensity combat operations.

To achieve this, the CAF requires targeted and strategic investment in capabilities and equipment that can be used on domestic and international military operations.

Highlighted initiatives

Integrating Australian Jets into the Current Royal Canadian Air Force Fighter Fleet

  • ensure that they will be available to supplement the CF-18 fleet until the future fighter fleet is procured;
  • include spare parts to help sustain these additional aircraft and the existing CF-18 fleet until the future fighter fleet is operational;
  • expect to be available for operational employment in the early 2020s, after structural upgrades are completed to match the CF-18 fleet; and;
  • will be employed at 3 Wing Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake.
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