Investments to Enhance Capability and Capacity


The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must be ready and able to deliver across a spectrum of operations – from domestic humanitarian assistance and disaster response to counter-terrorism and peace support operations, to high intensity combat operations.

To achieve this, the CAF requires targeted and strategic investment in capabilities and equipment that can be used on domestic and international military operations.

Strong, Secure, Engaged will renew, replace, and maintain core equipment, and continue to support Canada's multi-role, combat-ready defence force by:

  • Investing in modern defence for Canada;
  • Providing secure, stable, long-term, predictable funding for Defence;
  • Protecting Canadians at home and demonstrating leadership in the world;
  • Enabling the CAF to become more capable, diverse, multi-purpose and self-sustaining;
  • Creating a more strategically relevant, combat-ready force that will anticipate, adapt, and act within a constantly changing security environment;
  • Replacing and modernizing core land, sea, and air capabilities, as well as investing in joint enablers (space, cyber, intelligence) to ensure the CAF has the modern capabilities to succeed on operations; and
  • Ensuring interoperability with key allies and partners, through NORAD, NATO, and the Five Eyes community to enable effective operations.

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Canada's Defence Policy puts PEOPLE FIRST.

Overhauls recruiting, training and retention of personnel.

Reflects Canadians ideals of diversity, respect, and inclusion.

Provides military members and their families the care and support they need.

Improves support for members who are ill and injured.

Helps members transition seamlessly to civilian life when the time comes.


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