Well-supported, diverse, resilient people and families

The success of Canada’s defence depends on our people. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are devoted to serving their country, and we are equally committed to our duty to improve the assistance, services, and care we provide them and their families.

Military members will be supported from when they join, throughout their careers, and at the crucial time of transition when members retire and/or require assistance as veterans.

Highlighted Initiative

Full-Time Summer Employment Program

  • is available to new recruits and to current Army Reservists who joined as of 2015
  • is offered from May 1 to August 31
  • offers opportunities to develop a career, receive professional development and growth, get new and unique work experience, get on-the-job training, achieve work-life balance, gain new life skills, have an opportunity to serve our country and be part of something bigger, all while earning competitive salaries

Military Family Resource Centre Funding

  • provide family support and access to community programs and services to CAF military families;
  • mandated to deliver the Military Family Services Program;
  • provide information and referral services to local civilian resources.

Suicide Prevention Strategy

  • review their existing practices;
  • enhance and expand current offerings, and;
  • ensure a higher level of coordination to ensure that no CAF member falls through the cracks during the transition to post-service life.
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