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Naval Electronic Warfare System - Sub Surface

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The Naval Electronic Warfare System - Sub-Surface (NEWS-SS) project will deliver new Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) capability to the Victoria-class submarines.


The NEWS-SS Requirements

  1. Threat Warning: The ability to provide near instantaneous warning of threat radars, to allow the VCS to remain undetected or initiate self-defence actions.
  2. Environment: The ability to operate on board the VCS while it is on the surface and at periscope depth in expected extremes of worldwide maritime meteorological conditions with minimal maintenance and a high degree of reliability, due to the challenge of at sea repairs. The ability to survive at all depths experienced throughout the VCS operating envelope.
  3. ES and ELINT: The ability to conduct ES and ELINT missions concurrently. While conducting focused ELINT operations, including Specific Emitter Identification, must maintain the ability to notify the operator of the presence of radars detected by the ES ability that could indicate a threat to the submarine.
  4. CCS 876 Integration: The ability to integrate into CCS 876 so that, pertinent information (e.g. bearing, classification, threat, etc.) is passed to the CCS in order to assist in decision-making and the initiation of self-defence actions, and allow for tasks to be sent from the CCS to be actioned in support of the submarine’s overall mission.
  5. Training: The ability to support individual and collective training that integrates with shore-based trainers, simulators, and training support processes.

Funding Range

$20 million to $49 million

Anticipated Timeline (Fiscal Year)

Options Analysis Phase
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Final Delivery

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