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Biological Warfare Threat Medical Counter Measures

Project Type

Project New


An omnibus initiative to develop, acquire and stockpile safe biological warfare medical countermeasures that cover (where possible) the spectrum of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in order to maintain combat effectiveness and commanders’ freedom of action by preventing personnel from becoming casualties as a result of biological warfare agent exposure and by providing timely and effective treatment to those who do.


Acquire an initial stockpile of next-generation Biological Warfare Threat Medical countermeasures (BW MED CM) by receiving as deliverables, systems that are interoperable, medically acceptable, licensed whenever possible and sustainable and to contribute to the development of a capability that will allow Canadian Armed Forces, either independently or in concert with Canada's allies, to evaluate BW MED CM technologies and strategies working closely with Canadian industry when appropriate to facilitate Canadian industrial participation on joint BW MED CM development projects.

Funding Range

$100 million to $249 million

Anticipated Timeline (Fiscal Year)

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Defence Capability Investment Areas

Key Industrial Capabilities

To be determined.

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