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This project will deliver new camp utilities to improve energy efficiencies and reduce the environmental footprint of military base/compounds in an operational environment. This project will complement the tactical generators (2kW to 60 kW) provided by the Tactical Power System by providing a larger operational 100kW to 500kW power range. It will also provide new shelters systems, a joint deployable waste water management capability capable of supporting a deployed joint task force during sustained expeditionary operations. Finally it will deliver solid waste management systems to support large, deployed operations or exercises. In order to realize procurement efficiencies, the equipment capabilities articulated in the Operational Support Capability series of Projects will be now be addressed by the Canadian Army Equipment Program. As part of this initiative this project will now incorporate the requirements of the Waste Water Management, Solid Waste Management in Operations, Enhanced High Readiness and SMART Energy and Power Management projects.


The project is aiming at reducing field camps fossil fuel consumption by 25-50%, water demand by 50-75% and waste (liquid and solid) by 50-75%. No single technology can achieve such savings and the project will explore the following potential deliverables: smart power management systems (camp micro-grid); deployable renewable energy systems (solar/wind); camp energy storage (batteries, compressed air); deployable wastewater treatment plants; waste to energy systems (pyrolyser, gasifier); fuel efficient large power generators (variable speed generators); camp energy usage reduction systems (reefer solar shades, improved shelter insulations); improved camp heating and cooling systems and energy capture systems (heat capture and reuse).

Funding Range

$250 million to $499 million

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To be determined.

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