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CT-114 Tutor J-85-CAN-40 Engine Repair and Overhaul

Project Type

Support Contract In Support Services


The objective of this contract is to provide Repair & Overhaul (R&O) and Technical Investigation and Engineering Services (TIES) activities in support of the CT114 Tutor fleet J85 engines and their associated components throughout the fleet life cycle.


This contract will provide two (2) areas of service: Second and Third Line maintenance support for the Tutor J85 engines. The Second Line maintenance activities include periodic inspections, hot-end inspections, modifications and special inspections (SIs), engine repairs, engine build-up/tear down, test cell runs, RFI engine production for home and parts manufacturing.

The Third Line maintenance activities include Repair & Overhaul (R&O), Technical Investigation and Engineering Services (TIES), flight safety investigations, technical administration, Technical Service Representative (TSR), Publications Management Services (PMS) and engine preservation.

Funding Range

$50 million to $99 million

Anticipated Timeline (Fiscal Year)

Options Analysis Phase
In Progress
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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Final Delivery
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