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Headquarters Shelter System (HQSS)

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The HQSS project will dramatically improve the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to plan, coordinate and command its forces during training and deployed operations by providing a modern command post, medical and accommodation shelter systems. These systems will provide an environment that facilitates collaborative planning and staff coordination using existing electronic command and control equipment.


The Headquarters Shelter System (HQSS) project will procure modular, tactically mobile, soft-walled shelter systems for tactical command posts, role one and two (B) medical shelters and for temporary accommodating units in austere environments. This project will also procure integral environmental protection equipment including heaters, heat pumps, vehicle connectors, semi-rigid flooring, internal tactical lighting, solar shades and shelter insulation.

Two contracts were awarded to Weatherhaven Global Resources Ltd. in 2017 valued at approximately $204M to procure shelters and related equipment, plus an initial five years of in-service support. In July 2019, deliveries of the new shelter system began and IOC was reached in March 2020, and FOC is scheduled for Sept 2022.

Funding Range

$100 million to $249 million

Anticipated Timeline (Fiscal Year)

Options Analysis Phase
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