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Combat Net Radio Enhancement

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Project Replace


The CNRE project will upgrade the Army's existing fleet of 11,060 in service RT-5121 Combat Net Radio (Primary) by replacing two out of the seven modules inside each radio. This upgrade will provide improved security and better handling of voice and data. The upgraded radio will be called the Combat Net Radio (Enhanced).


The data processing module within the CNR (P) lacks sufficient capacity to exchange the volume of data required in operations today and in the future. Although the modules were designed to support voice and data traffic concurrently, the technology available at the time limits data throughput to 300 bps. In a highly fluid tactical environment this data rate is unacceptable, and does not allow for the timely passage of situational awareness data while simultaneously providing voice services for tactical vehicles.

A contract for Combat Net Radio (Enhanced) was awarded to General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada in 2014. The acquisition value of this contract is $166 million.

A contract for Vehicle Interface Panel (VIP) production was awarded to Sigmapoint in 2017. The acquisition value of this contract is $12 million.

Funding Range

$250 million to $499 million

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