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Global Command and Control System - Maritime (GCCS-M) Upgrade to Version 4.x

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Project Replace


To replace and upgrade the existing GCCS(M) capability currently in use by the Canadian Navy, so as to continue to provide a deployable maritime tool that enhances situational awareness, improves informed decision-making and facilitates coordinated action. The project will deliver an upgraded information distribution system that supports planning and the execution of maritime operations, by providing coordination and decision-making aids and domestic maritime situational awareness to selected Canadian Navy vessels. This will be accomplished through the introduction of the newest GCCS(M) upgrade, commonly referred to as GCCS(M) 4.X.


The GCCS(M) Upgrade to Version 4.X project will provide ships with an infrastructure capable of managing multiple data requirements, both internal and external to the ship, and will provide the ability to seamlessly transfer data to external networks and users through a variety of communications media, depending on the circumstances. GCCS(M) Version 4 will provide a greater system confidence through data fusion and collation, battle space visualization and command decision aids. The provision of a seamless connection to Canadian military network infrastructure will result in a significant improvement to the mission capability of Canadian warships. IP based network interface will provide improved maritime Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information (C4I) effectiveness and address information exchange requirements (IERs) by promoting interoperability through the extension of IP based networking at sea, and alongside (in home and foreign ports).

The proposed system will be capable of performing the following tasks:

  1. Sending and Receiving maritime platform track information to / from the USN, Coalition partners and Other Government Departments;
  2. Integrating available Canadian maritime intelligence and imagery information;
  3. Assisting in the assessment of potential threats;
  4. Providing mission planning tools;
  5. Coordinating the tasking and deployment of resources; and
  6. Providing improved tactical decision aids for correlation and prediction.

Funding Range

Under $20 million

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Options Analysis Phase
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