Backgrounder: Investments in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

The RCN will continue to be a blue water Navy, capable of operating globally across the deep waters of open oceans, and conducting the spectrum of maritime operations from humanitarian response and disaster relief to combat. Enabling responsive, resilient and agile projection of naval power anywhere in the world, the Naval Task Group, a fully networked, globally deployable, and tactically self-sufficient team of up to four naval combatant vessels and a support ship, with its own embarked Command Staff and maritime aircraft, will continue to be the core RCN operating concept. Naval Task Groups are able to engage in a wide range of missions, independently or with allied forces.

Today’s security environment requires that Canada have a Navy that is: designed and structured to operate in some of the most extreme ocean conditions; networked and interoperable with our partners and allies; and organized and sized to project power responsively and effectively far from Canada’s shores.

Through Strong, Secure, Engaged the Government will deliver the capabilities the RCN needs to meet future defence and security challenges, both at home and abroad, and to carry out the tasks required of a modern navy.

We will:

And as previously announced:

The Government will provide $17.5 billion on an accrual basis ($53.5 billion on a cash basis) to fund equipment projects for the RCN over the next 20 years. This includes:

The policy sets aside funding to enable the Navy to acquire the full complement of 15 Canadian Surface Combatants needed to provide capability across the full range of operations. Defence conducted a year-long re-costing of the Surface Combatants. This involved private sector firms as well as international experts, such as the U.S. Navy. Based on this review, Defence estimates the cost of 15 ships at between $56 - $60 billion. Much of these funds will be spent after the 20 years covered by the policy.

New Investments in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

Serial Project List
1 Submarine Life Extension – Modernizes the combat systems of the Victoria-class submarines to allow the continuation of operations into the 2040s and to meet modern adversarial threats.
2 Lightweight Torpedo Upgrade Replaces obsolete components of the current Lightweight Torpedo used by RCN and Royal Canadian Air Force, improving the ability to meet evolving underwater threats worldwide.
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