Backgrounder: A New Vision for the Reserve Force

The Reserve Force is an integral component of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and Reservists are vital links to hundreds of communities across Canada. They come from all walks of life, including civil servants, labourers, business people, academics, and former Regular Force members.

Their varied skills and backgrounds enrich and strengthen the CAF.

The Reserve Force works seamlessly alongside the Regular Force to achieve mission success at home and abroad. Reservists’ high standard of training and development is key to their ability to augment, sustain, and support the Regular Force on deployed operations. Predominantly part-time, Reservists demonstrate leadership and professionalism in their military duties, at their full-time place of employment, educational institutions, and within the communities in which they live.

In addition to developing valuable military skill sets, the Reserves also provide a flexible means for Canadians to supplement their incomes.

Under Strong, Secure, Engaged, Reservists will be well integrated into the total force, with sufficient numbers trained, prepared, and equipped to be ready to contribute to operations at home and abroad.

Recruitment procedures will be dramatically improved and remuneration and benefits will be better aligned with those of the Regular Force, where the demands and service are similar.

We will:

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