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Have Your Say: Defence Policy Review 2016Have Your Say: Defence Policy Review 2016

On July 31, 2016, the Department of National Defence (DND) concluded an unprecedented public consultation in support of the development of a new defence policy for Canada. Between April and July 2016, DND engaged Canadians, industry, allies, partners, parliamentarians, and key stakeholders to discuss three fundamental areas:

  1. The main challenges to Canada’s security
  2. The role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in addressing current threats and challenges
  3. The resources and capabilities needed to carry out the CAF mandate

Defending Canada and protecting Canadians is the Government’s most fundamental responsibility. The Defence Policy Review will provide the clarity needed to balance priorities, respond to emerging challenges, and invest appropriately in Canada’s military.

To help guide discussions, DND prepared a public consultation paper to inform the public about the role of the Canadian Armed Forces and the issues affecting their current operating environment, defence capabilities, and the future defence force.

In response, DND received almost 20,200 submissions to the Defence Policy Review online consultation portal and over 4,700 participants contributed comments and votes using the online discussion forum. At the same time, the Department and parliamentarians undertook in-person discussions, roundtables and meetings with defence experts, industry representatives, academia, indigenous leaders, and international allies and partners. DND has reviewed the input it received from these consultations, and this feedback is being used to help inform the development of Canada’s new defence policy.

The following four reports summarize the comments received from the Canadian public, defence stakeholders, industry, indigenous groups and leaders, and experts on gender-based issues during the consultation process.

 DND also thanks the Standing Committee on National Defence for their report on Canada and the Defence of North America: NORAD and Aerial Readiness (PDF, 1676 kB), which examined “issues of relevance to inform the development of a new defence policy” as well as input received from a number of Members of Parliament who conducted regional and local consultations in their ridings.

DND thanks all those who took the time to contribute their feedback throughout the consultation process.

Who was consulted


Expert Stakeholders


Allies and Partners

Additionally, Provincial and Territorial governments were engaged and a number of third-party organizations held roundtables, panel discussions and conferences.


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