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Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Select Province... Canada

Dear Soldier, This letter is to acknowledge the sacrifices you have made so that we at home can enjoy our freedom. Today I went swimming at a local rec center even though it -10°C I was able to take public transit. Thank you for your outstanding service wherever you are. I am sure that you are making a difference. AM??

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Brave person, Wow you are doing and being something I could never do. THANK YOU!! I feel as brave as you because I lived with a heart defect for 50yrs and finally received a transplant last year. So I just want to say thanks for helping those who can't help themselves. AM ??

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Hero, I am writing this to you to say Thank You! Thank You for giving your time and energy to serving this country. I am truly blessed to live in a Country that has so many freedoms.

dianna - 12/12/2017
valleyview, Alberta canada

~ THANK YOU ~ its sad that you have to spend christmas away from your family .the true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him , but because he loves what is behind him.

Cayzi - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Thanks for sacrificing yourself for the Canada and I hope you see you love ones sooner . Merry Christmas.

Kathryn Gauthier - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Thank you for making this planet a planet filled with more peace and love. It saddens me that you have to spend this special time away from your family and friends. May you feel comfort in knowing you are making a difference in the lives of many. Merry Christmas!

maryann - 12/12/2017
valleyview, Alberta canada

thank you for making this planet a good peace and i hope you you have hope

Nataliah - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta canada

Thank you for making the world a better place for people to live Have a very merry Chrismas.

robert sunshine - 12/12/2017
valley veiw, Alberta canada

thank u for your service hope u feel better bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelo - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, AB, Alberta Canada

Dear fellow Canadian Thanks for defending our amazing country and hope you will be able to visit your family for Christmas. It is a big sacrifice to give up your family time to protect our country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Corrin - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Dear Soldier I would like to thank you for serving your country during the holidays. You may be sad but remember your family will always love you and think of you all the time. Many Thanks: Corrin

Sonia Gray - 12/12/2017
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your service. Thinking of you this Holiday Season. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe. Be well, Sonia

Samin - 12/12/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canda

Thank you for everything you've done for us.

Himanshu - 12/12/2017
Vaughan, Ontario Canada

Thank you for helping our country. I appreciate you fighting for us. Keep Fighting!

Sanam Singh - 12/12/2017
Richmond Hill, Select Province... Canada

Thank you so much for doing what you do for us and sacrificing your holiday season to fight for our freedom! Thank you so much!!

Audric Pau - 12/12/2017
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Thank you for serving our country and keeping peace in Canada. You sacrifice your family time and holidays for us, and are always alert for any upcoming threats. Again, Thank You.

Jovita - 12/12/2017
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Hi Canadian Forces members, I appreciate everything that you do for our country. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best wishes, Jovita

Aydin - 12/12/2017
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Hope you stay said healthy and be careful.

Claudia Melanson - 11/12/2017
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Hello Troops of Canada! My name is Claudia I am 19. I know this time of year is hard being apart from family and missing home, but many of us here wish you the best! Thank you for serving, it takes great courage and bravery! Keep being Amazing! You support us and we support you! Xoxo

Lori McClay - 11/12/2017
Welland, Ontario Canada

Thursday, November 16, 2017 Dear Canadian Armed Forces Member, My name is Hunter and I am writing to you today because I wanted to say thank you for your service. Here are a few things to know about me. I like to play on my Xbox. I also like to play football with my sister. And I love sleeping with my kittens. At school, there are several things I like to do. First, I like to play Manhunt with my friends. I really like math especially the multiplication songs. At break, I like talking to my friends. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for risking your life so we can have school. Thank you for giving hungry people food. I have a few questions for you. What kind of food do you eat? Is it hard to stay away from your family for so long? Sincerely, Hunter

Lori McClay - 11/12/2017
Welland, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Armed Forces Member, My name is Aden and I am Introducing myself to you. I am eleven years old and I go to Gordon School in Welland. Here are 3 things about my life. I like to play ball hockey, I like to play video games and I love to sleep. My life at school is doing lots of work :(. My favorite game to play outside during breaks is football. My favorite activity in school is on the Computers. Thank you for risking your life to save our country! Thank you for giving us good jobs in the future! Thank you for giving us freedom! Here is a question I want to ask, What do you eat when you are overseas? Sincerely , Aden

Michelle Hong - 11/12/2017
Subury, Ontario Canada

Merry Christmas. I just wanted to send you seasons greetings and thank you so very much for all that you do for Canada and its citizens. Every time I see someone in military gear I go over, try not to scare them, shake their hand and say thank you. Be safe! Al the best in 2018.

Karen - 11/12/2017
Schreiber, Ontario Canada

With the approaching of what some call a joyful season, I know that I am just one of many who is sending you a greeting. May you be safe, surrounded by people who care about you and whom you care about. May God keep you safe, warm and remind you of how loved, respected and appreciated you are. Stay safe today and everyday and may you be welcomed at home. Thank you for all you do and have given up for people like me.

Kat Daniels - 10/12/2017
Barrie, Ontario Canada

I just wanted to take some time to say Thank-You to all of you for your service. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years whether you are overseas or stationed in Canada. =^..^= Kat

Megann Nkenglack - 10/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Cher soldat , je vous remercie beaucoup pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour que je sois vivante à ce moment ci. Je suis désolé pour tous les morts que vous avez eu là ba mais sans votre aide les nouveaux habitants du Canada ne seraient pas ici avec une belle vie.