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Akshayaa - 05/08/2022
Vaughan, Ontario Canada

Hi, I hope you’re all doing well. The weather’s been bipolar—as is to be expected of Canada; but overall, it’s not too bad. It’s nice to just go on walks and breathe that fresh air, so I hope you guys have the opportunity to do that as well. For those of you that are hockey fans, the World Juniors is happening soon (or maybe it’s already happening by the time this gets posted), so Canada winning is something to look forward to (I hope I didn’t jinx it because we lost last time). Unfortunately, Canada winning the World Cup is far less likely, but we finally qualified after decades, so that’s something. I know that some of you guys are going to go to the UK to train the Ukrainian soldiers, so I wish you all luck, and I hope it goes well. Take care everyone.

Sarah - 04/08/2022
Terrace, CA

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah. First of all, I would like to thank you all for your service to our country. You are all so brave and I respect you all for what you do. I would love to hear from anyone who wishes to make a new friend and/or penpal. ss.pelletier@outlook.com if anyone would like to message, feel free! P.s. i am a great penpal :-) Looking forward to hear from you.

Natalie Clysdale - 02/08/2022
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada

Hello, My name is Natalie Clysdale. I am 25 years of age and I am looking for a pen pal that I can mail letters to while they are on duty. I have a female puppy, she is 4 months old and her name is Grim. I am attending classes at Saskpolytech on the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan campus. August 29 I start my law class and September I am going to become an occupational health and safety officer. I have one child and he is 5 years of age. His name is Knud and he quite charismatic and lovely. I live more of a simple life and am a farm child born and raised. I also own a Arabian horse. We are going through a recession here in Canada and times have been tough. I want to make a difference in someone else’s life by becoming a pen pal. I love handwriting.

Juliana - 31/07/2022
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Hi, I have no idea who is reading this, but I hope you have a good day or night. Just want to suggest 3 books; Into the Planet by Jill Heinerth, Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland, and Deep by James Nestor. They all have to do with diving, but as a potential future CAF Clearance Diver, I read them, and someone who is not interested in diving will still be interested in these, especially Deep. Byeee, I love you and God does too <3

Brenna - 31/07/2022
Flin flon, Manitoba Canada

I would just like to thank all of you fighting for our freedom. It takes bravery, courage, determination, and love. Thank you, all of you, fighting for our freedom. I was trying to look for anyone who needed a penpal, someone who needed to send a letter too, because you all need the love and support! Sending all the love and strength <3

Lucy - 20/07/2022
Sherwood park, Alberta Canada

I know that the Canadian military are going to England for a misson tomorrow. In fact the UK is having extreme high heat of 40 degree. I am concerning the troops well being at the heat wave. It will be better to delay at least a week!

Ezrin - 19/07/2022
Kedah, Malaysia

Dear Brave Soldiers, Thank you for your service! The commitment you've made means so much & is so appreciated. May God bless you wherever you are! Love, Erisha

Shawn Marie - 18/07/2022
Goderich, Ontario Canada

There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for all of you! When you are having a rough day I want you to remember how many people appreciate you, how many people feel safe because of people like you and how many smiles you have spread with your bravery. You all are Heroes!

Genevieve Fisher - 18/07/2022
Orrville, United States

Hello, We just wanted to Thank you for your military service. As a country on our border, it means a lot to know you are there , I understand your not border patrol. But Canada is a great neighbor. I am interested in understanding what Canada is like, as well as willing to share what my country is like on a cultural level. I would welcome a pen pal if anyone were interested. I hope you are safe and happy, God Bless you all. 11fisgen@gmail.com

Sapphira - 18/07/2022
Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Tansi! That is Hello in Cree :) I would like to thank-you for putting on the mantle of serving our Country. You answered a call that many are unwilling/unable to answer. I will be praying for you. I might not know your name, your reason for making the choices you made, but I know God does. Take care out there, and thank-you again. ??

Ajay - 16/07/2022
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Thank you for your service, there’s no one more that I look up to then you and I’m so proud of you

Kyle Mclauchlan - 13/07/2022
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

I'm a retired Lt from military police in Ontario Canada My request is to have any female personal to email me or write to me !! My address is 101-125 water str N Kitchener Ontario Canada N2H 5 B1 Cell number 1 226 606 ,8562 Please I hope you can help me with my request!!! God bless you.

Audrina - 11/07/2022
bradford, Ontario canada

Hello I am Audrina. I am 11 years old and I wanted to thank you for protecting us. And keeping us save. Stay save. Gob bless you today and always ?? ??

James Birchall - 30/06/2022
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Happy Canada Day! Enjoy! Take care, James

Wanda Busch - 29/06/2022
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Hi every day I pray for two things....the safety and guidance of the troops....and the rightlife partner. God bless you! Wanda buschwanda5@gmail.com

James Birchall - 28/06/2022
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Attention!: Canadian Armed Forces, Good morning. God Save The Queen! Take care, James

Christine - 23/06/2022
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Hello! My name is Christine and have always thought of enlisting but by the time I made that decision, it was too late for me. Because if this, I have never taken the sacrifices of the CAF for granted. So, thank you for your service. Ps if it's allowed and any military member is.interested I make great care packages and would be honored to send to one or two!

James Birchall - 19/06/2022
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Good morning. Happy Father's Day! Take care,James

Russel - 18/06/2022
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada

Hello, I am back again with another message. I want to thank you guys again for serving the country. The reason why I wanted to talk to you Veterans is because of love. There are people who love you. Even though we are not blood related, my love for you veterans is warm. MIlitary can be exhausting and cold and I hope that with this warm letter, I want to tell you heroes that there are people that care about all of you. I wish that all of you get a gift or a warm hug, as well as something that is warm for you heroes. All of you are amazing individuals and I sincerely hope that a miracle and blessings will come to you. Letters are all I can do, but I sincerely hope that with this letter, there are always people who will always greatly appreciate and care for heroes like you who are not blood related. I will always be grateful because of what you do everyday and I will never be able to repay you. Also, with this letter, I want you heroes to read this with happiness and pride since you people are protecting millions of people in this Country.

Russel - 18/06/2022
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada

First, I would like to say thank you very much for serving to maintain peace in the world. Soldiers are always looked down upon in which I do not understand since you guys are defending the country for us. That is a huge responsibility and I know it can be mentally and emotionally draining but for me, taking that huge responsibility and putting your lives on the line is a huge respect for me. You guys are heroes! I highly appreciate and respect all of you who are serving since with you guys and gals, People in this country are living a better life without worrying about security and safety. You veterans should be proud of how much this Country has developed. We have been extremely grateful for your service and what you have done in your life of serving. I have so much gratitude for you heroes. While looking outside at the green grass, the bright sun, and a gentle breeze, I realized that if you soldiers have not been serving. None of this would have been a thing. The sacrifices you people and veterans are carrying are so huge. I have been granted a privilege to walk on a bright sun and feel a warm breeze due to YOU! My gratitude for you people has made me realize that everything has to be granted. Signs such as drinkable water and warm food are gratitudes that you are serving for. I am extremely grateful and thankful for all of you heroes.

Olivia Lane - 16/06/2022
Cobourg, Ontario Canada

Hi troops! I am a nineteen year old university student who has a great interest in the military, and am thinking of one day enlisting. I would love to have a military pen pal if any of you are interested in that! If you are interested you can reach me at olivialane@live.ca Thank you so much for your service, and I hope to hear from you! Olivia Lane

Alicia - 15/06/2022
Calgary, Alberta Canada

I feel like anything that I could say won't be able to scrape the surface of the thank you that you deserve, regardless, I still want to say thank you. Thank you for stepping up to accept the danger that comes with what you're doing. I couldn't do it. And many of us can't. You're brave, strong, honorable and loyal. May God be with you in every moment!

Brooke - 14/06/2022
Bradford, Ontario Canada

June 14, 2022 Dear Veterans, My name is Brooke and I am 14 years old. It may be odd for someone younger to take interest in war stories and history, but not unheard of. I have so much respect for you all. With each new thing I learn I become even more astounded and humbled than before. You were all so brave and each time I try to put myself in your shoes I only feel a fraction of what you all felt during the war. Deep down I know I am safe, none of you did. I am safe because of you. If any of you feel comfortable sharing stories I would love to hear them. Sincerely, Brooke

Sammy - 10/06/2022
victoria, British Columbia canada

Hello, Canadian Troops, I appreciate the service and sacrifices you've made to keep us safe. Thank you so much and I hope that you are all doing well. Please be safe. Sammy

Sammy - 08/06/2022
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Hello, Canadian Troops, I appreciate the service and sacrifices you've made to keep us safe. Thank you so much and I hope that you are all doing well. Please be safe. Come home safe for your loved ones. Sammy

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