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Shirley MacDonald - 6/12/2018
Brampton, Ontario Canada

To all service members, Thank You! What you do matters so much and we all should acknowledge the freedom's we have because of you. May God Bless You in the field and at home.

Sophie - 6/12/2018
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Im sure you get a lot of thank you's from everyone but I think its incredible that you'd be willing to go and risk your life. Super cool. My great grandpa served in World War two and a few of my uncles served in other wars. Based on their stories I know its not fun, so for you to go and do it willingly is amazing. I appreciate you people.

Linda - 6/11/2018
Sorrento, British Columbia Canada

Hello from the interior of BC, I hope this finds you all well and as safe as can be. Thank you so much for what you all do for us here every day. I don’t think enough people appreciate the sacrifice you make. Be safe. Linda

Zion Jang - 6/11/2018
Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for protecting the country and the people.I always admire and always thank the soldiers who sacrifice and suffer for people and country. You are cool and brave.

Jacqueline - 6/6/2018
Niagara falls, Ontario Canada

Hello. I am hoping to reach out to a one or more of our hero's. I have to say you are all in my thoughts every day. I am very proud to be a Canadian and thanks to you I feel safe and here at home we all look forward to your safe return. You all should be proud. If you need a pen pal please feel free to write if you can. You can email me at the following God bless you all. Jacqueline kates

Jenna - 6/5/2018
Abbotsford, Select Province... Canada

Thank you for your service and courage. Thank you for fighting for peace, and for making Canada proud. May God keep you safe.

Karson Critchley - 6/5/2018
Mission, British Columbia Canada

Thank you so much for serving our country in order to keep us all safe. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live freely and without your sacrifice, we might not be where we are today. Thank you!

James Birchall - 6/5/2018
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Attention!: Canadian Forces, Let's get to work! Take care, Jim

Tyson - 6/2/2018
Timmins, Ontario Canada

I just wanted to take a moment from my day to let the Canadian troops know how appreciated they are. Thank you, it is because of you that we can safely walk our streets without fear of being blown up or shot at home.

Moe Williams - 6/1/2018
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank-you for your service to Canada and to the world. I appreciate your commitment to this honorable job. My late father was a World War 11 veteran and his dedication continued throughout his life.Your strength,your training and your education are respected as is your willingness to keep doing this hard work every day. May you be safe!

Ann - 5/21/2018
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Thanks so much for all you do. It must be hard to be so far away. If you would like to have someone to write to, I would be honoured. Ann

Lino Jr - 5/18/2018
Montreal-North, Quebec Canada

First off I would like to thank all of our men and women serving in the armed forces and home and abroad. I would love to join but sadly I born with a congenital heart defect, so I highly doubt the forces will choose me even if I tried but I still work hard and dream. Godspeed and God bless you all.

anony - 5/13/2018
anony, Prince Edward Island anony

Brave men and women. I. I was offered a position of a cook, I would feel privileged to warm your meals and cook as you are patriots of this country. I think I honestly have more to offer then just be a cook. Military studies is something only a few men and women could do. I thank you for your service.

John - 5/8/2018
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms serving

Jean-Christophe Ledoux - 5/4/2018
Matane, Quebec Canada

Chers militaires, merci de nous protéger et d'assurer la sécurité de notre pays comme vous le faites si bien. Vous êtes mes idoles, j'aimerais un jour, arborer fièrement les couleurs de mon pays et rendre ma famille fière, comme vous le faites. Merci de me faire garder espoir

Shawn - 4/26/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

My grampa served in ww1 i just like to say to all the men and women serving i hope you all come home safe im praying for all of you . God bless you

Gen - 4/23/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi all you brave men and women who are sacrificing to serve Canada. We are so grateful, and thank you and your family for your service. Stay safe.

Gabe - 4/17/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Your service definitely does not go unnoticed. I pray you are not hungry, you are safe, and are in great health. I hope you will be in the arms of your loved ones soon and that you always find a reason to smile. Thank you. - Dani

Danielle - 4/17/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your absolute bravery and service. I hope you find peace and a reason to smile in every day. May you wake up every morning grateful for and fall asleep every night accomplished. Love from Toronto, Canada. -Danielle and Gabe

Beatriz Znidarcic - 4/10/2018
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Thank you for your service. Wish I was there with you!

Deborah Howard - 4/10/2018
Guelph, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your service and devotion to protecting our country and the civilian lives around the world. You make all Canadians proud. My husband is presently deployed and has been for close to 2 years now and i am honestly very proud of him and everyone serving. Thank you once again.

david - 4/9/2018
penticton, British Columbia canada

I would like to wish everyone best wishes and a safe return home to your love ones

Lela - 4/9/2018
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Dear beloved Warrior, I hope this special letter made just for you, will find you in good time. May you be warm, dry and not hungry, and best of all in good health. I hope and wish from the bottom of my Heart that you are safe and smiling. May the blessing and prayers of your fellow Canadians here at home reach you. Thank YOU. Love you all. From: Lela.

Peter Theodoropoulos - 4/7/2018
Bracebridge, Ontario Canada

Thank you troops for doing all that you do to protect us. Remember that force is a last resort and not a first option. Grow in wisdom and strength all of the days of your life and let us grow in industry, innovation, creativity, integrity, ethical development, and wealth all of us around the world thanks to persons like yourselves making these great sacrifices for us, otherwise evils would multiply to bring us all harms and we are beyond words thankful to you for the paragon of bravery that you embody, exemplify and are in this world. Be safe and protect and love one other. May all of the divine forces of the Universe an in all forms of existence protect you and bring you securely always back home safely where you belong. Cheers, PKT

Bob - 4/3/2018
London, Ontario Canada

To all the troops, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. My Grandfather was in WW1 and my Father in WW2 and I listened to all of their stories of war. My Grandfather said it was his duty so that his family and country would be safe. And my Father said the same and that one day the world would be at peace, let's hope. Your service is what makes me a proud Canadian, THANK YOU.