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Monica - 5/18/2017
Montréal, Quebec Canada

Salut, Je m'appelle Monica et j'ai 15 ans. J'aimerais vous dire que je suis très fière de vous et j'espère que j'arriverai à devenir comme vous. -xxxx-

Lisa H. - 5/18/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hello Everyone, Here is my email address to post to if anyone would like to respond to my current message - I just wrote and not sure if it's posted with the email letter. Cheers from the West Coast! Lisa

Lisa H. - 5/18/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hello and Greetings from the West Coast! How are the Finest of Canada doing? I"m thinking here of a movie I watched just on this very subject/letters - a recent one of the Tour's in ME. Oldest brother was there and is a Veteran and I've heard all kinds of stories. Plus a lengthy background of relatives in both Military and First Responders going back centuries. I'm a good one with humour, having two big brothers while growing up. I wish everyone well - especially the Women now in the fields that were not available decades ago. Know in your hearts and minds - We Value and Honour All of your Lives and ask the Creator God to bring you all back home safely. Blessings & Peace be with you all from the Enlisted to the Officers. Godspeed on getting back home! Write the email address posted. BTW, oldest bro is still in Europe, connect if your over there too. May you all have "Bravo Zulu"...Out and off for now, Cheers to Everyone, Lisa

Sue & Cricket - 5/17/2017
Ottawa Canada, Ontario Canada

Bonjour Top of the morning to our Men and Women we are so proud stay safe and strong, as they said to the Troops, Keep your powder dry and No wooden nickles Merci Sue , Cricket

The 74th St. John's Pathfinders - 5/15/2017
St. John's, Newfoundland Canada

On behalf of the 74th St. John's Pathfinders, Girl Guides of Canada, We'd like to thank you for your services to our country and it's people in protecting us and making our country a safe and free place to live. We hope you have a safe return from your service and reunite with your loved ones soon. Sincerely, the 74th Pathfinders of St. John's, Newfoundland.

joanne taylor - 5/15/2017
regina, Saskatchewan canada

good luck to most of you....

James Birchall - 5/14/2017
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Canadian Forces, I'm glad to see that there was a robust presence of soldiers in Quebec and elsewhere to combat Mother Nature's floods. Jim

steve savard - 5/8/2017
rouynnoranda, Quebec canada

Toi le soldat femme ou homme je te respecte e t je t'aime.Merci de pelleter dla garnotte pour les citoyens.

Dan Banfield - 5/8/2017
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Thank you to the Military for helping out the Canadians` that are living thru the Flooding in Quebec...... This is what makes me proud to be Canadian, men and women in service not only fight for our freedom but fighting the rising water no task too small for our Men and Women in the Military....... God Bless them all!!!!

Debbie - 5/8/2017
Winlaw, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your efforts in working to provide a safe, peaceful environment for families. Stay safe.. our thoughts are with you!

Jeannette - 5/6/2017
Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Writing to express my thanks and admiration for what you all do each and every day. Respect. Jeannette.

Jeannette - 5/5/2017
Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Do you read these? I so want to express my thanks and admiration for what you do. I am English live in Canada, many relatives and some friends were in the forces. I also feel strongly that there needs to be more support in every sense for when you return. If whoever reads this would like to exchange emails , be pen pals ask me to pass messages to family and loved ones , I would be happy to.

Gerry Isaac - 4/29/2017
Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

Greetings and a warm heartfelt thank you to all who have, currently and are considering serving our fine country. My step-father, uncle and numerous cousins served in WW2, my grandfather in WW1, a high school friend and a college room mate both served with Princess Patricia`s Light Infantry. In fact me and my high school friend grew up near the actual village from where they originated - Patricia, Alberta. Stay safe, thanks for my freedom!

Jeff - 4/27/2017
Pickering, Ontario Canada

Thank you for you ur service to Canada and for keeping us all safe. Thinking of you all.

Sherry Mcquestion - 4/27/2017
Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Just want to say you are doing a great service to our country. Thank you. My father was a World War 2 vet and when the war was over he went on a blind date at a bowling alley and met my mom. They were happy to get married and have children. We count our blessings every day that we have peace in this country called Canada. I use to write to our troops overseas during the Gulf War. I even got some coins from various countries. Now I am retired from teaching but the learning never stops. There are always options. Go with your strength. Live love and laugh. Sincerely, Sherry

Peter King - 4/26/2017
Catterick, Select Province... UK

I am looking for Canadian Army friend who can help me with the transition coming from the British Army to the Canadian Army. Any help is much appreciated. My email address is Regards Pete King

Heather - 4/24/2017
Goderich, Ontario Canada

I just want to say we're thinking of each and every soldier everyday as you sacrifice your freedom to continue ours we truly appreciate all that you do and know that we're praying for your safety and well being each and everyday your'e always in our thoughts and know we are proud and love each and everyone of you.. thank you so much ! Maybe next year for the leafs !!

Akeida Alexander - 4/20/2017
toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldiers, Thank you for defending my country in order for me to be free, I really admire what you have done for this country.

Alexandra Arden - 4/20/2017
Oakville, Ontario Canada

Greetings, I am a committed supporter of our troops and would like to become a penpal for a deployed officer. I believe by providing support this way will brighten a day for someone. Thank you,

Carol Ann Smithers - 4/17/2017
Haslemere Surrey England, Select Province... England

Hello, I am unsure if this email is relevant or what the process is. I have been looking for a Canadian soldier of the Second World War. I am English and very lucky to have had my father come back safely for the Second World War. My father was also one of the last Canadian Home Children, coming across to Nova Scotia in 1929. He came back to Manchester in 1934 because he missed his family. My own son is now 44 and he is not in the army, However, I know someone whose son is in the Canadian Army. I was just wondering are there any soldiers or sailors who have no one to write or email to. I am 70 and am considering retiring which would mean I have more time on my hands and wondered if there was any one who needed a person to write to, male or female.

lynda lessard - 4/12/2017
ste-ursule, Quebec canada

bon courage pour le future, et mille fois merci de votre courage et dévouement pour nous protéger . vous etes nos héros .......MERCI

Diane Carl - 4/11/2017
Bashaw, Alberta canada

For 65 years I have kept the service medal an old WW1 veteran gave me. I was looking at it today,thinking about him and my father who served in WW2. Both were good people, brave, strong and fiercely proud of this country, just as you are. I thank them for their service and I thank you for all that you do for those of us at home. May the Creator of all bless you and keep you safe

25th St. John's Rangers - 4/10/2017
St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada

Dear Soldiers, we are the 25th St. John's Rangers from St. John's Newfoundland. As apart of our Beaumont Hamel Challenge, we are learning about the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the Battle of the Somme. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do representing us, serving your country, and allowing peace to continue. We hope that you can return home soon safe and sound. Best of luck to you. From Ashley, Molly, Bethany, Caitlin, Ashley and Karleena.

Louise D. - 4/10/2017
Brossard, Quebec Canada

Message pour Abderrahim Bellahnid lieutenant colonel de la Marine Royale Canadienne, Bonjour Aderrahim, Dernièrement (et très en retard, j'en suis désolée), j'ai appris que tu a reçu un grand honneur l'an dernier pour ton excellent travail au sein de la Marine Royale Canadienne à titre de lieutenant colonel. Je t'envois mes félicitations et si le coeur t'en dit, envois moi un petit message ! Amitiés, Louise Duford (514-797-2735).

Mary - 4/10/2017
Imprial, Saskatchewan Canada

To all the man and women that are serving our country and may feel just a little lonley today, I hope my short massage will brighting your day just a little, You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day till next time with love Mary