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Theresa - 03/07/2020
Cedar Valley (Stouffville), Ontario Canada

Happy Canada Day to all serving members of our Canadian Armed Forces and a special shout out to my special someone serving as part of Op IMPACT (Kuwait). Thank you for all that you do! We'll have a cold one to celebrate when you're back on Canadian soil! Cheers! Thank you! Theresa

Sunny Sun - 01/07/2020
Waterdown, Ontario Canada

Thank you very much for putting your life there to protect our safeness. It is the most important thing that our family can live in a peace land!

The Ankunda family - 01/07/2020
Burlington, Ontario Canada

To our dedicated men & women of the Canadian forces, We are so thankful for you and are keeping you in our hearts and prayers as we celebrate Canada Day today. Thank you for your commitments and excellent hard work to keep our country safe and to protect, keep peace and serve communities across the world. Happy Canada Day from our family to all of yours! God bless!

James Birchall - 01/07/2020
Belleville, Ontario CANADA

Canadian Armed Forces, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Jim

William - 28/06/2020
Burlington, Ontario Canada

Happy Canada Day! Thank you for keeping Canada safe and for always putting Canada first in your lives! Thank you for keep us safe and protecting us. You are true super heros! Thank you to the soldiers who helped protect the residents in the Long Term Care homes during COVID-19 and putting yourselves at risk! I hope your families are safe from the virus. Happy Canada Day where ever you are stationed! Canada is proud of you and we love you! William Grade 2

Sonia Arsenault - 28/06/2020
Laval, Quebec Canada

Merci à tous nos militaires pour leur dévouement auprès de nos personnes âgées dans les CHSLD et à ceux qui sont à l’extérieur du pays dans différentes missions.

O'Connor Family - 28/06/2020
Burlington, Ontario Canada

With Canada Day approaching, our family wanted to thank everyone in the troops for all that you do! Without your sacrifices, Canada would not be the great country it is today. <333 HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Brandy Spencer - 28/06/2020
Burlington, Ontario Canada

Thank you for everything you do! You are brave and sacrifice so much for your country.

Patteson - 27/06/2020
Burlington, Ontario Canada

Dear Army guys and girls, thank you so much for all the care you have been providing to the older people at the nursing homes who are sick. My mommy is a nurse and she says you are all heroes. We appreciate everything that you do, everyday of the year. We just wanted to especially thank you for being so brave and smart. The Canada Army is the best Army ever! Nathaniel Patteson, age 4

Jo - 26/06/2020
St. Albert, Alberta Canada

When I volunteered for Write to the Troops, I wanted to find out more about where CAF are and what they do. I found out you do everything. This message is for Searce and Rescue Personnel. I learned "many partners are involved due to the country’s immense size, range of terrain and weather. The list of partners is made up of government, military, volunteer and industry groups." How lucky are we; you are always there and always ready. Well done SAR, I'm glad you're there for us.

Tanya Klassen - 25/06/2020
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Hello our fine guardians, We wish you the happiest of celebrations on Canada Day. Please know that we appreciate you & your collective defence of our wonderful country on every day, though. We know you & your families sacrifice so much for our security. You have vast knowledge & expertise in matters most people don't understand -- the big picture about why we need you as our peacemakers out in the world. It can be a burden, no doubt; however, you shoulder the responsibility with dignity & pride. We are ever grateful. Your families & your country love you very much, troops. May peace, blessings & good health & humour be with you always. In allied loyalty & fidelity, Tanya

Diane Thivierge - 23/06/2020
Québec, Quebec Canada

Mille mercis du fond du coeur pour votre implication extraordinaire dans nos CHSLD...vous avez sauvé des vies et apporté compassion à nos aînés...en leur nom, des immenses mercis !

Julie Marrows - 21/06/2020
Georgetown, Ontario Canada

With ???? Day approaching, thank you so much for all that you do. Being away from home & your loved ones must be so hard but you do it anyway and ask for very little in return. We appreciate you! Stay Safe!

Beth Agnew - 20/06/2020
Toronto, Ontario Canada

So proud of you carrying on the missions that keep Canada and others safe. I'm grateful for all your sacrifices, in peacetime and in conflict situations. I served in the '70s, and will fondly remember it as one of the best times of my life, despite some of the hardships. May you and your families stay safe and well. Thank you for your commitment!

Eliana Witchell - 19/06/2020
Woodstock, Ontario Canada

Thank you. Thank you for allowing my family the freedom to live as we choose, to go to school, to ask questions, to read. My life is my own, and I owe that freedom to your hard work and sacrifice. Happy Canada Day! Eliana Witchell

Kim - 18/06/2020
New Westminster, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your selfless service home and abroad! You make Canada look good! We are forever grateful. Be kind. Be safe.

Cynthia - 18/06/2020
Napanee, Ontario Canada

Thank you to all who serve! My heart is full of gratitude. Happy Canada Day!

Sue - 18/06/2020
Perth, Quebec Australia

Just a short message. THANK YOU. Far more appreciate your service than you know. Keep up the fabulous work. Be true to yourself. Be one of the True North Strong and Free. All the best Sue. I served a few years as a naval reservist.

Dwane - 18/06/2020
Tway, Saskatchewan Canada

You are there while I am here. You are doing for Canada what I am not. I thank you for putting Canada and Canadians ahead of yourself. Thank-you. Happy Canada Day to you!

Nick - 18/06/2020
North York, Ontario Canada

Thank you all for everything you do for us. My goal is to one day be part of you all. Please be safe and bless you all for your sacrifices.

Brian Lawrence - 17/06/2020
London, Ontario Canada

Stay safe and celebrate Canada Day the best you can in Theater. Wear your uniform with pride. Thanks for your service from a 20 yr vet and 13 yr public servant.

Sherry - 17/06/2020
Glen Williams, Ontario Canada

Thank you all so much for everything you do to keep us safe in the greatest country in the world! As a first generation Canadian and daughter to a parent who immigrated after the war and then served this great country, I value and respect each member of our armed forces and acknowledge the sacrifices you make each day so that we can be safe! Thank you!

Cheryl Semrau - 17/06/2020
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Thank-you for your service. God bless you. Happy Canada Day.

Jennifer Power - 17/06/2020
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Keep fighting the good fight to protect Canadian values. We set a global standard for how to treat others, how to lead, how to live with integrity. You represent the best standards of work ethic and discipline. Your work means something.

Giulia - 17/06/2020
Gilford, Ontario Canada

To Our Beloved Troops: Thank you All for your Service for our beautiful Country. May God continue to give you the courage, strength, and discernment, to keep us safe, keep the Peace, and stay Brave and protected, each and every day. Happy Canada Day, wherever you may be celebrating!

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