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Johan - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour! For whoever is reading my letter, I just want to say merci pour protéger Canada. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here in Canada, merci pour tous ton travail!

Sofiyyah - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour, je m’appelle sofiyyah et je suis en 6e année. Je vous apprécie pour tous votre travail. I Hope you can keep up the good work. Merci beaucoup.

Yuvraj - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello my name is Yuvraj and I am writing this because I wanted to tell the Canadian army how much I appreciate them. Thank you for defending Canada with your life. Merci pour votre aide dans la Première Guerre mondiale et la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Merci pour votre service et courage!

Sam - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour, je m’appelle Sam et je suis un élève en sixième année. I would like to show my appreciation to the people who are currently serving in the military. Your bravery is truly outstanding and I hope you know that. Thank you for standing for Canada. Je vous apprécie!

Amelia - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour je m’appelle Amelia et je suis en 6 année. À l’école nous apprenons de la Première Guerre mondiale et la Seconde Guerre mondiale. À l’école nous participons dans une semaine de gentillesse. Nous voulons envoyer des messages de gentillesse aux membres de l’armée. Merci pour votre bravoure et pour le travail fort.

Kyra - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour je m’appelle Kyra, je suis en sixième année. I am writing this message because I want to recognize the people that are in the military. Merci pour votre service et votre temps dans l’armée.

Daphne - 19/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bonjour. Je suis un élève en 6 année et nous faisons un semaine de gentillesse. Je veux dire merci pour ta bravoure et courage. I know that not every day is easy but I just want to say thank you for what what your doing.

Anne-Barbara - 19/05/2023
Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Quebec Canada

Chers soldats, Chères soldates, Je m’appelle Anne-Barbara Hébert, j’adore lire des histoires sur l’armée c’est exactement pour ça que je suis ici.J’aimerais vous remercier tous pour ce que vous faites car vous mettez votre vie en danger pour en sauver des milliers alors je vous vous remercie pour votre travail extrêmement important prenez soin de vous et soyez prudents. Sincèrement, Anne-Barbara

Ron Boudreau - 17/05/2023
Mount Denson, Nova Scotia Canada

I want to say thank you to all the brave humans that have chosen to serve Canada . I'm in my 50's and all I think about now is 90's Mountainbikes. So If any troops want to chat about that I would be more than willing. all my rides are 90's hard tails and used to be a mechanic at a shop . Do any troops use bicycles at all?

Janet - 16/05/2023
Howard Beach, United States

Hello, How are you? My name is Janet. I think you are a brave and special person to do the Job you do so well. I do crafts in my spare time. Take care Best, Janet

Laura - 16/05/2023
Howard Beach, United States

Hello, Hope you are well and Safe! My name is Laura and I am from Howard Beach, NY. I want to Thank You for your Bravery and Strength to do what you do. It's Spring here in Queens NY where I live and I've been planting flowers and basil in our garden. I am an identical twin her name is Janet and we love to plant flowers to watch them bloom. They look so colorful. Take Care Always Laura

James William Birchall - 09/05/2023
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Royal Canadian Navy, That is very encouraging news regarding the recruiting of sailors! I think when they get a taste of Navy life, they will stay! Take care, James B.

Aditi - 08/05/2023
Toronto, Ontario Canada

hi. thank you for all of your kindness and bravery you saved our lives once again, thank you aditi bye

Kelvin Robertson - 03/05/2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

There were two peanuts walking down a dark alley way in a dangerous part of Winnipeg last night, one was a salted... Thank you for your incredible bravery soldiers!

Kerri McCracken - 01/05/2023
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you to all of the brave, amazing, inspirational men and women of the Canadian military. I am grateful for your service and the freedom we live within. Your sacrifice is what makes this country and its citizens great. I wish you health, happiness, success and safety.

James William Birchall - 26/04/2023
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Good evening. I hope the recruiting is going well. Take care, James

EDITHA HICKEY - 25/04/2023
Powell River, British Columbia Canada

While surfing the internet this afternoon, out of the blue, I thought of looking for a military pen pal. Then, I saw this website. At the outset, I did not think much of the Canadian Military. As the years go by, I am finding more information about your history during the 2 World Wars and Korean War, I began to appreciate your courage and bravery. I am a retired school teacher. I wish I could do something. Maybe write a letter or send a greeting card to someone once in a while.

Divina - 24/04/2023
Mont-Royal, Quebec Canada

Merci pour votre engagement, votre dedication et surtout votre courage. Je ne saurai jamais ce que vous vivez mais je sais que ça ne doit pas être facile tous les jours. Restez fort!

Malory - 23/04/2023
Houston, Usa

Hi… I’m not sure who will be reading this but whoever you are I hope this little letter finds you well and maybe makes your day better, you might wonder why I decided to do this, well I don’t know I guess I wanted to do something for the ppl who daily risk their life’s to keep others safe, so this is a thank you from a stranger who admires you and praise for being you! Please know that I pray every day for your safety and that your other friends, even if I don’t know who you are and you also don’t know who I am!… xoxo

Eric Villeneuve - 20/04/2023
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hi. I just wanted to send out a message of gratitude to our Canadian Armed Forces. I am grateful for the way you guys protect our country and protect other allied countries. All my life I wanted to join the Canadian Armed Forces just like my grandfather did during WWII but I got injured when I was 17yrs old which made it impossible to join. But I truly support you guys and all that you do for us. God bless

James William Birchall - 17/04/2023
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Good morning. Trust all is well with you all. Take care, James

Lola Simmons - 14/04/2023
Kingston, Ontario Canada

Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for serving the best country in the world ( much better than the United States!) I am going to add all of the military ?? personally and their families to my prayers daily. You may think that you are all alone, but God has His hand upon you. I'm very proud of each one of you and I wouldn't be here alive if you decided to stay at home. Much appreciated and blessings from Kingston Ontario Canada

Ren - 13/04/2023
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Hi, I’m Ren. Just wanted to make a pen pal / veteran friend. I hope you are doing well where your stationed. What do you do on a day to day basis? (if your allowed to say of course) Do you have any hobbies, music you enjoy listening to? Thank you for your service and please keep safe. Best, Regards

Michelle - 11/04/2023
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Nous sommes reconnaissants à nos soldats de créer la paix dans notre monde et de mettre vos vies en jeu pour nous ainsi que de nous donner la liberté.

Anzila - 11/04/2023
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Merci pour votre service dans ce pays! Nous voulons toujours être redevable à toi pour ce que tu as fait pour nous et les sacrifices que tu as dû endurer pour nous protéger. Nous espérons que vous continuerez à nous protéger nous aussi tu l'as fait jusqu'à présent.

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