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Brian - 16/12/2021
London, Ontario Canada

Thank You for helping us. I am going to have fun opening Christmas presents over the holidays. I hope you have a good Christmas holiday too.

Rebecca - 16/12/2021
London, Ontario Canada

Thank you for Keeping us Safe. I wish you a Safe holiday and a happy New Year.

Michele Stephens - 16/12/2021
Hay River, CA

Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Thank you for putting the forces first. Proctect yourself and others. I pray that you are safe and you will home soon. Celebrate where you are because its amazing your contribution and dedication. Merry Christmas Happy New Years Michele

Allison Aylward - 16/12/2021
Hay River, Northwest Territories Canada

I am wishing you and all your families a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year. I hope wherever you are you can find peace and joy. Thank you for all you do????????????

Tiffany Pullman - 16/12/2021
London, Ontario Canada

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for everything you do to keep our families and loved ones safe! I know what you do today makes our tomorrow safer, and I am so grateful! I know that my children will grow up in a safer country because of you. I pray you all stay safe and healthy this holiday season and throughout this coming year! I pray the protection of Psalm 91 over each and every one of you, and that you will live long and satisfying lives in Jesus’ Name! Merry Christmas and the most Blessed new year you’ve had yet!

Luis - 16/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian Troops, I am a Grade 11 student from John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver. Over this past school year, my English class has been analyzing and exploring various texts relating to the service you are doing for Canada. As an immigrant, I sincerely appreciate you. Because of you and the work you do, my family and I have been able to live a richer and more fulfilling life here in Canada. Before my English class, I never wondered who was responsible for keeping this country safe. I just assumed that all Canadians were pacifists. But after the multiple texts that we have been studying, I now wonder why I never took one minute to sit back and fully digest why my parents wanted to come here. My parents picked Canada because of how happy and content life seemed here. Therefore, I would like to give you my sincere thanks for all the conflict you deal with everyday, the indifference society and maybe even your own loved ones show towards you and the work you do, as well as the huge commitment you have to our country. Millions of Canadian citizens live in freedom and safety, without fear of anything going awry, because of your courage and altruism. After reading this message, I hope that I have put a smile on your face or a tear on your cheek. I hope that I was able to remind you that your work is not in vain and that you are making a difference in this world. God bless you, and thank you for your service.

Coco - 16/12/2021
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your dedication. I greatly appreciate your service and sacrifices.

Heather Gratton - 15/12/2021
Comox, British Columbia Canada

When our family, is at home, safe in our home, this season, we think of all of you, and your dedication and sacrifice to making us feel this way..safe..wishing you best thoughts, hopes, and know that you are so very appreciated and we are often awestruck in your dedication for all of us. What you do is beyond a simple thank you..we owe our day to day feelings of being able to work, navigate our communities..to your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Dauton - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, My name is Dauton. I am a grade 11 student at John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver, BC. Recently, we have been?studying different?varieties of?literature?our English class.?My family and I moved to Canada to start a fresh life - free from censorship and killings. Due to the fact that there was no freedom in my home country. Now, we have a better life here in Canada. I admire your bravery and thank you for?risking your life protecting this?country from any threat and danger.?I would?also?like to express my gratitude for everything?you have?done to protect our rights and freedom.?You have?made the ultimate?sacrifice yourself for?the freedom of?Canada.?I pray to God to always keep you safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your service. Happy holidays and God Bless!

George - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian Soldiers and Veterans, thank you. My name is George, and as a student at John Oliver Secondary School, thank you. Thanks to you, we can learn and enjoy our lives. Thank you for allowing us to live free and happy in our country, thank you for your sacrifices, your bravery, your compassion, your strength to push forward in the most difficult of times, and so much more. I cannot even imagine the suffering, the pain, the countless suns and moons passing by during raging war. I cannot imagine the families that are left behind, hoping, begging for their loved ones to come back. I cannot imagine the PTSD, the trauma, and the feeling of nothingness that comes if you even are lucky enough to come back. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and the things that we can only do because of you. Thank you for serving us, serving Canada, and bringing peace to our country. Thank you, Canadian soldiers.

Brianna - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Brianna 12/15/21 Vancouver, British Colombia Canada Hello, my name is Brianna. During this time, my grade 11 English class at John Oliver Secondary has been studying different texts, mainly about war and its effects. I've learned so much about what soldiers have gone and go through, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to thank you for everything you have done. We often see soldiers as fierce heroes who aren’t afraid to jump into action, but internally, we don’t see their struggles and everyday battles that they themselves fight. We as citizens of this country admire and applaud you for your bravery, because without you fighting for us, we wouldn’t be able to do what we need to do in our daily lives. Thanks to you, I have the right to feel safe, thanks to you I feel safe. Thank you for your hard work. You’ve shown what compassion is as you represented and protected Canada in the wars. You’ve sacrificed so much for everyone, and everything, including your well-being. I will never know what it’s like to be a soldier, nor to be put in a position where you must fight for your life. I will never know the horrors you all experienced and experience today from trauma. As someone who can’t experience that same trauma that has been inflicted on you, I can only wish you good health, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Thank you for your bravery. We will honor you and keep honoring you

Dolrich - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Drich T. Vancouver, BC Canada Dear Canadian troops and veterans, I am a grade 11 at John Oliver Secondary and my class is writing letters after reading and studying texts about War and the soldiers that have risked their lives and have died for the greater good. You should be stand proud and tall knowing that you are a hero, maybe some of us might not agree, but soldiers are heroes. You protect people with the risk of your lives, and devote your time and effort to that process as well. We have nothing but respect and gratefulness for your actions. I want you to know that you are loved and respected by everyone. You are special. I have always wanted to thank you, to all of you, and this was the perfect chance. Everyone here at JO (John Oliver), this city, and country, all have nothing to say, but praise to you troops. I hope that this letter can make your day better, thanks troops. Thanks, Dolrich

Antonio - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian soldiers, my name is Antonio, I am a grade 12 at John Oliver Secondary Secondary School, and I am writing this letter to express my thanks for all your hard work and loyal services to our country. To begin after studying various texts in my English class, I truly appreciate your sacrifices and many years of work to protect our country, and our citizens, allowing us to have the current freedom we do today. I feel like your love and dedication towards our safety is not valued enough, I absolutely cannot comprehend the amount of blood, sweat and tears you have put forth for many other lives. Again I am so thankful because you are the reason that my family and I are able to live in this free country, as well as me being able to go to school, and make friends. Sincerely, Antonio

Lily - 15/12/2021
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Bonjour les soldats, J'écris pour vous dire que j’apprécie vraiment ce que vous faites pour notre merveilleux pays et les autres pays qui sont dans le besoin. Vous n’hésitez pas devant le danger. J’apprécie que vous nous protéger. Affectueusement, Lily, 10 ans ??

Félix - 15/12/2021
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Chers soldats, Je vous remercie pour votre courage et la protection du pays. Vous sacrifier vos vis pour le Canada. Grâce a vous on se sent en sécurité et on peut sortir sans danger. Il a d’autre pays qui n’ont pas Sète chance mais grâce à vous on a de la protection et on remercie fort. Tout Quesque vous faite pour nous vous prouver pas le faire si vous voulez mais vous prenez la bonne décision. Merci De : Félix 9 ans

Zinnia - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

It is important for me to start by saying that I do not agree with war. I consider myself a pacifist. However, I do understand that once a war has been started, it needs to be fought. I am writing this to you because in my grade 11 English class we have been learning and discussing the impacts of war. We have been reading texts about military conflict. Each tells a story of war from a unique perspective. These literary works describe the sacrifice that people make during war, the trauma they experience, and humanities ability to persevere. Deciding to serve in the military cannot have been an easy decision. It takes extraordinary bravery to do what you do. Not everyone is capable of that kind of courage. Some days it seems to me that people are no longer capable of doing good things for the sake of others. You are a reminder that people are still capable of selflessness. There is not any amount of thanks I could give to fully express my gratitude for your service. Everything you have done for this country and everything that you continue to do proves that a person's will is stronger than any obstacle, and that if you can do your job with such fortitude then there is no form of adversity that I will not be able to overcome.

Austyn - 15/12/2021
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for keeping us safe. Hello! My name is Austyn. I am so grateful that you are keeping us safe! Where are you stationed? How are you? I hope you are all doing well! I really hope you all know that you mean a lot to me, my teacher and my classmates! How do you put up with all the stress? You all deserve more! I think you all are more than amazing! I hope you write back and Merry Christmas! You all are true heroes. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays!

Selena Isabella-DaSilva - 15/12/2021
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Peacekeeper, Thank you for all of your hard work serving our country. All your hard work and dedication are not forgotten. You are a true hero. You serving our country makes a huge difference in our lives. The people who fought in the world wars really showed perseverance. I am writing this letter to you because it's an assignment and because I want to thank you! Sincerely, Selena Isabella-DaSilva

Aadarsh - 15/12/2021
Calgary, Alberta Canada

We appreciate the sacrifice that the Canadian Armed Forces have done. We appreciate the time when the CAF helped with the evacuations in Afghanistan to the Korean War. We appreciate the military support in the floods in British Columbia to the military aid in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Braeden - 15/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Soldiers, I am a grade 11 student at John Oliver secondary school in Vancouver, BC. This Semester we have read and gone over many texts of war. I have learned so much about the things soldiers have experienced & we are so grateful for you service & the things you sacrifice & brave every day. Some examples of literacy that we have read regarding war, which gives you a good point of the things that you and other soldiers have experienced. Overall, I would like to thank you for everything you do to protect our country and all you do to keep us safe. Thank you.

Olin Mcwhirter - 15/12/2021
Calgary, Alberta Canada

It's almost Christmas and I'm so excited. My family and I usually go on a vacation for Christmas break and this year we are going to Mexico. I love Mexico so much, we are leaving on December 19. I'm disappointed that we won't be back for Christmas because love the food. My Mom makes the best Turkey and mashed potatoes The resort wear staying at is really nice, on Christmas day Santa comes and the resort hosts a big dinner so I'm really excited about that. What are your favorite things for Christmas? Anyways hope you have a great Christmas and stay safe. :)

Ala - 15/12/2021
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

hello, my name is Ala, in grade 7. In this simple letter, I would like to offer you my greetings. Indeed, what I would like for you is a wonderful and merry Christmas. I offer you my best regards. See you soon Ala

Fatima - 15/12/2021
Ottawa, ON, Ontario Canada

Hi there! I'm Fatima. First off, thank you so much for your service here in Canada. Thank you for helping people and saving lives everyday. I'm very grateful to have heroes where I live. Though being a troop can be hard, you all push through and that's why I am so appreciative to tell you all, THANK YOU TROOPS AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Stay safe out there!

shams - 15/12/2021
ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hello, Thank you for protecting Canada and helping others during Covide-19. Thank you for the food you send to people when they need it most. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hailey - 15/12/2021
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hey my name is Hailey, I know how hard everything is right now with Covid. I thank you so very much for giving up your day to keep us safe, even if you have families of your own. Thank you so much for making me feel safe when I wake up and when I go to bed. Happy Holidays, Hailey

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