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Mike - 18/12/2022
Courtice, Ontario Canada

Merry Christmas Guys & Gals. I appreciate the luxury I have to goof off and occasionally neglect appropriate expressions of gratitude. Thanks in no small part to your efforts and dedication, I enjoy freedoms and a pride when I see our red maple leaf flying. I obviously can't speak for all Canadians but it is my strong belief that the vast majority of us hold you folks in the highest regard. Sometimes we just need a swat in the head to get in touch with it. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever your personal spirit enjoys basking in a camaraderie so few can understand. A lot more of this grateful nation are thinking about you than you may know. Thank you so much for your service. Mike

Steve - 18/12/2022
Wetaskiwin, CA

I'm a former QL6a Medic with what they would now call advanced field medic training ... nursing and physician assistant skills for on base med duties ... i have been away from home and family more times than i can recall ... seen and lived through many years of duty ... i have and live with PTSD ... my hope on this season that you and all my brothers and sisters remain safe ... remain strong of body and mind ... that all your efforts are appreciated by all your superiors ... Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year ... Steve QL6a Medic, Cpl IC Med Transport L1 Accident Investigator

Jenny Matthew Grace - 17/12/2022
Durham region, Ontario Canada

Dear Heroes, Thank you for the work that you that keeps CAnada safe in so many ways. We pray that you will also be kept safe. The work you do is so appreciated and your sacrifices are so well recognized. We had family members who also served so you all have a special spot in our hearts. Thank you. Sincerely, Jennifer and Family

Oliver - 17/12/2022
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you to know that my family and I are grateful for all of your service and that you are in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season. We hope that you will be able to celebrate christmas no matter where you are stationed across the world.

Pam - 17/12/2022
VANCOUVER, British Columbia Canada

You have no idea how much your service to Canada is appreciated by so many of us. You keep us safe from attack, help others in faraway countries, and allow me and my loved ones to enjoy a Christmas without fear. I hope you are able to talk to your family if you can't be with them. You and they are loved for being the unselfish person who serves and loves others. Thank you, and a blessed and safe holiday to you.

Candace Milburn - 16/12/2022
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

To our soldiers merry Christmas happy holidays and thank you so much for serving this wonderful country may god keep you safe Candace Milburn proud Canadian best wishes in the holiday season and to your loved ones

Tiffany - 16/12/2022
London, Ontario Canada

Merry Christmas! I pray you have a safe and peaceful Christmas! Thank you for all you do! May 2023 be your best year yet!

Nick - 16/12/2022
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our troops! Thank you for your dedication to Canada.

Patrick Wait - 16/12/2022
Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada

Hi to all our Canadian troops out there. We thank you for all your service and sacrifice on behalf of our great country. We wish a happy Christmas and a happy New Year. And we support the cause all the way! Patrick, Bathurst, New-Brunswick

Madison - 16/12/2022
toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear canadian peacekeeper, Happy holiday, My name is Madison,I have some questions, First ,what is it like to be a peacekeeper? Also my age is 9. Next question, what do you eat as a peacekeeper? Third question, do you have kids? Now here is my information, I don't have any sister's or brother's, I live in canada. I went to Jamaica, St.vincent and the U.S.A. Happy Holiday Sincerely Madison grade 4.

Ishaaq - 16/12/2022
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian peacekeeper I would like to know a bit about canadian peacekeepers.My first question is what is a peacekeeper? My second question is how long have you been a peacekeeper and my last question is have you ever been scared.I am 9 years old and I have 1 cat and 4 kittens.My favourite color is purple and my sign is Gemini.Like to play frisbee.Have a great holiday and thank you for your service! sincerely, Ishaaq

Nolan - 16/12/2022
calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you to all the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces for your dedicated service to our country. Your bravery and commitment to representing our country and protecting our citizens is truly appreciated. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication, and we appreciate your sacrifices and the sacrifices of your families. Your service is essential to the safety and security of Canada, and I am proud to call myself Canadian. Thank you for all that you do.

Destinee - 16/12/2022
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Peacekeeper I hope you are doing well? Thank you for helping to make the world a peaceful place to live in. Happy holiday season to you and your family. Destinee

chance - 16/12/2022
Toronto, Ontario Canada

You I hope you do good things happened to you and to see your family I wish you have a great great better day I wish you good luck and kisses from a friend of yours if you do have a friend I will be friends because we could be friends forever and ever so why not just have a great day by the way what's your name my name is Jack so can you be do your best and have a great day from your best friend yeah okay and make sure you can see your family make your family proud

Jabrayah - 16/12/2022
Toronto, Ontario canada

Dear Canadian Peace Keeper, I am nine years old . Also my name is Jabrayah and it's nice to meet you. How has your experience been as an Canadian Peace Keeper? Also how has it felt getting this emails to people who want peace? Do you miss your family and friends? I hope you receive this email. Happy Holidays !! From, Jabrayah

Ryan - 16/12/2022
Toronto, Ontario Canada

to Canadian peacekeepers subject happy holidays dear canadian peacekeeper I wish you a holiday with cheer and joy I am ryan my favourite colour is purple, my favourite food is cheese and I love turtles, I have a few questions. One, what is your favourite food? Two, do you have a favourite candy? Three do you have a favourite colour? Four, what province are you from? Five, do you like turtles? Happy holidays. Sincerely, Ryan.

Ryan - 16/12/2022
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Dear soldier, thanks for fighting for freedom as well as for the good of the country, I thank you for your service.

Aurora - 16/12/2022
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Dear Soldier, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have sacrificed to serve our country. I am grateful for you and all the troops. Stay safe this holiday season. Happy Holidays and a happy New Years!

Mackenzie - 16/12/2022
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Merry Christmas Soldiers, Thank you for all you have done for our country and others! We are all so proud of you and appreciate your service. -Kenzie

leandro - 16/12/2022
toronto, Ontario canada

my name is leandro.how long have you been a peacekeeper? what is the usual diet of a peacekeeper Where are you working as a peacekeeper? my name is leandro. I am 9 years old and i live in toronto.do you like being a peacekeeper? where did you work in canada? have a happy new year of 2023

Hailee - 16/12/2022
Regina, Saskatchewan

i would like to thank you for all your efforts and all your bravery that you put to protect me and my family and country from terror and fear. each year we celebrate your dedication and preservatives that you show our nations security.

tyra - 16/12/2022
regina, Saskatchewan canada

Dear soldier, thank you for everything you do for our country. You have impacted many peoples lives and you help make our world a safer place. I do not know when you will receive this, but as i write we are about a week away from Christmas. I can only imagine how hard it is to be away from your loved ones during this time, but know that they are thinking of you. <3

Ethan - 16/12/2022
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Hello, I am Ethan. I am writing to give my appreciation and thank you for your sacrifice to our country. Thank you for putting your life on the line to protect our lives, and our country.

colby - 16/12/2022
calgary, Alberta canada

Dear Solider, I just wanted to say stay safe your family loves you thank u for fighting for our country and Merry Christmas.

Joshua - 16/12/2022
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Good luck and hope you all make it home safely back to your families and friends.

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