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Paul Rigsby - 22/06/2016
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Canada

Just want to say I am proud to have brave men and women like yourselves keeping our country and families safe. I appreciate the sacrifices you make and wish you all the best for the rest of the summer!

lauren - 21/06/2016
toronto, Ontario canada

Thank you so much for all you've done to help support our country. Always thankful for what you guys do.

Braden - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi, my name is braden and I go to school in Toronto. I am in grade 5. I am writing this message to thank you for all the hard work you do in the army. It is really cool! -Braden

Jayden - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi, my name is Jayden. I just want to tell you how appreciated your work is and I just want to thank you for everything.

Charlie - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Trooper, Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for feeling pride when you put on your uniform. Thank you for risking your life for mine. Thank you for your bravery.

Evan G - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Trooper, Thank you for your service I owe so much to you. Have a safe fight.

Matty B. - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi I live in Toronto! I just want to say thank you for everything that you have done for Canada! Stay safe and good luck! If you write me back please tell me how you are doing! Thanks again!

Alana alex - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello, our names are Alana and Alex and we're from Toronto Canada. We would like to thank you so much for protecting our country! We really appreciate it and we cannot be more grateful. We admire your courage and awesomeness that helped fight for Canada. Thanks!

Lisa+Jenny - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello, We really appreciate all the work you do for our country to keep us safe. Is your work going well? How are you? Where are you today? Canada or somewhere else? We just hope that you are happy and safe. Sincerely, Jenny+Lisa

Hayden P - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for fighting for our country and risking your lives for us. Without you we wouldn't be able to learn where we learn and wouldn't be safe in our own home.

charlie - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello, I like to thank you for your service and your contribution to Canada.

dug - 21/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello. You are a very strong person to be in the army and risk your life to protect your country. I love you with all my heart and I hope to see you soon. Miss you and have a good time in the army. don't die!!!! Please

John morash - 19/06/2016
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Hello to all and happy dads day, peace happiness and good luck.

James Birchall - 16/06/2016
Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Canadian Forces, We are the best country in the world, a large part due to the commitment and expertise of the Canadian Armed Forces. I am grateful we have expertly trained Infantry, Navy and Air Force personnel! Enjoy the summer! Take care, James

Jason wall - 15/06/2016
London, Ontario Canada

Dear troops this is the first time writing to you, i know you must hear this often but I appreciate what you do for this country i hope you are doing well and i want you to know you have the full support of my family in all of your adventures. in other news i have applied to the Canadian forces with hopes of joining the infantry sincerely Jason wall

Margaret - 12/06/2016
Leamington, Ontario Canada

Thank you for keeping me & my family safe. I am truly grateful for the sacrifices you all make for me to enjoy my/ Canada's freedom. As I look at my children sleeping I know how lucky I am to have you all watching out for us & keeping us safe. I admire your courage, bravery & loyality! Many blessings & keep safe always. Much gratitude Margaret

Natalie - 12/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

The work members of our armed forces do is beyond important. I've been struggling with ways to my appreciation of it into words for awhile, and find myself almost speechless. Thank you. For everything you do, especially all the parts that Canadians back home can't begin to appreciate.

Leslie Mackereth - 06/06/2016
Alliston, Ontario Canada

Bonjour! Hello, Medic (I don't know your rank - forgot). This is your cousin, Leslie! Just wishing to hear that your and family are well! Are you still at last know base or deployed? Either way, you are the best! And I miss you! You're such a powerhouse of love and support! Even to me - when no one wanted to deal with me! Sending you hugs, love and prayers!

Diana - 06/06/2016
St. Mary, Select Province... Jamaica

Hi, my name is Diana and I am 30 years old from Jamaica. I admire the Canadian Soldiers and the wonderful work that they are doing or have done. I know that it is not easy being a soldier but remember that there are people out there that admire and appreciate what you are doing. Also, if at any point in time you are seeking penfriends or just someone to talk to please send me a message. God bless.....

julie parsons - 05/06/2016
MARMORA, Ontario Canada

Never forget that God made Canadian soldiers so that the whole world would have are our pride.

Blake Botter - 04/06/2016
Guelph, Ontario Canada

I Want To Thank The Men And Women For Keeping Me, My Family And My Friends Safe. Thank You For What You Do For Our Great Country. Stay Safe. You Are All In Our Thoughts And Prayers. God Bless All Of You! May Each And Every One Of You Get Back Home Safe To Canada To Be With You Families

LOrne - 04/06/2016
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

All Canadians who enjoy freedom can never express our gratitude and appreciation for a job very well done. Thank you.

Cameron - 03/06/2016
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Thank you so much to the brave soldiers of the Canadian army. I wish good fortune to our men and women serving our nation. I am grateful for your service to our great country and thank you for keeping us safe.

Christine - 03/06/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

I'm a 64 yr old single lady who appreciates more so at this time of life what the Canadian soldiers have done and still do to keep us safe and free. My heart, thoughts and good karma goes out to our country's troops for the all you give and do.

Michael - 02/06/2016
Brantford, Ontario Canada

To the men and women of our Armed Forces. Thank you for your unconditional sacrifice and service to Canada. may God Bless you and Keep you on your tour of duty. Where ever you serve. It takes special people to make the sacrifices you make for your country. You are truly Gods gift to this country. Your sacrifice and service is greatly appreciated. With out you we would not have the freedoms we have today.