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Hayden Fischer - 20/10/2017
edmonton, Alberta canada

Hello my name is Hayden. I am fifteen living in Edmonton. Thank for your service to our country, because of you people are able to be safe. I wish for your well being and safe return.

Fabiana M. - 20/10/2017
Edmonton, Alberta canada

I would just like to say thank you for everything you are doing for us. I appreciate that I can do because you are fighting for my safety. Because of you I am able to go to school and play soccer without being worried. This week has made me think about what I have. Thanks to you I am able to wake up in the morning and I am able to have a great day. I just want you to know that we are thinking about you and everyone risking their life to make Canada safe for us.

Terence - 20/10/2017
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hey, I would just like to thank you for fighting for our country and letting us live in a free country. My name is Terence and I'm a 10 year old kid that is very interested in joining the Canadian army and hope to join you one day.

mila - 20/10/2017
edmonnton, Alberta Canada

Hello, I'm 14 in my first year of high school. Living in Canada. I wanted to thank you for fighting for our country and allowing us to be as free as we are now. This week we have been discussing things and researching about veterans that served Canada. It has been an interesting topic and seeing the things veterans can go through must be hard, but in the end know your a hero for fighting for this country. So thank you.

Tristan - 20/10/2017
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hello. Thank you for all you do for this great nation. God Bless.

Matt - 16/10/2017
North Bay, Ontario Canada

Hello troops. I just want to thank you guys so much for everything you for our country. I hope to be among you someday soon. Until then keep being the amazing people that all of you are! Cheers to all of you from North Bay, Ontario

Gabrielle - 14/10/2017
St-Cyrille-De-Wendover, Quebec Canada

Bonjour les hommes et les femmes des Forces Canadienne, Vous me facinez et vous êtes mes idoles car vous avez le courage et la force de relever des défis. Un jour sa sera mon tour de rentrée dans cette grande famille car c'est mon souhait de petite fille. Je m'informe de jour en jour et en regardant les photos sur Instagram, Facebook et le site de l'armée. Que Dieu vous bénisse! Une admiratrice Gabrielle

Mary-France - 14/10/2017
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Just a quick message to tell you that you are all so loved and I admire you all so much. Thank you for everything that you do and if you ever need to vent or talk, I'm here to listen. I wish there would be no need for the military, but I am grateful that you are here for us.

Pegi - 13/10/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your service will always be appreciated. I commend you for your service and what you have done for our sweet, "little" country. Love to you all.

Shannon Ker - 12/10/2017
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for all you do!

Megan - 11/10/2017
Peace River, Alberta Canada

Dear Soldiers, I give thanks daily for this beautiful country we live in, and I want to thank you for keeping us safe. Also, thank you for maintaining the "kind Canadian" presence abroad during deployment. I am truly proud. One day I hope to serve alongside all of you! Canada Forever!

Ed mccarthy - 09/10/2017
Oakland, Select Province... Usa

Congratulations on your 150 anniversary of confederation. What a great neighbor! Last Sunday I had the great privilege of seeing your snowbirds air demonstration team in San Francisco. They were terrific! The nine plane ?? diamond maneuver was spectacular! Great show. Thanks so much. Ed mccarthy

Jake - 08/10/2017
Ponteix, Saskatchewan Canada

Hello. Thank you for all you do for this great nation. God Bless

Leslie - 08/10/2017
Lomdon, Ontario CANADA

Hi Just wanted to say that you all appreciated and come home safe, sound and soon Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.

Colleen - 07/10/2017
Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

I Would like to thank all the troops where ever they may be this Thanksgiving and say we appreciate all your efforts to make the world a safer place. We pray you all return home safe to your love ones!

Ken McRae - 07/10/2017
Lindsay, Ontario Canada

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for fighting for us!

Steve De Quintal - 07/10/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents so generously. Thank you for the difference you make to so many.

ArmyMom and Proud - 05/10/2017
Langley, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for all that you do to keep our world safe. Your sacrifice is much appreciated and one of the reasons why we have THANKSGIVING DAY! I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful CANADIAN THANKSGIVING! We'll all praying for you so one day soon you'll be home with your family and loved ones.

Pam Haessler - 02/10/2017
Dryden, Ontario Canada

Thinking of you all and wishing you well. Lovely fall colors here of reds and golds. The Canada Geese are fattening up on the grass on our local baseball diamonds, golf course and soccer pitch. That'll make them popular. Please know we always think of you. Thank you for everything, many times over!

Jan - 29/09/2017
Scarborough, Ontario Canada

Didn't know I could do this. Just a thanks to you all for what you do to help people far and wide. I admire your courage. Best, Jan

James Birchall - 29/09/2017
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

The Snowbirds Rock! Jim

Darrel Mawhinney - 29/09/2017
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

To the Snowbirds........ In August, the Snowbirds aerobatic team did a show at White Rock, BC. Through her website my daughter told the team that I am an ex-RCAF pilot and really enjoyed the show. The next day one of the team members dropped off a t-shirt, crest and pamphlet for me at her White Rock thrift store. The sender was not identified but I would like to thank him for his thoughtfulness. The gifts were greatly appreciated. It was a great show the night before, by the way. We expect no less from the Snowbirds, of course! By the way, I picked up one of the first Tutors from the factory in Montreal and was an instructor in 1965 and 1966. |I had previously instructed on the Harvard. After flying Tutors I went to the old 408 tactical fighter squadron and flew T-Birds for three years before I left the air force after 8 years service. There is no life like it! Cheers! Darrel

Eva Marie Ceahorianu - 27/09/2017
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Thank you to all the men and women who are listed and protecting us Canadian citizens with your lives. I appreciate your dedication to yours and mine country.I wish I could be there helping as I am a nurse but due to circumstance I could bot pass basic trainning. I'm 54 years old now as well much to old to join. Thank you again for your protection we all love our listed people in our own way and very proud of you all keep up the good work and stay strong and be safe as we worry about your saftey the most....Thanks again.. Eva Marie

Jed - 26/09/2017
Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Dear Forces Member, My name is Jed, I am 13 years old and I was raised in Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada. I am an Air Cadets and was wondering what it was like in the military and what you do when you are busy. I want to be a mechanic so I can fix or create new types of parts such as an engine. I hope you get this letter and have a nice year! -Jed Everson

Michael - 26/09/2017
Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Dear Forces Member, Hello, my name is Michael, I am 13 years old born and raised in Fort McMurray AB, Canada. I'm a Corporal in Air Cadet and wondering if you enjoy the military along with what it is like. In the future, I might be thinking of joining the Canadian Armed Forces. Here I am asking you, I hope you get back to me about how it is. Thank you very much. Good vibes only :) Sincerely, Micheal