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Veronica - 07/12/2016
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Dear Canadian Armed Forces Member: Thank you for your bravery and courage. Thank you for your service, and for your commitment to safety and peace in Canada and abroad. You are a role model in your decision to serve. Wishing you and those who serve with you a safe holiday season.

Candace and Stephanie - 07/12/2016
Russell, Ontario Canada

*************************** Thank you everyone who works so hard to keep our beautiful Canada safe and free! We are praying that you are safe and happy! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! ***************************

Solina Duguay - 07/12/2016
Montreal, Quebec Canada

I'd like to thank you all for being heroes, not only protecting our nation but others as well. I hope that you all get to see your families as soon as possible and I hope that during these holidays you get to spend time with people who are like family and I am so grateful for what all of you have done for me, for your families and for this country!

Cristina - 07/12/2016
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

To whomever this message reaches, I want to thank you for your honour, sacrifice & selflessness. Your commitment to securing our safety is humbling. Christmas is fast approaching and many of you won't make it home to your families or friends. I pray that each of you has a magical Christmas & your wishes are fulfilled. Thank you for being you & happy holidays!

Angel - 06/12/2016
Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Hope everyone has a happy holidays, I know it must be hard not getting to spend it with your families, but just know we are thankful for everything you do and no matter what we will never forget what you are doing for us. Cheers !

MG - 06/12/2016
Oakville, Ontario Canada

Dear troops, Thank you for your service to our country and others as well. Thank you for putting aside your own family for the freedom of others. I hope to encourage you with these words: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9). God bless you all now and always.

Jessica Williams - 06/12/2016
Oakville, Ontario Canada

To the wonderful soldier(s) who get this message, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. To thank you for serving our country, to thank you for giving me the opportunity to live a safe and carefree life. To thank you for being so selfless and giving me the peace of mind to go through everyday normally. Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life, and giving me the opportunity to live in country where I can thrive. Merry Christmas, stay safe Jessica Williams

Samantha Monger - 06/12/2016
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

You men and woman are truly amazing. Most of us can't even imagine what your day to day may bring, yet that is your norm. Your sacrifice and strength is something to look up to! Please never forget that we all love you and if you ever need help it is not something that defines you! Even the bravest heros need a listening ear?? Stay strong, healthy and take pride in what you do! Sending love and hugs to you this holiday season!

Mary Black - 06/12/2016
North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

May I take this opportunity to wish each and every member of the Canadian Forces, serving at home and overseas. A very Happy Christmas, and with every good wish for 2017. God Bless and keep you all.

Taryn - 06/12/2016
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

It's hard to remember sometimes that the world isn't all peaches and cream when you live in such a great country like Canada. But it's not because we're all liked and loved, it's because people like you put your lives on the line on a regular basis so we can live life the way we want. With Christmas fast approaching, I hope that you're able to feel some comfort knowing you're doing such an amazing thing for your country. I know it's a bit cliché coming from someone who doesn't understand but even though you're away from your family and all your friends, I'm sure they do. I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season and are able to celebrate in some form or another. I hope even more that you will stay safe and make sure you are able to come home to those family and friends who miss you so much. Merry Christmas and all the best. Thank you for all that you do and making me proud to be Canadian. Taryn

David Brian Thompson - 06/12/2016
Guelph, Ontario Canada

My thanks to all of you who are serving our country away from your family and friends at Christmas time. My Father, a Second World War veteran, missed four Christmases( the last one he was on the HMS Queen Elizabeth in 1945) and as a result he made sure that all the celebrations thereafter were special ones.That is my wish for you that all of your future celebrations will be more memorable for you and your family.Happy New Year to you and your comrades.

Brayden - 05/12/2016
Long Sault, Ontario Canada

Hello, Thank you for your sacrifice for peoples lives I don't know how you do it thank you have a merry cristmas

Meagan - 04/12/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

To whomever reads this, Thank you. Thank you for your services and fighting for those who can't. Thank you for keeping Canada free, by risking your safety for ours. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Please know you are always thought of, prayed for and appreciated. Have a safe holiday season and may God bless you. Xox

Stephanie - 02/12/2016
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for everything you do for our country and our people. Your sacrifice can never be repaid. Wishing you all the best :D

Camryn - 02/12/2016
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

Thank you for all that you do for myself and our country. I wish you all the happiest of holidays and be safe in all that you do! Season's greetings to you and yours!

Naomi - 02/12/2016
Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

Dear Soldier, My name is Naomi. I'm a grade 11 student in BC. I've been wanted to join the reserve army but am a bit scared to. Thank You for being brave enough to stand up for our country and fight for our freedom. I hope that I too will be able to step our of my comfort zone and do something amazing. God Bless!

Robin - 02/12/2016
Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian Armed Forces Member, Thank you for your willingness to serve and protect our country. Most of my generation does not know that freedom comes at a price, but I do and am so grateful for courageous young men and women willing to make a positive difference in our world. You are appreciated! I pray for health, strength and protection for you! God Bless!

Hannah - 02/12/2016
Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian Armed Forces Member, My name is Hannah and I have never been too excited about history or what the poppy on Remembrance Day actually symbolizes. This year I am in grade 10 and I just finished learning about World War 1 and World War 2, I have never in my life felt so appreciative and grateful for my freedom. I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. You truly make the world a better place and I am so proud of the country I live in and all the brave soldiers and military workers for their services! God bless you and your fellow soldiers!

Sylas Boesten - 01/12/2016
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for serving our country. Our country is beautiful and free because of you. Thanks Sylas

The Martins - 01/12/2016
Okotoks, Alberta Canada

Merry Christmas! I hope you are safe and your family is well. Will you be home for Christmas? I am thankful that you are helping kids in other countries. You make all of us here in Canada very proud. My dad was in the army once and I am very proud that he was. Please be safe and have a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Finn 7 years Old Okotoks, Alberta

Chainin - 01/12/2016
Camrose, Alberta Canada

To Soldiers im four years old honey you're only first day of Christmas yahoo first day for Santa my only one there all the time favorite my thank you for saving people

Karen Withers - 01/12/2016
CHILLIWACK, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your sacrifice and service! Each and every one of you are deeply appreciated! The weather in Chilliwack has been rainy and mildish. We'll see what the month of December brings. :) Wishing you all the best and stay strong.

Joe - 30/11/2016
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Wow! You guys are pretty amazing! Recently I joined my local cadet core and saw a little bit of military life firsthand on our field training excerise. That is not easy stuff and this is cadets! Besides that I'm really amazed at the sacrifices you folks are willing to make for little old me. Granted it's not all bad right? you get to handle weapons and maybe handle amazing vehicles. But seriously,thank you; from the rangers to the jtf2 to the air force to the signalers(my cadet core is a signaler one) to even the pesky navy guys, your all amazing and I'm so, so, proud of you!!

Rachel - 30/11/2016
Valcartier, Select Province... Canada

Hey there fellow troops! For those of you who will be posted throughout the holidays, or those of you who feel homesick, and those that may be feeling a bit blue, hang in there! It might not feel like it because you're far from home, but you've got a huge support system here and we're thinking of you every day, we're your safety net. You're all very courageous, strong, beautiful people. We love each and every one of you and look forward to your safe return. You're never alone. Sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts you way, xxxxooooo

Dave - 29/11/2016
Okotoks, Alberta Canada

Thank you for your service.