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Dennis - 11/10/2016
Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada

I am writing to say that my thoughts are with you. I understand how hard it is to be away from friends and family. I am a former peacekeeper myself. Working 24/7 or so that how it feels when away on tour. Then when you get a pause, all kinds of things come back to mind. Hope for the future wins out.

Karen K - 11/10/2016
Stouffville, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Troop, I have so much to be Thankful for, and it's because of people like you. Thank you for protecting our country and keeping Canada safe. Because of you we are able to provide for our children and live a comfortable life. Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy so we can continue to enjoy the life we do. It's because of you that Canada is such an amazing place to live. I'm grateful every day that I was born here. You are an amazing selfless person. Myself and my family thanks you. THANK YOU!

Shannon Krushel - 10/10/2016
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to all of Canada's Armed Forces members serving in Operation Impact, and others over seas! May God bless you and protect you. Is there something we can do in Canada to support especially the Operation Impact troops? Given the increase in danger to them? A ribbon? A pin? Let us show solidarity!

Nancy Steele - 09/10/2016
Lead, Select Province... United States

To: Aiden Chadwick; Be well, stay safe and trust in God.

Arlene - 09/10/2016
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Wishing all our troops a very happy thanksgiving. Love and blessings to each and every one of you.

Jo-anne - 08/10/2016
Haley Station, Ontario Canada

I am thankful for all that you do each and every day. You are appreciated and loved.

Wendy - 08/10/2016
Red Deer, Alberta Canada

To all our Canadian Armed Forces members and families. Past and present. At home or abroad. We are so grateful for your dedication and service to this wonderful country we call Canada. It is because of you that every Canadian will be celebrating this special occasion with laughter, love, good food and positive thoughts for the future. You remain our heroes, guaranteeing our personal freedom, security and continued hopes for worldwide Peace. Thank you ALL and Best Wishes for a Very Happy Thanksgiving weekend !

Pam Haessler - 07/10/2016
Dryden, Ontario Canada

Hello! We had snow in NW Ontario last night, just a sprinkling but enough to send most of us diving into our boxes of winter wear in the garage. Hope you're staying warm where you are. You're always in our hearts, never forgotton, you rock! Best wishes always, PJ Haessler

Graham - 06/10/2016
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

To the members of the Canadian Armed Forces: You and I have never met; you don't me, my children, the colour of my skin, what God I pray to, who I voted for, whether I'm rich or poor, educated or not. Yet in the absence of all this information you have willingly put yourselves in harms way to protect the freedoms I have in all these things. Even as the tensions between and within nations increase, as civil wars and unrest escalates and as prejudice and violence become the new norm, you continue to fight to maintain the freedoms I enjoy and for what is right and good, knowing that you may pay the ultimate price. There is no way to repay you for this incredible sacrifice and my hope is that all Canadians think deeply about what you have given, so that we can give nothing at all. Thank you and God bless you.

Tanya Sehmrau - 06/10/2016
Ingersoll, Ontario Canada

Thank you isn't enough. Without you our lives would not be the same. Millions of people who live in Canada sleep, work and live safely - without fear because of the dedication, love and commitment of our Canadian Troops. The world is a better place because of your efforts and all that you endure. I honor you today and every day with gratitude that words cannot describe. Stay strong, be proud in knowing that you are loved by people all over the world. And come home safely when your work is done.

Becky - 06/10/2016
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

A big thank you for all you do and for all you sacrifice to do your job as part of the Canadian Armed Forces. One act at a time, you're making a difference in our world.

SHELLEY LOCKE - 06/10/2016
Saint Catharines, Ontario Canada

With the change of another season at hand with falling leaves, pre-holiday craft shows and the fragrant smell of walnut fruits the squirrels insist on hiding in my clothespins I cannot help but feel the gratitude. For all that you do and all that you continue to do to ensure the safety of those around you and the freedom we experience here at home I thank you. For all your great sacrifices; leaving your home, your family, your friends – human and furry I thank you; for missed birthdays, warm hugs and familiar smells; I thank you. I thank you all and pray for your safe return home.

Rachel - 04/10/2016
Ste-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick Canada

Has I lay my head on my pillow tonight, I come to realise that I may sleep in peace knowing your are on duty to keep us safe! Thank you from the bottom of my heart....May God bless you and keep you safe! Proud Air Force Mom

Roy Maitland - 04/10/2016
Duncan, British Columbia Canada

I am thankful to be a proud Canadian because of the reputation and the bravery that is shown throughout the generations of Ethical service Canada has provided to ensure a safer world. I will be there proudly soon, recruitment date Nov 1st. I am grateful to all of you and the service and sacrifice that is necessary to make this world free and fair. Take care my people, and be safe! Respect!!!

Sarah Cockerline - 04/10/2016
North Bay, Ontario Canada

Thank You for Your Service!!

Diane Bowen - 29/09/2016
Oxford Mills, Ontario Canada

I thank you for all you do. The sacrifice of leaving family at home when deployed is beyond more than most can contemplate. So many leave behind beloved pets and family to take on what is required of you. Amazing; a simple thank you is all I have.

david falls - 29/09/2016
penticton, British Columbia canada

i would like say thank you for the freedom you protect and a safe retune to all that is over seas to your love ones and i hope you were able to watch any of the world cup hockey GO CANADA GO

Tanya - 27/09/2016
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Has anyone told you today that you are appreciated? Please know how much your service is valued by your fellow Canadians. God bless...stay safe and come home to us soon.

karly - 26/09/2016
forestburg, Alberta canada

thank you for what you guys have done. you all have made a big difference. and like i said before thank you very much.

Ty - 26/09/2016
Forestburg, Select Province... Canada

Thank you for protecting our awesome country and keeping it safe. We all appreciate what your doing for us stay strong.

carter - 26/09/2016
forestburg, Alberta canada

thank you for protecting our country

Rose Tworkowski - 26/09/2016
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

I would like to thank all the Veteran's for making Canada a free Country and for risking their lives each and everyday for us all.

Nancy Sharma - 25/09/2016
Flesherton, Ontario Canada

Hello, I just wanted to pass along a message to say THANK YOU for serving our country, and doing what you do. Without the brave men & women of the past, present & future, Canada would not be the country that I have been thankful to call my own my entire life. I thank you for the sacrifice you & your family members are making so that you can serve our country. Thanks again - and God Bless!

Wayne and Mary-Ann Warner - 25/09/2016
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

From our home to all of you,our heartfelt THANK YOU for all you do soldiers!Our families have fought where you are now and our thoughts and prayers stand with you every single day.God go with you and keep you safe.

Pamela Haessler - 23/09/2016
Dryden, Ontario Canada

Greetings! We've hit that tipping point, temps now gone from steamy to chilly at night, autumn is in the house. In NW Ontario no trees turning color fully yet; a few just starting some yellow tinges and I'm in no rush, but everyone is Pumpkin mad already, even DQ has its Pumpkin Blizzard going. Thinking of you and so proud of you wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Go Canada! Stay safe and know you're in our minds and our hearts no matter how far you're ours. Love and respect....Pam