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Danielle - 17/04/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your absolute bravery and service. I hope you find peace and a reason to smile in every day. May you wake up every morning grateful for and fall asleep every night accomplished. Love from Toronto, Canada. -Danielle and Gabe

Beatriz Znidarcic - 10/04/2018
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Thank you for your service. Wish I was there with you!

Deborah Howard - 10/04/2018
Guelph, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your service and devotion to protecting our country and the civilian lives around the world. You make all Canadians proud. My husband is presently deployed and has been for close to 2 years now and i am honestly very proud of him and everyone serving. Thank you once again.

david - 09/04/2018
penticton, British Columbia canada

I would like to wish everyone best wishes and a safe return home to your love ones

Lela - 09/04/2018
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Dear beloved Warrior, I hope this special letter made just for you, will find you in good time. May you be warm, dry and not hungry, and best of all in good health. I hope and wish from the bottom of my Heart that you are safe and smiling. May the blessing and prayers of your fellow Canadians here at home reach you. Thank YOU. Love you all. From: Lela.

Peter Theodoropoulos - 07/04/2018
Bracebridge, Ontario Canada

Thank you troops for doing all that you do to protect us. Remember that force is a last resort and not a first option. Grow in wisdom and strength all of the days of your life and let us grow in industry, innovation, creativity, integrity, ethical development, and wealth all of us around the world thanks to persons like yourselves making these great sacrifices for us, otherwise evils would multiply to bring us all harms and we are beyond words thankful to you for the paragon of bravery that you embody, exemplify and are in this world. Be safe and protect and love one other. May all of the divine forces of the Universe an in all forms of existence protect you and bring you securely always back home safely where you belong. Cheers, PKT

Bob - 03/04/2018
London, Ontario Canada

To all the troops, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. My Grandfather was in WW1 and my Father in WW2 and I listened to all of their stories of war. My Grandfather said it was his duty so that his family and country would be safe. And my Father said the same and that one day the world would be at peace, let's hope. Your service is what makes me a proud Canadian, THANK YOU.

owen vickery - 02/04/2018
fergus, Ontario Canada

Dear men and women in uniform i want to thank every single one of you for protecting and giving up your lives to fight for us civies. stay safe, stay strong, stay free, stay TRUE. i love you all. when i was a child super heroes weren't people i looked up to it was every single soldier fighting. it inspired me to persue being a soldier myself. thank you for your service all of you. Owen Vickery, Fergus, Ontario

Greg - 02/04/2018
SHERWOOD PARK, Alberta Canada


Sean - 02/04/2018
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

Hope you all had a great Easter. Appreciate all you do.

Brandon - 01/04/2018
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

You may not be home for Easter, but your efforts are greatly appreciated back home in Canada. Thank you for what you Do!!

James Birchall - 29/03/2018
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Happy Easter! I hope you all get some turkey or ham and some chocolate! Take care, Jim

Kathleen Orland - 28/03/2018
Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Greetings from Orangeville, Ontario. I hope this finds everyone well and busy. In case you're wondering about our weather, we have more snow on the way. Lovely spring we're having! I haven't seen a robin yet, but I see pairs of geese. I am so very thankful for your service to our country. We are grateful for the sacrifices you make, and the risks you take so that our country can stay safe and strong. You are our backbone!

Jayden - 26/03/2018
Markham, Ontario Canada

I cannot stress this enough that what you guys do is not nearly as recognized as it should be. I aspire one day to be in the Canadian Armed Forces as to me, nothing beats it. I'm sure you've all have a tough road to get where you are today and I'd like to let you all know that I greatly appreciate everything you've done and hope that one day I can do the same.

Jayden - 26/03/2018
Markham, Ontario Canada

I'd like to thank the men and women for their service that allows me to live in a free country. I have always looked up to military personnel as I believe it is the most honorable job out there. For my short 16 years on Earth it has come to my attention that what you guys do takes a lot of skill and a lot of Courage

Lisa - 23/03/2018
Bracebridge, Ontario Canada

Hello All! Just a quick note to thank you for your service, commitment and dedication to our great country. I admire all that you do - every single role is important and much appreciated. Stay Safe and Well Lisa

Jill Mersereau - 21/03/2018
Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

Hi there, I wanted to write to say how much I appreciate all the work you do. I have friends who are in the army and I see how hard they work, the time they spend away from their families, the training they go through, and their dedication to our country. My grandfather was in the military and was in Europe during the second World War. It was a difficult time for my grandmother, I'm sure. Please know that countless people across the nation are thinking of you and appreciate all the hard work you do every day.

Candace MP - 19/03/2018
Stratford, Ontario Canada

Thank you for all that you do, for all the sacrifices you make for your family, your friends and your country. Thank you for making the world a better place. Take care and know that you are loved and respected for what you do. Regards, Candace

Kellyannewolfe - 18/03/2018
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

To all the men and women who read this. Thank you. Thank you for being fearless warriors to all the things that threaten our home, within and without. For standing with our brothers in arms in the United States at every beckon call to defend all that makes this continent so special. Thank you , my snow angels , for standing on guard for me. With all my heart, Thank you.

zacharias - 16/03/2018
vernon, British Columbia canada

Thank you for serving our country! Garde 2

Nathan - 14/03/2018
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Dear Soldier, Thank you so much for your services towards our country. In our school, we have been learning about global strife, and how over the years has become a serious negative quander. As a part of my class, our teacher has given us the opportunity to anonymously thank those who served or continue to serve in international hostility. Thank you for your contributions towards other people's ensued millenium, and I wish the best of luck to you and your future Sincerely, Nathan

Kerri Hegel - 14/03/2018
Prince George, British Columbia Canada

Greetings to all the Canadian Soldiers. Thank you for all that you do. You are amazing! I am currently a member of Adopt a US Soldier. I send letters and care packages to a US soldier who is currently deployed. Soldiers are not requited to write back. I would love to adopt a few Canadian Soldiers. If you are interested or know of a Soldier who may be interested in receiving letters from myself and the children in my daycare please email me at Thank you.

Andrea - 08/03/2018
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

I've never known anyone who has served or gone overseas with the military, and I can't even imagine how it must feel. I just want all the soldiers away from home to know how much we miss you back here, and how much we appreciate what you are doing for us. We are all rooting for you and we all hope that you come home soon to your families! And Happy International Women's Day to all the female soldiers out there, this day is for you!

Bigot camille - 08/03/2018
Tourcoing, Territoires du Nord-Ouest France

Bonjour à vous tous et toutes je vous écrits pour vous remercier de protéger notre pays mais aussi vos pays respectifs je suis extrêmement fière de vous écrire car pour moi c'est un soutien totale que je vous apporte encore mille merci pour vos dévouements bien cordialement

GAGNON JEAN (JOHN) - 08/03/2018

To all my BROTHERS and SISTERS in arms in CANADA and abroad: I am a retired DRAGOON and I want all of you to know how much pride I have in you. YOU are the best of the best because whatever comes at you, you always find the right solution to the situation good or bad. You are members of the best army in the world and it has been proven time and time again. I am so proud to have been part of it and I miss the life so much. Every time I see one of you my eyes water of pride and just to look at you is a tremendous honor for me. THERE IS NO LIFE LIKE IT and that is true, only those who have warrior blood can understand this. My heart is with you wherever you might be to watch over you and I wish I could put my combats back on and be with you. YOU WATCH YOURSELF and BE SAFE, that is an order, got it. To my BROTHERS and SISTERS IN ARMS I say out very loud: I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU. JOHN :).