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4annee - 14/11/2017
ottawa, Ontario Canada

merci pour protecter notre pays.Tu est tres brave pour combatre en beaucoup de pressure.Est ce que sa prendre beaucoup de training.MERCI ! S.J

Mohammed - 14/11/2017
regina, Saskatchewan canada

Hey my name is mohammed and i just wanted to say thank you for protecting Canada. It must have took bravery,Leadership,and Intelligence. You let our souls be who they want to be and for that i am thankful. Veterans because of you saving people's lives during wars people can see their families again.You soldiers and veterans keep doing what you think is right. Sincerely mohammed

kolbie - 14/11/2017
regina, Saskatchewan canada

Thank you for saving our country. What you have done is very amazing. I can’t believe everything to throwing bombs to shooting guns, all your friends in the army, watching them die going to wars knowing you're going to die but still going, for our country. Im really sad about how all the soldiers died like you, but now our country is war free. Thank you.

Ethan Trann - 14/11/2017
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Thank you for serving our country and thank you for sacrificing your lives and then you were sent to the war and served and fought in the war. One more thing, My great great grandpa was in the scottish The Black Watch.

Mara - 14/11/2017
Vaughan, Ontario Canada

Thank you for fighting for our country. Without you, there would still be war in Canada and people would be losing their family and friends. You risked your lives for us and our country. Thank you for doing this! :)

Aliyah - 14/11/2017
Vaughn, Ontario Canada

Thank you so much, for putting your lives in danger to save our country. I cannot thank you enough and I hope you get enough recognition for it. Love, Aliyah.

Rand - 14/11/2017
vaughan, Ontario canada

Thank you for fighting for us and letting me live in a free country like Canada. Thank you!

Abi - 14/11/2017
montreal, Quebec canada

Dear Canadian Soldier, Thank you for protecting our country.We are very lucky we have a brave,courageous soldiers like you.It must be hard and sad not seeing your family and friends.I can't find one word to thank you enough.I wish I could make 1000000 kilometre paper and say YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.We are very lucky to have you. You are all these things I have listed strong,brave,courageous,amazing,extremely good at protecting are beautiful country.This is all because you .I can't believe you would do this were willing to sacrifice you're on LIFE I can't imagine how brave you are.I hope you are proud of what you have done. from:Abigail

Callum - 14/11/2017
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Dear Canadian Soldier, I look up to you in many ways. For instance, bravery, kindness, courage, and I hope to have all those things when I become a man like you. My uncle is a soldier and is very funny, and my uncle's brother was a soldier, but I don't want to talk about him right now.

Lissette - 13/11/2017
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Dear brave soldiers of the World, Remembrance Day is coming soon so I just want to thank you so much for bringing peace into our lives by putting the uniform of bravery, fighting and risking your lives for our right to live in peace. I am so glad to have soldiers like you because you are so brave who are willing to sacrifice your life for mine. Thank you for bringing peace and freedom into our community. I hope you and your unit and every soldier come home safe to your families for Christmas (if you celebrate it). I am writing this to you to thank you for all the sacrifices of fighting the war for us because that is a very brave thing to do. When I grow up I want to be a HERO like you. I give so much respect to you of being very much appreciated. Lissette !

Naweed - 13/11/2017
Ottawa, Ontario canada

1.Merci pour protéger notre pays et apporter la paix au canada. 2. Vous avez sacrifié votre vie pour arrêter l'ennemi de attacker notre ancêtres et apporter la paix dans notre monde. 3. Les soldat qui battu pour la paix sont les héros! 4.Merci pour donné votre liberté pour protéger notre liberté 5.Ces hommes et ces femmes méritent notre gratitude pour leur volonté de servir notre pays. La prochaine fois que vous exercerez la liberté de parole, que vous voterez, que vous circulez librement dans le pays, que vous protégerez votre famille et que vous vous rassemblez dans votre lieu de culte, vous devriez remercier tous les vétéran qui battu dans la guerre. 6. Nous sommes ici parce que votre sacrifice si vous n’avez pas batailler pour la Canada nous n'aurions pas des droits 7. Les vétéran qui battu sur la guerre besoin un merci parce que ils sont sacrifiée ses vit pour protéger notre vie.

Tasia - 13/11/2017
Mississauga, Ontario Camada

Hi, Thank you for your service. Thank you for protecting us. It means a lot to us that you risk your life to protect our country. You took the risk and never felt scared. Without you all our country would not be so strong that it is. My niece and nephew wrote the above message to let you know how much we appreciate you and all you do for us. Thank You, Ciara, Dawson and Ariana

richard - 13/11/2017
mississauga, Ontario canada

to the ladys serving canadian military thanks for being part of the male teams hard work reminds me of the old movies, holidays around the corner to, sure hard for the women to look pretty in male boots at times,

casey - 13/11/2017
ontario, Ontario canda

hi my name is Casey . thank u for risking your life so that we could be safe and have freeddom. I'm so thankful for you. thank u for making me and my friends and family safe and not scared your risk will always be remembered. thank u for everything you did for us.sincerly Casey.

Megan - 13/11/2017
Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for all that you have done for our country! I am so grateful for everything you have done. As a Canadian teen in 2017 I am able to enjoy freedom and many opportunities, all thanks to you and your fellow comrades. I am forever in your debt. Thank you for your service!!

Sunny - 13/11/2017
Thornhill, Ontario Canada

Hi my name is Sunny I am very grateful that we have freedom and that the soldiers fought for our country for freedom. THANK YOU!

josh - 13/11/2017
Thornhill, Ontario canada

Hi my name is Joshua and I'm 10 years old and I'm so excited to speak with you and I want to thank you for fighting in the war for our country and making us a free country and so nothing bad could happen like war or anything that is bad so thank you once again.

Olivia - 13/11/2017
Thornhill, Ontario canada

HI,i am so exited to talk to you!My name is Olivia!what is your name?I feel so bad that u faught in war.but i am, happy u survived war! I am very age is 10!How old are u?PLEASE PLEASE write me back! From Olivia!

Eduard - 13/11/2017
Thornhill Woods, Ontario Canada

Hi! My name is Eduard. i am VERY thankful and great full for what you have done for us. Thank You! -Eduard Please Please Please Send Something Back!

Chaz - 13/11/2017
GTA, Ontario canada

dear veteran my name is Chaz I appreciate how you help with this country and I will always remember those who fight for sincerely' Chaz

Eduard - 13/11/2017
Thornhill Woods, Ontario Canada

Hi! My name is Eduard. i am VERY thankfull

Ryder - 13/11/2017
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Dear Brave Soldiers, I would like to thank you for serving our country and allowing us to feel safe everyday. We appreciate the many months/years that you spend away from your family so that we can spend time with ours without any worries in our safe country. My great-great-grandfather fought in the World War I and he was lucky enough to come back to Saskatchewan and raise a family of his own. In my classroom we had an assignment to research fallen soldiers and it made me realize the risks you face everyday in your job. It takes a very brave person to leave their friends and family behind to protect our country but without you, Canada would not be what it is today. Even though you are far away, many people in Canada are seen wearing their red poppies this time of year to show appreciation and remember our fallen soldiers so I want you to know that we are thinking of you and the many people that have fought in the war. I hope that you get to talk to your family regularly and receive pictures so that you do not feel alone. It would be great if you were able to come home for the holidays and celebrate with your families. I also really hope that one day soon there is no such thing as war and that we have peace everywhere on earth. I hope that you read these messages of encouragement and remember that we are thinking of you all year round. Thank you again for everything that you continue to do for us and our country.

Andrew Lawson - 13/11/2017
Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Remembrance Day Poem On this day we celebrate The sacrifices that they made For our freedom and liberties That we take for granted every day. Poppies, poems and silence Fill the ceremonies we hold To honor the battles fought By both the brave and bold. Soldiers took cover in trenches, Marines fortified the sea To protect the people just like you and me. For family and home, For health care and schools, Bilingualism,and even technology You gave us the tools To be who we are, Without even a care. This day helps remind us Of what they did there. They gave us a land Where we could be who we are, To express ourselves freely, And not live behind bars. They sacrificed lives, Homes, families and more. For the country we love From shore to shore. On November 11, of every year We recite Flanders Fields, followed by silence, A few tributes, and several tears. To honor the fallen, The veterans and families Who fought over the years. Thanks for all the sacrifices you made To give me the life that I have today.

4 annee - 13/11/2017
ottawa, Select Province... ontario

cher soldat mercy pour sauver le canada. Tu es tres brave. Je vais toujours souvenir toi et tout les autres soldats. de ML

4annee - 13/11/2017
ottawa, Ontario canada

Merci de etiet tres brave pour nou tou est tres brave. de AK