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Sal Ruiz - 24/06/2017
Bronx, Select Province... USA

GOD bless you every day. Stay strong, be safe and don't miss. Also God bless your families. I have a family member serving in the military as I did many years ago.

Miles - 23/06/2017
Burlington, Ontario Canada

I can not imagine the hardships that you endure for us. I feel like you don't get enough thanks, and I aim to change that. I can not begin to thank you enough for putting your lives, mental acuity, and well-being on the line for our country. Thank you. Thank you a million.

Kay - 21/06/2017
Brandon, Manitoba Canada

Dear soldiers, I appreciate the work you all do on a daily basis and how much strength and courage you all have, it's truly admirable. I am forever grateful for your services and I hope that you all are safe and healthy and well, and that you will all be able to come home and see your family members and pets and feel the love. Thank you so much for your hard work, I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be but no matter where you go, you'll always have support. Please be safe out there, and even though you're away from home, make some memories and laugh a little even when the days are bad. Much love ?

Kenna - 20/06/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hello, I'm an army brat and I just want to take the time to say thank you. I personally know the scarifies that you each make on a daily bases and I want you to know it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you <3

Cezanne & a Cricket - 20/06/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada*

Top of the morning to our Men and Women in Arms, Thinking of your many long hours of work, Be home soon stay strong, you are all a Prince among Men.. Keep your powder dry and check for wooden Nickles cookies. Merci Cezanne & a Cricket

Sandra - 20/06/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hey! This is completely out of the blue.. I don't even know if I'll get a response here, but what the heck! My name is Sandra. I am hoping to share my spunky, quirky personality with someone who could really use it. I don't know first hand how hard it is, but I know sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to. I may also selfishly like to have someone to talk to as well :) If you're threaten in being "pen pals" (so to speak) please email me!

Frederik taillon - 19/06/2017
La prairie, Quebec Canada

Bonne chance les gars ont se voit bientôt je ne peut attendre plus longtemp pour défendre mon pays. Je m'enrôle à l'instant.

Marissa Hall - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear: Solders I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for our country and I hope to see you guys in the near future when I join the reserves - Marissa Hall

mark - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario Canada

Thank you for serving for our country so we can live our life in peace . Thanks, Mark

Gregory Pennock - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldiers, I'm thankful you that you defended us against other soldiers for your country. be safe and come home soon. Yours truly, Gregory

Raine - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Thank you for serving our country and risking your lives in battle. I really appreciate what you've done and good job. Sincerely, Raine.

Jarred Celenza - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Thank you for serving our country and risking your life to save ours may you come back safely and thanks again.

james - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario canada

Thank you for serving our country and risking your life for us. As a result of your work we can be in peace. Thank you, James

Hamida - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Jon, I'm thankful for the troops who sacrificed their lives serving overseas, and on the land. I'm also thankful for the soldiers fighting for their country. Come home safe. Love, Hamida

chante campbell - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Thank-you so much for serving our country and putting your life at risk. It means a lot to everyone. You're saving a lot of peoples life out here. Be safe out there and be really strong. Sincerely, Chante Campbell

ricky - 19/06/2017
brampton, Select Province... canada

Thank you for putting your life on the line for us. Fighting for us. And protecting our country. Return safe back too us and your family. Yours Ricky

joshua ercegovic - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario canada

Hey i just want to said thank you for protection to our people form joshua

Shemoore Clarke - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear, Solders Thank you for risking your life for our rights and freedom. Thank you for fighting for mans that couldn't fight or go into war. hope that this message touches everyone. Sincerely Shemoore & Elijah

joshua ercegovic - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario canada

Hey i just want to said thank you for protection to our people form joshua

Alexus Jenkins-Mallion - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Thank you for using your life and saving billions of others. I don't think I could brave as you. Thank you for everything you have done and I hope you go home to your family's safely.. sincerely, Alexus <3

Amelia - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Thank you for taking your own life to save our life's and for protecting us from evil and protecting our country thank you for all you've done for us so we can be safe . from Amelia

ANDRE GRAHAM - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Dear soldiers my name is Andre, I like to Thank you for serving this country by going into battle. Remember what your fighting for and concentrate on the battle because if you don't lose you head in battle. sincerely Andre Graham

Devante - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canad

Thank you for your dedication. For your service. For your sacrifice. Your hard work and long hours and time away from family is difficult. But you are appreciated. Your country needs more soldiers like you. from devante

Joshua - 19/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Living Soldiers. My name is Joshua Do and I'm from Canada Ontario and I want thank you for you protect our country while we all having good peace and quite in our homeland. Without peace, we will all be poor, dead or slave, and i will thank you for your service and protect everyone. From Joshua Do.

prince - 19/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Dear living solders My name is prince Chandra, and i want to thank you for your service, I just wanna say keep doing what your doing and keep protecting the people you love and would die for. -Prince Judith Nyman Secondary School