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James Birchall - 18/06/2017
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Canadian Forces, Pierre and I would like to wish all the dads in the Canadian Forces a Happy Father's Day!!! Jim

Erika - 16/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Thanks for what your doing and be safe until you get home by:Erika

tatinna - 16/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

i am happy for you guys for keeping me safe and to fright the battles and stay safe and return to your families safe and try not to get shot, BY:PRINCESS

karm - 16/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Thank you for saving our lives and protecting us. You have been saving a lot country thank you for that.

AnthonyGokul - 16/06/2017
brampton, Ontario canada

Thanks for protecting us. keep up the great work. Hopefully all of this will be over soon just hang in their thanks again.

Romario - 16/06/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

To the troops thank you for fighting for us and for the country I appreciate everything that you guys have done.

Shayne - 16/06/2017
brampton, Ontario Canada

what is the army like. is it whore, is it fighting, or do you march. do you guys have flags, do you do a lot of walking. we want to thank you guys for the people who died for us. from; Shayne

conner alan pearson - 12/06/2017
trail BC, British Columbia canada

a message to the troops I could say that a million times it wont be good enough and time again have you stood up and said hey were Canada we can do this Canada is my home I will put my life in danger if it means keeping the maple leaf flying proudly across Canada Im a proud military supporter especially when my family has died for Canada when she came under threat so I say from the bottom of my heart thank you for protecting Canada and thank you to those who paid the price fort freedom may there sacrifice never be forgotten

Lucie - 11/06/2017
Iroquois Falls, Ontario Canada

Thank you, my heart is full of love for all who serve

Rocksann - 11/06/2017
Prince George, Select Province... Canada

To show my gratitude and appreciation, I offer up pen pal, text when you're bored, or small treats/gifts when needed. I understand that some days feel like weighted bricks on your shoulders, and humor is most needed, as is a good ear, or a package of caramalized goodies or jelly bellies. I thank all of your for your passion and your strengths, and your dedication to serving our country. Have a great day. Rocks

Amanda - 10/06/2017
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Hello, I am a 29 year old single Caucasian female looking to brighten someone spirits as a thank you for serving our country:) the sacrifice so many of these men and women make is just so amazing that I'd like to do something to give back. If anyone would like to correspond my email address is

David Trehearne - 10/06/2017
Canmore, Alberta Canada

Best wishes to our Canadian troops on their Latvian deployment. We're proud of you all.

Paula Pigeon - 10/06/2017
Halifax, Nova Scotia canada

Thank you for protecting my family and I. I hope that all of you will come home safe and sound. Please take care. With all my heart, be safe

Alan Reese - 05/06/2017
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Dear Canadian Soldiers and support personnel, just a note to thank you for your service to our wonderful country both at home and abroad. Being away from home is difficult but know that we are proud of you and your commitment to the peace and well-being of Canada and the world. May you be safe and know that you have our love and support at home!

Daniel - 05/06/2017
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Thank you so much for protecting my family and wonderful county I live in. I have 2 children and wife, we can wake up and sleep safely because you are protecting this country from danger.

Donald J. McGraw - 05/06/2017
Aundeck Omni Kaning, Ontario Canada

Blessed are the warriors like my grandfather and uncles who served unconditionally and are now gone, but not forgotten. Blessed are the ones who serve today.

steve - 03/06/2017
toronto, Select Province... canada

thankyou for all the hard work and sacrifices you have made iam a britt living in toronto and grew up with both parents having served so i know what its like to have one parent away from me so keep your chin up lads and so you will be home with loved ones thakyou and god be with you

Amanda - 30/05/2017
LETHBRIDGE, Alberta Canada

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that you are on my mind and in my heart! You are so brave, working so hard to do what you believe is right. People sometimes forget that our armed forces are made up of individuals who make hard decisions and leave their normal lives behind. So, thank you, and if I could post a high five or a hug for each of you, I would!

James Birchall - 30/05/2017
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Attention!: Canadian Forces, If I had a boy, I would be so proud of him if he pursued a career as a pilot, fighter pilot. I would be proud of him anyways! Jim

Trish - 29/05/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

First, I want to say thank you all for your service and to express my deep respect to you for standing on guard to keep all of Canada free. My step-dad served and even though he was my confidante and I his, he never spoke of his time spent in in the armed forces. and I didn.t push. He has since passed and I wish he would have shared that part of his life with me. I am hoping to get a pen pal who is serving over seas. If interested, please send me an email to

janice - 24/05/2017
Edmonton, Alberta canada

To all of you over seas, in the battle field and away from your families, I wish you the best and thank you for your continued efforts for myself, my family and Canada XO

Monica - 18/05/2017
Montréal, Quebec Canada

Salut, Je m'appelle Monica et j'ai 15 ans. J'aimerais vous dire que je suis très fière de vous et j'espère que j'arriverai à devenir comme vous. -xxxx-

Lisa H. - 18/05/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hello Everyone, Here is my email address to post to if anyone would like to respond to my current message - I just wrote and not sure if it's posted with the email letter. Cheers from the West Coast! Lisa

Lisa H. - 18/05/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hello and Greetings from the West Coast! How are the Finest of Canada doing? I"m thinking here of a movie I watched just on this very subject/letters - a recent one of the Tour's in ME. Oldest brother was there and is a Veteran and I've heard all kinds of stories. Plus a lengthy background of relatives in both Military and First Responders going back centuries. I'm a good one with humour, having two big brothers while growing up. I wish everyone well - especially the Women now in the fields that were not available decades ago. Know in your hearts and minds - We Value and Honour All of your Lives and ask the Creator God to bring you all back home safely. Blessings & Peace be with you all from the Enlisted to the Officers. Godspeed on getting back home! Write the email address posted. BTW, oldest bro is still in Europe, connect if your over there too. May you all have "Bravo Zulu"...Out and off for now, Cheers to Everyone, Lisa

Sue & Cricket - 17/05/2017
Ottawa Canada, Ontario Canada

Bonjour Top of the morning to our Men and Women we are so proud stay safe and strong, as they said to the Troops, Keep your powder dry and No wooden nickles Merci Sue , Cricket