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Alyse - 01/03/2018
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

I would like to thank you for your service and dedication to this country.

Christopher Morales - 01/03/2018
kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Learning more and more about how our Canadian military has participated in global conflicts big and small, makes me feel proud to be Canadian and knowing that so many soldiers are out there serving to keep people like me safe brings me feelings of such gratitude. Deepest regards to your honor and bravery. Semper fi.

Sandra - 20/02/2018
Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

To just say thank you is a such shallow expression of appreciation for all that you do. Your courage, ethics, strength and compassion are admirable. Your honour is unmatched. You are why I am proud to be a Canadian. I wasn't "healthy" enough to enlist, but have always held you in high esteem. You are the epitome of what we should all aspire to. THANK YOU.

Christine - 20/02/2018
Bowmanville, Ontario Canada

Thanks for all you do for our country. Your sacrifice is so appreciated. Please know that you are thought of often and wished continued health and safety.

Flora - 19/02/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

To the men and women who put your lives on the line time and again, thank you. Your sacrifice and that of your families' shall never be in vain. Come home soon.

Connie Reynolds - 19/02/2018
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Just a note to all the men and women of our military, in any capacity, that your work is greatly appreciated. Kind regards

Robyn - 14/02/2018
Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada

Thank you for all you do. I know how hard you train.. I know how much you miss your families. I just wanted to let you know that someone somewhere cares and is thinking of you . Happy Valentine's day ?

Connie - 10/02/2018
Elmvale, Ontario Canada

Hi. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for risking your life to protect mine and those of my family and friends. I so appreciate what you do. May God bless you and keep you. Sincerely, Connie

michael - 09/02/2018
Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada

your fellow countrymen and women are proud of you. Continue doing the great job we all know you are doing!

Himank - 08/02/2018
Markham, Ontario Canada

Fight 4 what you believe in, with blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes the going gets rough, but remember Gods Grace is Fighting just as hard as you.

Fara Zoe R - 07/02/2018
Brossard, Quebec Canada

Merci pour votre courage Merci pour votre persévérance Merci pour votre amour On est fier de vous , vous êtes les héros des héros. Que Dieu vous benisse

Beverly Shalla - 06/02/2018
Pembroke, Ontario Canada

May God protect and bless you immensely who guard our Country Canada, the best in the World! God bless and richly provide for your families. Much love and thank you, Daughter of Dominic Shalla, Queens Own Regiment, WW2

Lawrence Noel - 05/02/2018
Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

Dear Troops; Just a letter of thanks for your loyal military service to Canada. It is deeply patrotic. Thank you Merci Beaucoup Tule Monde

DEE - 02/02/2018
VANCOUVER, British Columbia CANADA

I would like to thank everyone thats currently serving in the forces for everything that you guys do. I know how hard it is for some of you to be away from your families. Thank you for your service.

Armando Escoto - 01/02/2018
San, Quebec Honduras

hello every body I has been as cash blue in Haití 1995 and I was living in Canadá Too, I came back to my country 2002 , there Haití I was with troops canadians and you are feel that the proud for your country. In this case Canadá my second country. I Hope so you have a Nice day ...

Sylvia - 27/01/2018
Georgetown, Ontario Canada

To all of you whom have risked your lives so I/we can continue to have the freedom that we do I salute you and thank you from every ounce of my being. It takes courage and passion to do what you do. To anyone whi rrads yhis i send love and wishes of your safe return to your families abd loved ones.

Maria - 20/01/2018
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dearest Heros - to all men and women. Thank you for putting the most important thing on the line - YOU. I think of you often and at the risk of sounding like a cliche, you are ALL in my prayers. So much to write and not enough space! Stay safe and Happy Trails back to wherever you call home.

James Birchall - 15/01/2018
Peterborough, Yukon Canada

Canadian Armed Forces, Best of luck to all the CDN soldiers currently being deployed to Latvia. God Speed in coming home! Take care, Jim

jordan otoole - 15/01/2018
newbruinswick, Nova Scotia Canada

Looking for my brother Hunter Otoole teir 2 gagetown he was at I guess I'm worried he was deployed I want to know if he's okay I love you little bro stay string I'm praying. .fr you love u hunterbear

Brenda larouche - 13/01/2018
Rimouski, Quebec Canada

Merci de nous protéger et de faire de ce pays un pays securitaire ou nos enfants peuvent profiter de ce monde.

delilah - 12/01/2018
windsor, Ontario canada

Dear Soldier, Whoever you are,i feel lucky to have you protect me.I`m sorry if you lost your friends or family.Thank you for risking your life to save me and my family and my friends.I don`t know if you`re brave,scared,homesick or terrorized.I just want to say thank you. I feel lucky,protected and safe to have you as a soldier. Thank you<3 sincerly Delilah I am 9 years old.

jake - 12/01/2018
windsor, Ontario canada

Dear Soldier I feel sad for you because your family is probably so far away.Are you lonely? Do you train everyday? Did you get hurt in a war before? You soldiers are so brave. I think you soldiers are always helpful to protect our land. I am grateful for what you do I feel so protected.P.S.I am 9 years old I am grade 4 and my name is Jake. Keep protecting,you awesome soldiers. Sincerely, Jake

jaycee - 12/01/2018
windsor, Ontario canada

Thank you for helping us you have helped a lot.I am sorry if you lost a loved one.I feel safe with you helping us.You have helped my life to be better.Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you my name is Jaycee and I am 9 years old.

Gracey - 12/01/2018
Windsor, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldiers, My name is Gracey.I am 9 and I am in Gr.4 and I also like to play video games like Minecraft and other stuff.Thank you for letting us be free and protecting Canada.I am proud of you for being a soldier,I am sorry that you don`t get to see your family or friends that often. By Gracey

Alex - 12/01/2018
windsor, Ontario canada

Dear Soldiers, How many times do you train every week? Thank you for defending our country.I am so grateful that you are here. Please keep defending us, soldiers. Sincerely, Alex