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Nicholas - 13/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Military Personnel, I just wanted to thank you for your services. I play rep basketball and it is because of you and your predecessors that I have that privilege. I am from southern Ontario and am 13 years old, I know I cannot fully grasp the concept of being in the military and am still maturing but one thing I can understand is how hard it is to spend Christmas away from your family. I am eternally grateful for your support in keeping Canada a free country. Without you and your comrades, Canada would not be the same. Thank you. Sincerely, Nicholas

Anthony - 13/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, I am Anthony, I’m in grade 8 and I live in a small town in southern Ontario. My favourite colour is blue, my favourite animal is a dog and I like to play video games like Call of Duty. My favourite foods are hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza I’m 13 years old and I like to play baseball. I would like to travel to Cuba, I like lizards (I have 2 of them) and I’ve eaten kangaroo and I think it taste like deer. Thank you for serving our country. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be a free country. Sincerely, Anthony

Madi - 13/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear military personnel, My name is Madi and I am a grade 8 student. I live in Southern Ontario. I have a brother and a big family. Christmas id my favourite season because of family, friends, and fun. I can’t understand how I couldn’t have Christmas without my family. I’m sorry you can’t be with your family, but I hope your holidays are filled with joy! I really appreciate that you give up holidays, birthdays, and your family just to keep us safe. I want to thank you for your service and bravery. Your family is probably missing you greatly. I hope you can get home soon. I am praying for you and am so thankful for all that you do. Thank you for protecting us. Sincerely, Madi

Jermoen - 13/12/2017
delhi, Ontario canadA

Dear Soldier, My name is Jermoen and I am from Southern Ontario. I have a few questions, but first I wanted to say that I plan on doing a job in the military and I wanted to know how it is, so I am ready. My questions are does the food taste good, is the training hard, do you make good money, do you make friends easy? It must be horrible to not be with your family and friends for Christmas. Have a good holiday! From, Jermoen

makayla - 13/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, Hi; my name’s Makayla. I’m a grade 8 student in the southern part of Ontario. I love school and all my friends I see there. I’m really sorry you wont be home for Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times of year. Thank you for serving our country I REALLY do appreciate everything you do for our country. I know it’s not easy being away from your family on Christmas, so thank you for everything you do for Canada and Canadians. Your friend, Makayla

Liam - 13/12/2017
delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian military personnel, My name is Liam and I’m in grade 8. I live in a small town in Southern Ontario and I would like to thank you for what you are doing. You are giving up your Christmas so other families can have their Christmas. Yes you and family may be down about not spending time together over the holidays. But they are thankful for what you are doing for Canada. I hope you know you are an amazing person. Sincerely, Liam

Jason Di Marco - 13/12/2017
Ile bizard, Quebec Canada

Just wanted to take a minute to thank each one of you for all you sacrifice in helping to make the world a better place. You are always in my prayers and I pray that each one of you will return home safely. Merry Christmas to all!

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Hi My name is Anne Marie and I live in Brampton Ontario. I am a member of the Family of Women and we are taking the time tonight to practice something we always say. "Having an attitude of Gratitude " I am Grateful for your service I am Grateful for your sacrifice. I am Grateful for your family and their sacrifice!! Finally I am a Truly Grateful Canadian! GO LEAFS GO??

Fred Welling - 12/12/2017
Lindsay, Ontario Canada

I would like to say THANK YOU for service for our country. I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL. YOU have my full SUPPORT. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Hero I am writing you as part of a team exercise. I belong to a group called The Family of Women which is based in the U.S.A. but has branches here in Canada. We wanted to let our veterans,soldiers & First Responders know that we are eternally grateful for ALL you do and for WHO you are. Without knowing us you keep us and others in your care safe. Thank you again for being the Hero the World needs you to be. XoAM??

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Select Province... Canada

Dear Soldier, This letter is to acknowledge the sacrifices you have made so that we at home can enjoy our freedom. Today I went swimming at a local rec center even though it -10°C I was able to take public transit. Thank you for your outstanding service wherever you are. I am sure that you are making a difference. AM??

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Brave person, Wow you are doing and being something I could never do. THANK YOU!! I feel as brave as you because I lived with a heart defect for 50yrs and finally received a transplant last year. So I just want to say thanks for helping those who can't help themselves. AM ??

Anne Marie - 12/12/2017
Brampton, Ontario Canada

Dear Hero, I am writing this to you to say Thank You! Thank You for giving your time and energy to serving this country. I am truly blessed to live in a Country that has so many freedoms.

dianna - 12/12/2017
valleyview, Alberta canada

~ THANK YOU ~ its sad that you have to spend christmas away from your family .the true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him , but because he loves what is behind him.

Cayzi - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Thanks for sacrificing yourself for the Canada and I hope you see you love ones sooner . Merry Christmas.

Kathryn Gauthier - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Thank you for making this planet a planet filled with more peace and love. It saddens me that you have to spend this special time away from your family and friends. May you feel comfort in knowing you are making a difference in the lives of many. Merry Christmas!

maryann - 12/12/2017
valleyview, Alberta canada

thank you for making this planet a good peace and i hope you you have hope

Nataliah - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta canada

Thank you for making the world a better place for people to live Have a very merry Chrismas.

robert sunshine - 12/12/2017
valley veiw, Alberta canada

thank u for your service hope u feel better bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelo - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, AB, Alberta Canada

Dear fellow Canadian Thanks for defending our amazing country and hope you will be able to visit your family for Christmas. It is a big sacrifice to give up your family time to protect our country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Corrin - 12/12/2017
Valleyview, Alberta Canada

Dear Soldier I would like to thank you for serving your country during the holidays. You may be sad but remember your family will always love you and think of you all the time. Many Thanks: Corrin

Sonia Gray - 12/12/2017
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your service. Thinking of you this Holiday Season. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe. Be well, Sonia

Samin - 12/12/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canda

Thank you for everything you've done for us.

Himanshu - 12/12/2017
Vaughan, Ontario Canada

Thank you for helping our country. I appreciate you fighting for us. Keep Fighting!

Sanam Singh - 12/12/2017
Richmond Hill, Select Province... Canada

Thank you so much for doing what you do for us and sacrificing your holiday season to fight for our freedom! Thank you so much!!