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Ashton - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

I personally have been thinking a lot lately about military services, and I just want to say thank you, for doing the services that you do to this country and for our freedom. My name is Ashton and I am from Ontario, Canada, I am 12 years old and I attend St Andrews College grade 7. Our class read the book War Horse and reading it taught me to be thankful to those who fight and sacrifice their own live to make our world a better place. If you do not know the book war horse I will like to talk to you a bit about War Horse, it is a book based in World War One, when a young boy named Albert forms a strong relationship with a horse named Joey, they form a beautiful bond until Alberts father sells the horse to the military, Albert sets out to now find his best friend and the challenges they go through are incredible. I do not know if you have kids a wife/husband or even a family where you are from but I do know that the sacrifices that you have made on our country positively. The services that you heroes do, makes our country a safe and reliable for many people to live in. I am very thankful that our country has these forces that can make changes, many third world countries around the world do not have these types of forces which we can employ but they may not. ` Sincerely Ashton

Max - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

Max, Student St. Andrew's College 15800 Yonge Street Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 December 8th, 2016 To whom it may concern, I have recently been thinking about how war affects soldiers' lives. This was brought up when I was reading War Horse. Furthermore, I feel like people like you deserve more than a day of the year to be celebrated, instead you should be celebrated every day. The people of Canada should be grateful that they have people like you, and should be proud that people like you exist who are willing to protect us and our freedom. I wish everyone knew what hardships you are having to go through. Continuing, I feel that you are one of the most generous of people, and deserve more respect than you are currently receiving (that is why I'm sending this letter). But what am I saying? You don't know anything about me, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. To continue, I am a proud 12 year old Canadian (in grade 7), who is lucky enough to go to one of the best Canadian private school St. Andrew's College whose name is Max. But that's not the point, the point is you are a true Canadian hero that deserve more respect, because of your hardships in life. Thank you, for doing everything you have done, and doing things that no one else would do. You make me proud to be Canadian, and thank you for showing how brave Canadians really can be. Yours truly, Max

Ronan - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

Ronan Woodroffe, Student St. Andrews College 15800 Younge Street Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 8th December, 2016 To whom it might concern, Hi my name is Ronan, I am a 12 year old boy from Toronto, Ontario. I am sending this letter because after reading a book called War Horse (recommended), I have been really thinking about war and how it is ruining soldiers' lives, and changing the way they see the world. In my opinion the war should be friendlier towards soldiers, because they are risking their lives for our country and getting fed horribly, so in my opinion you soldiers are treated horribly. My Grandfather went to war back in 1930's, he was a British soldier fighting against the French, but went missing in action. Sincerely, Ronan

adam - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

Dear service men My name is Adam I'm currently attending St. Andrew's College which is a school in Aroura, Ontario. I was reading the book War Horse which is a really great book and it was a story about World War 1 from a horse's perspective. The horse Joey lived in England but was taken by the Germans who treated him well. We are also watching the movie in class but the movie is not from a horse's perspective but the movie Is great and I suggest you watch it. I would like to take a moment to thank you for what you’ve done by serving our country I 'am sure our country is proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. because serving a country. is very hard to do and you were brave enough to serve our country and I think that’s a great thing to do and I really thank you. Sincerely, Adam

Vincent - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

December 12th 2016 St. Andrew's College Aurora 15800 Yonge Street Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Dear Soldier, My name is Vincent and I am currently attending St. Andrew's College School. I am in grade seven and recently read the book War Horse for my book study in English class. Reading this book got me thinking about how thankful I am that I live in a peaceful country such as Canada. Canada is known to be a nice peaceful country and always willing to help those in need. For example, taking in many Syrian refugees and helping them start a new life in Canada. I am also grateful that brave men and women sacrifice their lives to protect such a great country. Our Canadian troops help save lives all around the world. The book made me think this because during World War One when countries were in desperate need of soldiers they began soldiering and I am so thankful that brave men and women just like you volunteer to protect our country so that many people such as myself do not have to. I also would like to thank those who fought in World War One and two for our country. Those are the people who set the stage for Canada. I would like to thank those men who fought hard and returned home, but more importantly I would like to thank the less lucky ones who did not return and died fighting for what they believed in. You right now are also helping people and fighting for what you believe in right now. You are fighting to put an end to terrorism and to create world peace so that one day ther

Marcus - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

15800 Yonge St. Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Dear Serviceman/Servicewoman, My name is Marcus and I am currently attending St. Andrews College. Recently I just finished reading a book called War Horse, it really made me think about what the soldiers go through. The main character in this book is a horse named Joey, He is sold from his farm to the British Army. He then meets another horse named Topthorn who becomes Joey's best friend. Through these horses eyes, I realized the reality of war and how harsh war can be. I am so grateful for what servicemen/servicewoman do for our country. I want to thank you for your time, dedication and service. I can't even imagine leaving my family, friends, everything to go to a foreign country an serve my country. Sincerely, Marcus

Cameron - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

15800 Young St. Aurora , ON L4G3H7 Dear serviceman/servicewoman, Thank you for all the great things you've done for our country. You have made all of our country's in the world of peace where everything is better. The world is now a better place because of you. You give hope to everyone in the world. Everyone knowing that there are good people fighting for our country and saving many people. You are a hero to everyone in the world. When you fight for us you are risking your life for others that is what a true hero is. You could be shipped to a different country to fight for us. Then you could be captured by the enemy and never see our country again. But you still fight for us so I thank you for your service. Sincerely, Cameron

Andrew - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

15800 Yonge St. Aurora, ON L4G3H7 Dear Serviceman/Servicewoman, My name is Andrew, I wanted to thank you for all the great things you have done for our country. You have made peace in everything you do as it helps make this world a better place. Every step you take will give hope to many others. You would give hope to everyone, them knowing that you and your squadron will save many cities from the enemies. You are the true hero, as you sacrifice your life to save many others. You could be shipped out to another country, but you should know that we are all here cheering for you. You have made many of us think of how we could help and make this world better, because of what you do for us. You made us think of being doctors, who save lives, or the police, as they help keep us safe from any crime. The more you serve, the more you save. I truly appreciate your service in war. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Andrew

Rowan - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario canada

15800 young st. Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 December 15 2016       Dear, Solider   I personally would like to thank you for all the great service that you do for this fine free country. Every day that you risk your life for Canada and other countries. You help others that you do not even know because that is what Canadians do. My name is Rowan and I am currently in grade 7 and in attendance of the school St. Andrew’s College.     In grade seven language class we are required to read the book War Horse. War Horse is a story about a horse in World War 1 and all his adventures in the war. This book is unique because it is taken from the perspective of the horse. He ends up having owners on both sides of the war, the British and the Germans, and he realizes how similar they are. Throughout the war, the horse (also known as Joey) is witness to all the negative parts of war, not just the physicality of the war, but also the emotional loss that occurs. During this part of the book that was when my eyes started to widen and how grateful I am to have heroes in my life like you to protect me, my family, and my country.   Every day I look around my surroundings and think how lucky I am to live in Canada and it is all thanks to people like you who help with our safety and others as well. I recognize the great elements you do for this country and I thank you very much               Sincerely, Rowan

Henry - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldier, My name is Henry, I currently attend St. Andrew's College in Aurora, Ontario. Lately I have been thinking about you guys, the people serving our country. In class we have been reading a book describing World War I and it has lead me to think about how important you are to our safety. I know now what you guys endure and go through every day. Both my great grandfather's fought in World War II, one as a pilot trainer and another on a warship. They both survived but it was an experience that they would remember for a long time. I've also been thinking a lot about war and the people who served and currently serve our country and put their lives a risk for our sake. It has made me feel grateful that I know I'm safe when I'm here, and that others are willing to protect us with their own lives regardless of the situation. This is because of you, the soldiers and other people out there protecting not only me but everyone around us. This is only possible because of your commitment and bravery, and I don't think you guys get recognized enough for what you do every day. to the soldiers that protect us, Thank you Henry

Ethan - 10/01/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldier, 12/7/2016   15800 Yonge St. Aurora, ON L4G3H7   First off, I’d like to thank you for however long you’ve served in the army. Whether you’ve done anything yet to save or benefit the lives of people.   My name is Ethan and after doing a novel study on the book “War Horse” I’ve been thinking of the people who have been putting their lives in danger for the benefit of their people.   During wars, hundreds of people can die, putting their lives for the lives of good and innocent people that have names, dreams and value. You may not know it, but you’ve changed the world. People who create things like the computer, people with potential like that are being protected by you, and because of you their world changing potential is kept safe and can be used for another day. People have families and in war people lose those friends and family, friends and family that they would mourn. All of that is prevented by you.   I’ve just moved into Canada a few months ago from Hong Kong and am attending St. Andrew's College. I don’t know much of what Canadian soldiers have done or what wars and fights that Canada might’ve been through but people with similar ideals and people with the same good and pure intentions, help defenseless people get to safety so they have less to mourn.       Sincerely,   Ethan

cole - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

15800 Yonge St. Aurora, ON L4G 3H7   Monday, December 12, 2016.   Dear Solider,   I am writing to say how grateful I am for all that you do for our country. The things you do to make our country safe is amazing, it helps all of us in our everyday life. You make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us worry free about our safety and I am extremely grateful for that. All of the things you go through whether it is losing a close friend, living in a world where everyone around you seems to be dying, or scrapping by on little food and warmth. Based on what I read and hear, war is a very brutal place where the conditions are awful because of living in ditches and there are tons of diseases that no one can escape. You also don’t get much to eat because you have to ration all of the food so that it lasts longer. It is amazing how brave you are to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country.   I have been inspired to write this letter because in my language class we just finished the book War Horse. This book was a very sincere and well written book that has a very deep message in friendship and how brutal every war and every fight can be. This book has better informed me about what a solider goes through in everyday life while serving across seas. Even the boat ride there was brutal. In these last few closing words, I would just like to thank you for doing your job to keep everything peaceful and everyone happy and safe.   Sincerely

Kyle - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

12:42 PM December 12, 2016 St. Andrews College 15800 Yonge Street Aurora, On L4G 3H7 Canada Dear Serviceman/Servicewoman, My class has recently read the book War Horse about World War 1. My name is Kyle and I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate you. Reading the book has made me fully understand how important your jobs are, and how much you do for our country. It makes me have so much respect for you because you literally put your life on the line every single day and you do it because you truly care. To do what you do it would have to take so much courage, loyalty, discipline, respect and honour and I truly admire how much you do for our country. When I think about our lives I feel so privileged because of everything you do for us. You risk your lives every day for our country and its freedoms. I look around at some of the countries in the world that do not have the privilege to be free and it makes me -=so thankful for you. Not only do you fight for our country's freedom but you fight for other countries that don’t have this great privilege that our country does, and I am sure that they are grateful for you too. When reading about the death and destruction of battles and wars I have true thankfulness, respect, appreciation and admiration for what you guys go through on a daily basis. Thank you for everything.

Tyler - 08/01/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear troops, Hello my name is Tyler and I am in grade 4 and I am thanking you for making this country a better place Firstly, Thank you for giving us our personal rights I also thank you for sacrificing your life for us plus you might have lost a loved one so I thank you. Finally I thank you for making this country a better place. Additionally, I know you show a lot of sympathy because you must have felt very scared also when one of your friends were hurt or down you helped them up and you wanted the best for us. Finally, Also you must have been scared because you could have lost friends and family during the war and when you heard big explosions and guns. So I thank and I hope you live over 100 years and keep on doing what you are doing.

Delaine Smith - 06/01/2017
Barrie, Ontario Canada

I have been thinking over Christmas of all the brave Canadians serving our country by protecting and helping others and teaching the world about Canadian values. I am so proud of you. Thank you for standing up for what we all believe in. Laine

Antje Eichner - 06/01/2017
Munich, Ontario Germany

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Blake Botter - 03/01/2017
Guelph, Ontario Canada

I Want To Say Thank You To The Proud Men And Women Who Continuously And Fiercely Fight For Our Great Country Every Day And Every Night! Thank You For Keeping Me,My Family And Friends Safe! Keep Safe! Get Home Soon!

Raymonde Gagné - 01/01/2017
Québec, Quebec Canada

A vous tous courageux vétérans, je souhaite que l'année 2017 vous apporte le meilleur qui soit ! Paix, Santé, Courage. Je pense à vous, je prie pour vous ! Raymonde Gagné

Jim Morgan - 31/12/2016
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Between my father and younger brother they served 65 years defending this country. Circumstances beyond my control kept me from serving but as a military BRAT, I know the sacrifices you are making as far as leaving family behind while you deploy throughout the world. Putting yourself in Harm's Way so we can live the life we have takes a special kind of person and I salute you all! Come home safe and sound! Happy New Year!!! Canada - True North Strong and Free.

TOMMY POST - 31/12/2016

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Matthew - 29/12/2016
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Hello too all Canadian forces personnel, i am a big fan of your work and what you represent...You have always been held with such high respect in my mind that i would happily stand in front of you guys and gals as a shield to protect all of you even though i'm just a civilian, You are the reason i feel safe in Canada and owe you a debt i can never return in full...You are the legends of the great white north that makes any bad guys too Canada think twice before making a move that would surely be their last. God bless you and marry christmas happy hanukkah and happy new years too all of you stay safe!!!

Kamyar - 28/12/2016
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Please allow me to thank you all for keeping Canada a great, prosperous and safe country. Freedom and democracy is a precious gift that you provide to all Canadians and our children. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Dany - 27/12/2016
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Depuis les debuts de 2000 je parle de vous autres en fierté et encore aujourd'hui les remerciements les plus chèr ne vaudront vos efforts cependant je vous remercies de toute bravour et support en vertu de la guerre a votre égart... Merci beaucoup sans vous beaucoup de chose ne serait presente aujourd'hui ... Merci à vous pour tout le monde meme ci ce n est remarqué de tout ceux pour qui aussi vous le faites......passée de bonne fête malgré les circonstances..... Mes voeux les plus chères !.p.s gardé tout vos souvenir aujourd'hui je dois m'acheter une épée valant une fortune ayant apartenue a un ancien . dans les amis nous avons des choses dattant du debarquement ... Vos objet ne vaudront vos âme mais eternelliseront les moments présents. Ont pensent a vous !

Marine - 26/12/2016
Vénissieux, Nouvelle-Ecosse France

Cher soldat , Je vous écris cette lettre pour vous donner mon soutien .. ce que vous faite est comment dire , extraordinaire.. Je suis peut être jeune , mais je sais que ce que vous faites , pas beaucoup de personnes pourraient faire la même chose . Je pense que passer les fêtes sans votre famille à dû être dure si vous n'êtes pas rentré chez vous .. je ne sais pas comment vous faites , vous m'aider , vous nous aidez nous citoyens et c'est pour cela que je vous remercie du fond du coeur pour ce que vous faite . Mes salutations distinguées . Bonne journée !

Marlys Collins - 25/12/2016
Estevan, Saskatchewan Canada

Merry Christmas to all you brave men and women, and we canadian families do appreciate all you do for our freedom, and for your contribution to it! May God watch over you all, and bring you safely home to your loved ones! Peace and good will to everyone! ????????