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Stephanie - 10/02/2017
New Castle, Select Province... USA

Im a 41 year old mother of 3 with alot of free time on my hands. I would like to find a pen pal soldier. I support our men and women in the armed forces in my home country and I know lots of service members dont have family or dont get email, etc I have lots of time and would like to extend my friendship.

Anmoldeep - 08/02/2017
vancouver, British Columbia Canada

To the Veterans of war, Thank you to share your experience with us. We are not aware of the reality of war because we are leaving in a period in which there isn't any conflict affecting us directly, so, it is important to know what happened. I believe that the war veterans are one of the fewest people that understand the real meaning of life, because they have seen enemies and friends dying, while they were serving their nation. Not everyone can be a soldier because not everyone is able to make personal sacrifices for the defense of us and our freedoms, while fighting a war of constant terror. We can never thank you and your families enough for placing yourself between us and danger. We cannot imagine what you have been through, but we can try to listen and understand, but especially remember not to forget the actions of millions of people. Therefore, even though the past can't be changed, we can still try to make a better present in order to create our future. Some negative events of history can repeat and if this happens, we will be responsible for them, because we forgot the past and didn't learn from its mistakes. Life is a beautiful gift and it is made to be lived just once. Sharing your experiences will help everyone, including us and you. Thank you once again We salute you Sincerely, Anmoldeep From Secondary School John Oliver Grade 11 Age 17

Gurshaan - 07/02/2017
Celedon, Ontario canada

Dear veterans My name is Gurshaan , my school is John D Parker , and thank you for letting us have freedom. Many soldiers left their families to protect us from danger , and soldiers fight because soldiers want us to have peace. Many soldiers died when they fight in wars , so they try there best to protect us from danger. Soldiers fight as part of an organised , land-based armed force. Thank you for freedom and peace, and no danger. Many people make letters on veterens day to thank the soldiers for letting us have freedom, and kids make projects about veterans day and thank them about all the good things they did for us. So that's why we celebrate veterans day. Thank you for fighting hard for us now we all live in a safe country.

Aaron - 06/02/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Veterans, Hi my name is Aaron and I am in grade 4. I go to John D Parker and I am thanking you for your help because you risk your life to save us and trying your best. First of all, I appreciate you fighting for our country. Because of you my brothers, my mom, my dad and everyone is safe. Thanks to you canada is a free country with nobody trying to take us away or harm us. If Canada was not a free country wars can still be happening today. I really think your parents would be really proud of you fighting in the war and making a sacrifice. Additionally, you risk your life for us for Canada to be a free country. I wonder if it was sad to leave your family, brothers, sisters and making a sacrifice. Thank you to all the Canadians and US navy and military for protecting us. The people that died, thank you for freeing the country. Finally, I guess it was sad for you risking your life. When the soldiers play the remembrance day tribute on the trumpet everyone was sad and they are thanking you for this freedom and thinking about the hardships you faced. I think of you fighting for our country. Thank you for making a sacrifice, trying your best and saving the country. Sincerely, Aaron

Leo N. - 05/02/2017
vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Veterans of Canada, my name is Leo, I am 17 years old and I go to John Oliver Secondary. My English class has been thinking about the sacrifices you had to make and I wanted to personally say, thank you from the bottom of my heart because if it weren't for you, my family would not be here in Canada today.

Karnvir - 05/02/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hi, My name is Karnvir and I am a Grade 11 student from John Oliver Secondary School. I would like to thank you for all of the sacrifices that you've made for our country. Your efforts ensure that Canadian citizens will always feel safe and protected. I consider you guys to be more like heroes than soldiers. Soldiers are brave and and have great courage. Furthermore, they put their lives at risk to help the people at need. Sounds like a hero to me. You should know that your service is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your service.

Karan - 04/02/2017
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

I think that the Canadian troops are really genuine. I would like to start off by thanking them for their service. I would like to thank you for stepping forward when others step back. Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger. The four core values I would describe the Canadian army is having respect, professionalism, accountability, and integrity. You are our countries heroes.

Tracey McCann - 02/02/2017
ottawa, Ontario Canada

As a lawyer at JUSTICE, I am so very proud of our armed forces. Un grand merçi.

Wendy McKee - 27/01/2017
Meaford/Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

I am proud to assist the military families with their real estate needs. I want to say what an amazing job you are all doing to help serve and protect our great country Canada. Thank You all so very very much from the bottom of my heart. - Wendy

Sarah - 24/01/2017
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Thank you so much for everything you do <3

Amanpreet - 20/01/2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to protect our country. Thank you for ensuring that my family lives in peace and happiness. Thank you for allowing me to build a family here knowing it is safe. Thank you for securing our future . Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Happy Remembrance Day :)

Leigh Burke - 18/01/2017
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Hi, how are you doing? I am ok. I am in wheelchair and disabled. You guys are wonderful guys. I hope you get this message.

Vicki Willis - 17/01/2017
Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

As a secondary teacher that teaches Social Studies 11 and History 12, I just want you to know that I proud of the service and sacrifice you give. Your job of being far from home and family is honourable and humbling for those of us that are with family and friends. if I can instill in my students even a tiny bit of what you do and endure for the rest of Canadians I can consider my job complete.You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Hold strong. Cheers!

Annie Pronovost - 16/01/2017
Québec, Quebec Canada

Je suis à la recherche du soldat Arnaud Bignet. Dernière nouvelles en 1994 lors d'une mission en Irak. Il aurait 44 ans aujourd'hui et était basé à Val-Cartier. Je ne suis peut -être pas au bon endroit....mais je le recherche depuis ce temps. Merci pour votre aide. Annie Pronovost

Laurel Andrews - 13/01/2017
Ottawa, Yukon Canada

Canadian Soldiers! Today is Friday - and I am wearing red for you! Our true North Strong and free... Oh Canada - we ( you ) stand on guard for thee ( and for us)... God keep our land ( and you ) glorious and free...thank you.

Bruce Sun - 12/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

St. Andrews College 15800 Yonge St Aurora, ON Wednesday January 11, 2017 Dear Soldier, Hello, my name is Bruce. I admire all of your efforts as a solider. I am sure all of your contributions during the war have been tremendous and strenuous. You continue to fight for peace for us of our freedom. I would like to sincerely thank you for all you have done for our country, even if it was driving a truck, being a cook or on front lines. In language class, we have been reading a book called War Horse. The book discusses how hard the war was and what people had to go through. This novel people have been through lots of suffering. I'm certain you had to do the same. I learned that we should show more respect to the people in the war. You fought for your own rights and ours. If we didn't have you, there would be no country called Canada. There are jobs in the army that people don't know how tough or know the importance of the task. Most people don't recognize the past and can't relate to it. However, they certainly care so much about the present and the future. When they look back and realize the past, they are amazed. I would personally not name you as a soldier, but a hero and a role model. You'll continue to inspire us and give us hope that there will be peace in the world. We are fortunate to know about your service in the army. Thanks again for your outstanding service. You make us proud for all you have done for us. Yours truly, Bruce

Peter king - 12/01/2017
Catterick, UK, Select Province... UK

I am a British soldier wanting to reach out to fellow soldiers of a great nation. Spend a lot of time in Canada and hope to emigrate there and do my bit in the army. Please get in touch with me via email male or female. Always good to hear fellow soldiers.

Dany - 12/01/2017
Montreal-Nord, Quebec Canada

Bonne annee .....tout le monde...desolé du retard.

Garda Hanslip - 12/01/2017
Sifton, Manitoba Canada

Hope you all are safe, doing well , Thanks God bless you .

Wendy Sauvageau - 11/01/2017
Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada

Thank you for your bravery and service for our country. Don't know where you are but here is -31 and 4.5' of snow in yard. Try to be safe and know there people you don't even know who are wising you the best.

John - 11/01/2017
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada

Thank you so much for the continuing work... we continue to take pride in our country's peacekeeping efforts and helping others. None of this pride would be here without your continued contributions and sacrifices to this great nation.

Heather Mason - 10/01/2017
Goderich, Ontario Canada

Dear Earth angel, A thousand thank yous and a thousand prayers would never be enough to show you how much you mean in this world. My name is Heather and I live in Ontario with my three children Liam age 4, Sophia age 2 and Emma age 2 . I am turning 30 in a few more days and as I enter this next chapter In my life I have really started to have a deep appreciation for big and small things In my life . I do my best to wake up each morning more thankful than the night before, thankful for a safe place to watch my children grow and thankful to those who are selfless and often are sent far away from their own families to make such things happen. I'm proud of you, of your divotion and daily bravery and even though I might not have met you face to face I feel I know your soul, your warmth and your strength. Please stay safe and keep our warm thoughts with you where ever this life takes you, as my son likes to say "you guys are the good guys and protect us. " In the most uncertain times trust that you are loved and we are proud of you.

Quinlan - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

15800 Yonge St Aurora, L4G3H7 Tuesday January 10 2017 Dear Soldier, Hi, my name is Quinlan. I go to St Andrew's College. I would like to thank you for all the great things you have done for Canada. I am so glad to have you in the Canadian Armed Forces. I think you are very great at job and you guys should continue doing what you do great every day. I feel that you should be recognized and I want to show that I am proud of you, so I am trying to show respect by this letter personally. The reason I am writing this letter is because, in my Language Arts class, we just finished reading this book called War Horse. It is about this horse and his owner who is a teenager, but his dad took his horse and sold it to the military for the war that was happening around them. The kid did not want that to happen, but the military told the kid that he promises to keep the horse alive and bring him back and he did. So if you guys can do stuff like that, that will make me even more proud of you guys at the Canadian Armed Forces. Hope you continue doing what you are doing for us in Canada. With Thanks, Quinlan

Thomas - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Canada

St. Andrew's College 15800 Yonge St Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 To whom it may concern, December, 8th. 2016 Hello my name is Thomas and I am a grade 7 student in St. Andrew's College which is in Aurora, Ontario. I play hockey, lacrosse and soccer. I used to live in Kingston, Ontario where there was a military base and RMC. I really wrote this letter to you say thank you for everything you've done for this country and the world for making it a better place one day at a time. I cannot say I know what it is like to be solider because only soldiers can know that. But I can say I thank you for doing what you do. So we can do what we do every day. I will probably never meet or have a conversation with you. But I can say right know that I thank you for doing what you do every day. So we can do what we do every day. You and other soldiers are the best role models of them all. Your bravery courage and leadership cannot be overstated. I thank you for your service. Sincerely, Thomas

sebastian - 10/01/2017
Aurora, Ontario Cabada

St. Andrews College 15800 Yonge Street December 12, 2016 (soldier name) (soldier company) (soldier address) Dear soldier My name is Sebastian Kinsey and I go to St. Andrews College in Aurora. This is a language arts assignment after we have read the amazing book War Horse. I can't imagine what you are going through and I just want to tell you that the entire country of Canada is right behind you. You are a hero. You should be a celebrity for what you have done for your country. The entire world is behind all of you brave soldiers. If you could do me a small favor by telling some of your fellow soldiers that the whole country of Canada is behind them and that they are just as much of heroes as you are. I have the deepest respect for you. How you put your life in harm's way for your country deserves huge recognition. In my opinion you soldiers don't get enough recognition and you deserve a lot more because of the amazing sacrifices you have made for your country. When I was really young all I ever wanted to be was a soldier like you. But I can guarantee that it is a lot different when you actually are fighting. Sincerely, Sebastian Kinsey