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Katlin - 21/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, My name is Katlin, I am a grade 8 student and I live in Canada. I am writing to you because I feel bad that you won’t be home for Christmas. I would be upset too, I hope this letter will make you feel better. Hopefully you will be able to see your family sometime after Christmas. It might be hard for you not to see your family on Christmas but you’re helping out a lot. God bless you and thank you for your patriotic service. We can wait for you to come home safely. Thank you so much, we all miss you and wish you all well and hope that you can come home with your family even though you can’t see your family they will still be in your heart. I hope you enjoy this letter and always think positive. Sincerely, Katlin

Amber - 21/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario canada

Hi, I'm Amber. I'm sorry you couldn’t make it home for Christmas. I am very thankful for you & your fellow partners for helping our country. It really means a lot! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I also hope you get to see your family soon. Stay Safe.  Sincerely,  Amber 

Marisol - 21/12/2017
Prévost, Quebec Canada

Bonjour à tous les militaires ! Je vous souhaite de passer de belles fêtes de Noël et du Nouvel an. On pense à vous qui êtes au loin.

Matthew - 21/12/2017
Calgary, Select Province... Canada

Hey. I don't know where you are. I don't know who you are. I don't know why you're doing what you're doing. But I know, that wherever you are, whoever you are, no matter why you're doing it, you're defending my country. Defending your country. Defending our country. And for that, I thank you. For the peace, I thank you. For your life, that you have laid down for your country, my country, our country... I thank you

Maia - 20/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

You have done so much to serve our country and keep Canada safe. The army has helped not only us but other countries around the world too! Thank you so much for your service to the world!

christian - 20/12/2017
calgary, Alberta canada

thankyou for serving my country or else I would not be here today

Aaron - 20/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello. I would just like to thank you, for all the hard work you do to keep us safe. I hope that you stay safe wherever you are protecting the innocent. It might be dangerous, but I believe that you can do it. Overall I hope this puts a smile on you're face. If not read this joke: Whats a billionaires favorite film... Lord Of The Bling. There you go. hope your smiling. Sincerely Aaron

Sydney Burns - 20/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you so much. You are so courageous and brave. thank you for protecting our country and helping to keep peace. Happy holidays! Have a happy new year! thank you, again.

Ruben Guevara - 20/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you, because of you the world is a safer place. Your act of bravery is remarkable and noticed. You are by far part of the most courageous people to walk this earth, not everyone would go to war ad defend the innocent. And because of that we thank and admire you. Good luck.

Jennifer Connolly - 20/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Your contributions to this country do not go unnoticed. We are studying the role of the military in Canadian History and this brought us to this site. It is with honour and great recognition that I thank you for the service you do for our country. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the sacrifice you and your family have done for the entire world.

shaye - 20/12/2017
creston, British Columbia canada

Dear:Canadian Armed Military Wednesday Dec 20,2017 Hello my name is Shaye I am 11 years old and I go to Canyon Lister Elementary School CLES for short.I am in grade 6. I live in Creston. I love it here. It is so beautiful and small. If you ever have a chance to write back please tell me if you are a girl or a boy. Here is my email I wrote you to tell you merry Christmas and that I am very thankful for all you do to protect Canada. How long have you been in the Canadian armed military.We’ve got lots of snow in the past couple of days. Please send your name to. I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas. Sincerely, Shaye

ty - 20/12/2017
creston, British Columbia creston

Dear Canadian Armedforses Hi my name Is ty and I live In Creston BC It Is a wonderful place. So this christmas and I spending my christmas In 2 places one in Creston where I Live and a christmas in lethbridge to see my dad and family. Christmas Is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas to me is spending time with family and giving not getting christmas Is not just about the presents It's about Spending time with family and it's also the birth of jesus christ that's what christmas In about to me. I like the presents because there really fun to open because you don't know what's inside the presents and I usually get really cool stuff and i'm grateful for that. Ok I really hope that you have wonderful christmas this year I really hope one day you can spend christmas with your family one day that would be really awesome If you could but you are serving for others and that If a good job to do for other people.

Quentin - 20/12/2017
Creston BC, British Columbia Canada

To, Canadian Armed Forces, We thank you for your services in battle and the sacrifices you made, including leaving home for the holidays to serve us and protect our Country, Other Countries, and keeping the peace between Countries who are not fond of each other. Putting your life in the name of our peace. I hope you will be able to contact or talk to your family and friends for christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas. My name is Quentin, I am in grade seven of Canyon Lister Elementary, Creston BC. I have 3 Dogs, Abby, Astro, Cooper. Abby is the oldest of nine years of age, Astro is three, Cooper is one. Abby and Astro are both Labradors, Cooper is a Saint Bernard. I live on an acreage. Creston just got a two feet of snow overnight. I am going snowboarding over the holidays. I hope you have Merry Christmas and I hope you get to see your Family very soon. Sincerely, Quentin Canyon Lister Elementary, Creston BC.

ella - 20/12/2017
creston, British Columbia canada

Hello…My name is Ella , I live in creston BC. I go to a school called Canyon Lister Elementary School or CLES for short. I am 12 years old and in grade 6 ( i did not fail a grade). Today and yesterday it snowed so much!!!! Sincerely. Ella Merry Christmas!!!

Gideon - 20/12/2017
Creston, British Columbia Canada

Dear Whoever Gets This, My name is Gideon; and I live in Creston, B.C. I’m in grade 7 and I like math. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, where you can talk to your loved ones back here. I wonder how fun it is to shoot guns almost every day. I have a few questions for you though, If you ever respond please answer: What motivated you to join the army? Also: How old are you? How tall are you? And, what is your name? I’d like to thank you for your service too. Sincerely, Gideon

brody - 20/12/2017
creston, British Columbia Canada

To the Canadian armed forces. Hey I’m Brody. I live up in Canada and so far no crisis has happened with you guys gone thank goodness. Today is the twentieth of December and there’s five more days until Christmas so I’m sending this letter to wish you a merry Christmas. Things are going very well here and today we just got a huge dump of snow. It’s up to my knees and when I went to do the chickens I slipped on my my driveway and got covered in water which wasn’t as fun as it was funny and my family and I had a good laugh about it. Anyways I hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year. From Brody.

Susan Sinclair - 20/12/2017
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Hello! And Christmas greetings to all! I am teaching High school school history and my kids would like to write to someone serving our country. If anyone would be able to write could you send your details to the e mail address below? I need at least 5 !?? We are a small Christian school, and are very aware the cost with which this freedom was purchased. We are so thankful for our country, and those who serve and keep the peace...and pay the price.

Chezlynn - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Select Province... Canada

Dear Soldier, Hi my name is Chezlynn I live in a small town in Ontario. I am writing to you to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you have a good Christmas even though you can’t be home with your families, you can still have a good Christmas and have lots of Christmas spirit! Sincerely, Chezlynn

Owen - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario canada

Dear, solder  I wish you a merry little Christmas, thank for everything you have done for us sorry you won't be home for Christmas your family would be happy for you. You should send a letter to your family.  Sincerely,   Owen 

Tori - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear, Canadian solider Hi, my name is Tori. I just wanted to thank you for being so brave. I may not know the person reading this but I think anyone who would commit to their country as you have is so brave and amazing. I hope you go home safe and healthy. I can’t imagine how hard it would be knowing you maybe giving up your life to save others. I don’t know how you do it, I would be so scared. I hope you get home to your families for Christmas, but if don’t, I will think of you over the holidays and hope you return safely home. If you aren’t home for Christmas, then I hope you make it home next year for the holidays. Sincerely, Tori P.S I think you are very courageous.

Jayden - 20/12/2017
delhi, Ontario canada

Dear soldier, I respect your choice to serve. We all respect that choice. Stay strong, stay warm and stay awesome. Be sure to make it home safely. I am a 13-year-old boy. I hope you like this message. I feel so bad that you half to spend Christmas away from your family. I thank you for all your doing for us. To your family, Christmas might not be the same. (: Sincerely your northern friend, Jayden

Blaike - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, Hi, my name is Blaike. I am in grade 8 and I live in southern Ontario. I am so sorry you will not be home for Christmas. I am sure your family will understand, but will also miss you a lot. I am also sure they will celebrate the day you do come home. I know I would. One more thing I am sure of is that they love you know matter what. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Blaike

Caileb - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personal, My name is Caileb and I go to school in a small town in Ontario. I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and I hope you and every body else will get to go home, for Christmas. If you don’t go home, I hope that you will see your family as soon a possible. Thanks for serving in the Canadian military to protect all of Canada’s people Sincerely, Caileb

Abigail - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, My name is Abigail Craig and I am a grade 8 student. I am writing you a friendly note to say thank you for your service and thank you for having so many people sacrifice their lives for us. I am so sorry that you will not be able to be here for Christmas and spend time with your family. I still hope you will enjoy your peace and comfort. Thank you for giving me a chance to write you a letter. You’ll do amazing. Just remember how much we love you and how much your families love you and appreciate this. Sincerely, Abigail

Sierra - 20/12/2017
Delhi, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Military Personnel, My name is Sierra. I’m a grade 8 student and I live in southern Ontario. My favourite subjects in school are English, history, art, and P.E. I love writing letters to people. I also love to travel. I would like to thank you for being apart of our Canadian Military and protecting out country. I also feel really bad you cannot be home with your family for Christmas. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Sierra.