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Lyne M. Milette - 31/03/2017
Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

To all braves men and women, Your dedication for your country is and should be recognized by all! Thank you for doing the impossible and to keep us safe! Our life will not be the same without you guys- you are our guardians of peace! And, a big thank you to your families that willingly shared their love ones for a greater purpose! Be blessed! With appreciation

kayla - 30/03/2017
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Hi. I would like to say thank you first of all. I think it's cool that you're serving for everyone in Canada, and don't forget the Queen of course! When I'm older I think I wanna join the military, make everyone proud. I honestly don't know how to write this. Just going by heart. I'm going to recommend a song. Its called "The Future Freaks Me Out" by Motion City Soundtracks. Its a good song. hope you like it, -K.F

David - 30/03/2017
Vaudreuil Dorion, Quebec Canada

I wanted to give my thanks and appreciation to all the soldiers at home and abroad that work so hard and do so much for our country and its citizens. Your job is often a thankless one and you don't get the recognition you deserve. Thank you and be safe!

Richard Nolasque - 30/03/2017
Oakville, Ontario Canada

In the name of all French people living in Canada, I want to express my thanks for having helped France to get back its freedom against the Nazis. God knows what would have happened if Canadian soldiers were not there.

Daniel - 29/03/2017
West Vancouver, British Columbia North America

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am 11 years old. I am writing this to say thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for keeping our country safe. Thank you for keeping us safe,thank you for keeping other countries safe and the people of that country. I am looking forward to joining the Canadian Armed Forces myself, to do the exact same thing you are doing, saving people and countries safe. Thank you for ALL you have done! From Daniel

Lisa Van Wieren - 29/03/2017
Port Rowan, Select Province... Canada

Dear Canadian Airforce I love jets and plane ,my Favorite is a Harvard ,love to hear them fly in the sky over Tillsonburg Ontario.This is for anyone that fly a jet in the airforce ,what's it like to fly a jet,and do you fly other planes on your time off or do stay on the ground email is ....

Lisa Van Wieren - 29/03/2017
Port Rowan, Ontario Canada

Dear Troops Hello from Ontario ,I am 51 years old a single mom and always wanted to do this ,I tried to adopted a Soldier ,to chat with ,write to .I wanted to thank them personaly for doing a job not to many people would do .My heart thanks you all for keeping us safe and for giving the best part of you to protecting us ,being free to do what you want is a gift and Thank You for protecting this Country . My email address is So thank you Again ,You are all my hero's

Isabelle - 28/03/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Merci pour la bravoure et le dévouement envers la sécurité des canadiens et des canadiennes dont vous faites preuve chaque jour. Je me sens rassurée de vous savoir à l'ouvrage. Quand je pense à vous, c'est un sentiment de fierté que je ressens. Vous avez toute ma reconnaissance. Merci! :)

Emma - 28/03/2017
Thunderbay, Ontario Canada

Hello, My name is Emma. I just wanted to say thank you. For everything you do. I know that it can't be easy but please know that we are thinking of you everyday. You are so loved and thought of everyday. Some days might seem dark and pointless but please keep hope because things will get better.

J.O'keefe - 17/03/2017
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada

"May your heart be kind, your mind fierce and your spirit brave". Thank you for your hard work, dedication and bravery!

Kenzie - 17/03/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

I just wanted to thank the troops for doing what they're doing! I can't imagine how hard it is to do it and leave your family's and fight, but because of you we're all safe and get to be with our family's. I thought I'd write this because I like to help people and you're doing the same! Thank you so much for fighting for our country! Stay strong and know we all are so grateful

Diane - 14/03/2017
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Bonjour, chers soldats femmes et Hommes! Vous au loin mêmes si ont vous ne connaît pas personnellement je pense à vous, je vous remercie pour votre engagement, votre espoir de combattre pour la liberté et le bien être des humains, vous êtes des grandes Personnes! N'en doutez pas ce que vous vivez n'est pas de tout repos n'oubliez jamais que c'est pour le bien de plusieurs peuples. Priez en ce que vous croyez, il vous apportera la paix nécessaire pour vous et vos proches et je ferais de mêmes pour vous! Merci encore! Diane ?

Brooke - 13/03/2017
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Hi everyone, I like to Thank You all for all of your hard work, and that you all come home safe to your Family and Friends. I would love to know what it's like to be in the Forces, as I do have a dream of becoming a member of the Canadian Forces. Come home safe and know that your loved ones are waiting for you!!

Ashley Dalton - 10/03/2017
Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada

Thank you to each and everyone of you who continue to risk your own lives to keep ours safe. I have twin boys who would like to reach out and become pen pals with any willing soldier. Please email me if you're interested.

Bernadeth - 10/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Veterans, My name is Bernadeth, I am 16 years old. It's been 1 year and 10 months since I came here in Canada. This semester, I have History class and I learned about the events that happened on WW1. Many soldiers fight and died during the war just to protect our country. Thank you for your service and making Canada a great place for everyone to live.

Laurel Andrews - 10/03/2017
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

It's Friday and I am wearing red! Thinking of all you guys and gals - who've chosen a career defending Canada and it's citizens, God bless and THANK YOU. Everyday.

Rick Walker - 10/03/2017
Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan Canada

Please pass on my condolences to Col. Cook and all the RCAF/SAR family and MCpl Alfred Barr's family on the tragic loss of this dedicated and fine serviceman. Had the privilege of meeting MCpl Barr last summer during CFC2073 Casara training excercise. RIP Alfred!!!

Maggie Jo - 09/03/2017
Terrace, British Columbia canada

Terrace & Area Neighbourhood Watch (BC) mourn with you during the loss of Master-Corporal Alfred Barr. In Terrace, BC we value our Search & Rescue Team members who put their lives on the line both in training and in rescue missions to reunite families. We express our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time.

Jodie - 08/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you soldiers for all you do for our country. We, as Canadians, appreciate you all very much. We will never be able to repay you for all you have done. You are all extraordinary heroes. Thank you again! I hope you are all doing okay! :))

Allyssa F. - 08/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for your service. You have done great for our country!

Tammy - 08/03/2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

From Tammy, who loves being a mom, her children and her are so proud of the Canadian Armed Forces and all they do. We have a ton of admiration for all the women and men for the strength they provide both at work and at home, keeping our communities safe. They are very respectful and courageous. It was a wonderful surprise, being my first Jets game since a little girl, to be a part of the recognition of the Canadian Armed Forces on Monday March 6, 2017, in Winnipeg. My son enjoyed it very much also. We don’t know anyone personally from the Canadian Armed Forces, which makes it hard to relate, but appreciate you all very much. We spoke with one of your very kind and distinguished looking man from the air force with an adorable little boy wearing glasses in section 326. We were in row 5, I think he was a couple rows above us. He mentioned he was on the ice during the beautiful version of O Canada. I told him my son would like to be a pilot one day. Could you please let him know I'm so sorry, I became too shy to talk again, wanting to wish him peace and a safety for him and the sweet little boy/his family? Also, I hope to see him when he’s 94, standing strong during O Canada again or possibly dropping the puck. I wish peace, love, safety and health for all the forces, for many, many years. Thank you for all your sacrifices and inspiration and always going above and beyond. Thank you for all you do, keeping us safe in beautiful Canada. Thank you.

Akosua O. Mensah - 08/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

As soldiers, you fought for the protection of our nation. As a Native Canadian, daughter to non-Native Canadians, I have to say thank you. It is because of all of your brave actions that we can live freely today.

Vivian - 08/03/2017
Toronto, Select Province... Canada

I will always keep you in my prayers! Thank you for fighting for us!!!

Solange - 07/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

This country has fought to gain the reputation it has now. Canada throughout history has developed in to the beautiful country it is today of course with not only with the help of the citizens but also the men and women that represent us in battle or in peacekeeping missions or in other events. Thank you to all the men and women that have done so in the past and to the ones that do so now. I have never been more proud to be a Canadian.

Stephanie - 07/03/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for everything you do to keep our country safe. I wish you good health and hope for your safe return :)