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Billie - 11/11/2017
Thornhill, Ontario Canada

hello my name is Billie . . . i'm very thankful that you saved my friends and I. every morning I get to wake up to peace and be safe in the car. recently in school we have been learning about remembrance day and I have getting more and more interested to it . thanks for making me happy and healthy love Billie

Carol Terentiak - 11/11/2017
Mono, Ontario Canada

I appreciate and respect what you do all year, but take pause especially today (Nov 11) to thank you again. I am always so proud of Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces and the people within it are a very big part of my pride. Thank you.

AnnH - 11/11/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thinking of our brave soldiers who are keeping Canada safe. We should never forget you today and when you return to civilian live. We should ensure you are always cared for. Thank you.

sandi - 11/11/2017
Blind Bay, British Columbia Canada

Praying for your safety and your health. Please know that we value your service and want to honour your sacrifices and hard work as your represent our country. May God give you inner peace and strength for each day.

Sarla - 10/11/2017
Stratford, Ontario Canada

My sincere thanks for your dedicated service to our country. Praying that God would protect you and bless you in all that you do.

Peter Lougheed School Grade 5B Class - 10/11/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dear Brave Soldiers, Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for saving people's lives. Thank you for going to war and fighting for peace, freedom, and justice. Thank you for sacrificing your lives so that we can be in peace. Thank you for your service and bravery. Because of you, we are safe and have freedom. You inspire us to be more caring towards the people around us. Most importantly, you're like a super hero but even better! Sincerely, Grade 5B Class

Mary Gnutel - 10/11/2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Thank you for your service. Your commitment and courage is the reason we continue to stand proud and free!

Peter Lougheed School Grade 5A Class - 10/11/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dear brave soldiers, Thank you for being brave and risking your lives to serve our country. Thank you for keeping our country safe and for bringing peace to the world. We are so grateful for all you have done. We were wondering what it feels like to be at war? Sincerely, Grade 5A Class

Amy Windsor-Beckstead - 10/11/2017
Newcastle, Ontario Canada

Hero on Our Journey Standing in the darkness So far from home  Not sure if someone is there Or if you are alone Shots ring out all survivors run ?In that instance you realize, you're gone You drifted peacefully, no pain Your family grieving over what remains Because of your sacrifice You carry our hearts heavy As we stand to watch our Hero on their last journey Your meaning of life Is the strength you leave behind For us to be free? knowing YOU sacrificed.  Thank you to Survivors, The Families and Friends, Who wished their Soldier off  not knowing if they'll see them again. To those who returned bruised and broken. With the stories, the memories ...unspoken The words can't begin to describe The Greatfulness and Love I feel inside. Love to all who sacrifice their lives So our families and friends can survive. Love, Amy

Makayla - 10/11/2017
vauagan, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian Soldiers, My name is Makayla, I am a grateful person. In this letter I am going to thank you for all the things you do. You sacrificed your life, take dangerous risks and leave your family. Thank you for keeping our country safe and because of you our country is always going to be safe. I hope you are well and stay unharmed. Thank you, Love, Makayla

Cindy - 10/11/2017
Dauphin, Manitoba Canada

To Our Troops Present, Past and Future. Thank you for your courage, your strength, your honour and your sacrifice. You are not forgotten, you are valued. May God bless and protect you always.

DesRoches - 10/11/2017
London, Ontario canada

Just wanted 2 pass along a word thx for all that u & ur fellow soldiers do

Nelson Beauregard - 10/11/2017
Montréal, Quebec Canada

La fleur du souvenir. Le coquelicot, fleur mémorable qui n'oublie jamais.. De couleur pourpre tachée de sang tu fleuries la mémoire de nombreux soldats Qui par bravoure sont morts au combat. Tu es apparue un matin au milieu d'un champ de bataille Solitaire, entourée par des milliers de combattants Qui d'une démarche lourde et militaire Ont foulé tes pétales sous leurs pas Souillant ainsi ta bannière de fleur. Mais tu as eue compassion pour eux.. Déterminée à ne pas te laisser anéantir Tu es demeurée prospère Malgré la poussière et les cendres brûlantes.. Avec amour, tu t'es mêlée au bataillon. Sorties d'une terre aride, Tes racines agitées et dispercées par l'éclat des bombes Ont arraché à la boue leurs chaudes larmes de tristesse Afin de les contenir dans un calice noirci Qui hélas ne dégageait aucun parfum. Mais de noble fleur que tu es, tu as tressaillie d'espérance en souvenir de tous ces soldats tués pour la patrie.. Et ton coeur blessé par cette sanglante milice A pris la couleur de ces gouttes de sang Qui ont perlées sur ta tige Puis avec compassion, tu as sue appaiser leurs sanglots. Humblement au son du clairon, Tu t'es dressée fidèle au garde-à-vous Fleurissant sous tes racine La mémoire de tous ces coeurs froissés. Et c'est souvent sous silence Que tous ces soldats ont trépassés. Mais toi le tendre coquelicot tu ravivais leur vie de déboire Projetant dans leurs ¸rêves des jardins fabuleux Aux couleurs de tes fleurons glorieux.. Et à leurs yeux tu avais vrai

Dylan - 10/11/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello, my name name is Dylan. And I am 10 years old and grade 5.I really appreciate you sacrificing your lives for families and friends.I'm really happy I am alive because you soldiers saved my life from world war 1 and 2.I am sorry about the soldiers that lost their families and friends.So do not worry because this happens in life so do not panic too.All wishes fellow soldiers to come back home safely. Sincerely:Dylan.M

Jacob - 10/11/2017
Thornhill, Ontario Canada

Dear Soldiers, Thank you for protecting our country. Thank you for all of the sacrifices that you made for our country. Thank you for everything you have done. Sincerely, a Grade 4 student

Rebecca - 10/11/2017
Richmond, British Columbia Canada

My heartfelt thanks to all the brave men and women for their selflessness and courage in keeping Canadians safe. Your sacrifice is truly inspiring. THANK YOU!

Sally McLean - 10/11/2017
Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada

We appreciate what you've done. Thank you for serving our beautiful country. Hi, I love you for all you have done. We are thankful for your kindness, love, and hope. Thank you very much.

grade 4 student - 10/11/2017
vaughan, Ontario canada

Dear, troops you play an important role in our life. You sacrifice your life for our country's freedom. You leave your family and friends to fight for our country's peace and freedom. It takes a lot of courage to do what you do . I THANK YOU so much for what you do for our country. Thank you!!!!

Dylan - 10/11/2017
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello,My Name Is Dylan And AooiuytydsaaWRRKTYDRW3EYUOKNKSRGT\

Arshpreet - 10/11/2017
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Dear Canadian Soldiers, Thank you for all your services, courage, and sacrifices. Today, our school had a Remembrance day assembly and at that assembly I was able to realize all the wars battles you all had to confront for us to be living in peace today. I truly believe that all of you are heroes in a certain way because a hero is made by the path they choose to take and not by the powers they are granted. As a way to show my thanks to all of you, I shall observe a moment of silence on Remembrance Day in honor of all those brave soldiers who have fought hard for us to have freedom today. Again, I would like to thank you for everything and I will never forget all you brave soldiers!

Thomas - 10/11/2017
oakville, Ontario canada

Thank you for your services and i am grateful because you told me what it is like to be a canadian and you have taught me what it is like to be good.I am proud to be a canadian because we have peace

Annabelle, Jayden and Dallin - 10/11/2017
Delta, British Columbia Canada

I'm glad some of you Veterans didn't die because you risked your life for peace. Thank you

Julie and Brooklyn - 10/11/2017
Delta, British Columbia canada

I will miss you veterans. You will always be in my heart. I will support you by wearing a poppy.

Hasrit and Hanna - 10/11/2017
delta,, British Columbia canada

Thank you for giving us peace. Thank you for giving us freedom. We will always remember you and the dead soldiers.Did you ever miss your family? from: Hasrit and Hanna and parmeet

Benjamin Kervin - 10/11/2017
Delta, British Columbia Canada

Dear Veterans. To all of you, everywhere. Thank you for everything. You gave up your security, your families and your homes. You faced fear, raced against time and battled death. Leaving children or mothers, spouses and loved ones, without knowing if you would make it back. You braved the seas, or trudged through mud. You gave up everything so that we could live the life we do now. For this, we thank you. We thank you for the friends you’ve lost, the battles you won and the courage you had. But most of all, we thank you for the decision to fight, the decision to give up everything. The decision to fight for our homeland. Thank you.