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Chloe - 20/12/2017
Gatineau, Quebec canada

hello,my name is Chloe i want to wish you all a merry Christmas and since you all wont be home for Christmas i hope you will be able to get in contact with your family.

Evan - 20/12/2017
gatineau, Quebec canada

thank you for saving are country

shawn - 20/12/2017
gatineau, Quebec canada

thank you for fighting for us I wish you a merry CHRISTMAS and a happy new year!!!

vanessa - 20/12/2017
gatineau, Quebec canada

thank you for serving our counrty. i am grateful for everything you do. i am supportive with all the hard work you do. you have a big heart for risking your life for us. i wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

perrin - 20/12/2017
gatineau, Quebec canada

i hope you have a good Christmas and have a marry Christmas be a good solider

kate-lynn - 20/12/2017
Gatineau, Quebec canada

Dear soilders thank u for ur hard work and all the fighting u guys do for us.also have a very jolly christmas and a happy new year hope u get home safely

krystal - 20/12/2017
gatineau, Quebec canada

merry christmas thank you for your bravery

Olivia - 20/12/2017
Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. I wish you a merry Christmas this year.

Stephanie Ridlington - 20/12/2017
Summerside, Prince Edward Island Canada

Sending special holiday messages with a huge THANK YOU, for all you do. Many blessings in 2018! xo

Angela - 19/12/2017
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

I wish you all peace and joy this time of year. I was raised in northern BC, north to south AB and a couple of places on Cape Breton NS. My father served in the Navy. We are all in this together, coast to coast. I pray for you all. Your fellow Canadians think of you often and we do appreciate you.

Brian Waldron - 19/12/2017
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Hey, Thanks so much to the RCMP for working so hard and doing everything they do to help out and protect canada. I really hope some day i can be an RCMP when i am capable so i can help protect the people i care so much about down in Ontario.

Boyer Family - 19/12/2017
Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick Canada

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Please stay safe and I hope you all get home with your family safe and sound. Thank you!!

Petra - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour vos efforts d'intégrer des femmes dans les services militaire est pour avoir battu pour la futur des autres Canadiens. Nous sommes chanceux d'avoir des personnes qui veulent battre pour notre pays.

Sienna - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you so much for making my life worth living.

Hana - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello and good day. It is an honor to send this message. Thank you for protecting this country that we call Canada. Soldiers, thank you for your dedication, commitment, bravery and selfless service. Let us pray for the ones who have passed and for your safe return. I hope you are with your families at this time. If you are not, your family must miss you. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. You guys are my heroes. -Hana

Teia - 19/12/2017
calgary, Alberta canada

I would like to thank the government and the soldiers who accepted women as people. they let them into the military and accepted them with open arms. unfortunately, it wasn't right away, but the fact that they made an effort is amazing. thank you.

Maja - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

I wanted to thank everyone who has ever participated in the army for risking there life to protect are country and the people inside it. You all are passionate and courages people and I thank you for that.

Evan - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you, all of you all you soldiers who fought for Canada to keep people like me safe and many of you die but not forgotten every year November 11th people go to honor soldiers who died and we thank them for because of them we are safe.

Amelie - 19/12/2017
calgary, Alberta canada

I want to say that you are extrodinary hero to so many people. Kids they/we look up to you. as one of canadas many heros. thank you so much for risking your life to go to war.

Riley - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you, Thank you for serving and protecting our country. It is an honor to live in Canada and I feel proud and safe to live here thanks to your protection and service. Thank you!

Zak - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

thank-you for fighting all are wars, without the army Calgary would look like a battle field. but what would you rather, die for a cause or kill for one.

Sasha - 19/12/2017
calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello, I appreciate your dedication and hard work to defend and fight for Canada. We all are glad to have soldiers that care and are willing to go into battle for Canada, Thank you

Bryn - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello, Thank you so much for your dedication to our country and for protecting it as well. We really appreciate all your work you have done. Thank you

Bree - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello, I am writing on behalf of my school to thank you for your service. It may be hard sometimes to be away from your family around the holidays, but do know that we greatly appreciate your service. Thank you for being strong this holiday season and I hope that you will see your family soon. Bree

Carson - 19/12/2017
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Merry christmas and happy new year! Thank you for serving our country with pride and courage.