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Kashifa - 11/04/2023
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Votre travail acharné ne passe pas inaperçu, merci pour votre dévouement.

Charnamrit - 11/04/2023
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

En tant que citoyen, je tiens juste à vous dire à quel point nous apprécions tout ce que vous faites. Votre service compte énormément pour nous et nous sommes tellement reconnaissants pour votre sacrifice et votre dur travail. Alors, merci du fond de nos cœurs. Continuez le travail incroyable et restez en sécurité là-bas!

Yuvraj - 11/04/2023
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Merci pour votre service et pour nous garder en sécurité. J’espère que nous pourrons vous aider à l'avenir et aider à garder notre pays en sécurité.

Akshay - 11/04/2023
Richmond, British Columbia Canada

Hi, I'm Akshay. It's a privilege writing this letter to you knowing that I'm writing to one of the best arm forces in the world. We are grateful for your service, dedication and purpose. You keep our borders and this country safe guarded and protected and want to thank you for all that you do. May God be with you at every step of the way and God Bless our nation, keeping it strong and free! Thank you.

Kim dyment - 08/04/2023
Brantford, Ontario Canada

Hi sweetheart My family were farmers and so they were never required to enlist. The men felt inadequate because they could never be a part of the most important thing in our country. Freedom, honor, safety, commitment , I am sorry I just don't have the words but my admiration and appreciation are inexpressible. Thank you so very much.

Mehar - 04/04/2023
North West Delhi, India

hi my name is mehar. i just wanted to write this letter because i just read a book where a soldier gets letter from a woman that he has never seen and those letter just make his day and helps him go through the rough days so i thought if a single letter can make a person have a smile on their face then what's the problem. So my mission for today is to make you smile, i am gonna tell u a joke "Today on a drive, I decided to go visit my childhood home. I asked the people living there if I could come inside because I was feeling nostalgic, but they refused and slammed the door in my face. My parents are the worst.”. if it brought a smile to your face tell that joke to someone who dosen't have one, if it didn't well i guess better luck next time.

Lesley - 31/03/2023
Hockley, Ontario Canada

I live on the Nottawasaga River in Ontario. Today everyone in my village is staring intently over the local bridge looking for trout. Yesterday I hiked part of the Bruce Trail and sunk into snow up to my hips. That's my blessed life. What is your day like? What was life like back home?

Luke MacKenzie - 29/03/2023
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada

Thank you for your service to this country. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for all that you have given to the country. I would like to thank you very much for your service! Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country.

Ruby - 26/03/2023
Langley, British Columbia Canada

Hi! My friend and I are actually from the states and moved to Canada to do volunteer work for a year and a half! Just wanted to thank you for all that you've done. You truly inspire people and bless everyone's lives through your service. Prayers will continue to be sent your way! My friend and I would love to keep in touch with anybody who is interested in a pen pal (is that a thing, I'm not entirely sure). God Bless Canada and all of its diligent soldiers!!!

James William Birchall - 26/03/2023
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Royal Canadian Navy, Bon Voyage! Good luck to you all! Take care and come home safe. James B.

violet - 24/03/2023
london, Ontario canada

thank you for protecting our country i am thankful to all of you

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

"Thank you for being the hero you are! Thank you for serving Canada with all your heart. As cadets we aspire to be like you, to have the dignity you wear on your uniform every day!" "Thank you for protecting our country." 504 Blatchford Field Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Lyida - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Dear Canadian army, We would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your dedication and service to our country. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated and that you have the gratitude and support of the entire nation behind you. Sincerely, 504 squadron

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

You have inspired at least 200 cadets, and I'm one of them. We appreciate what you're doing: past, present, and future. 504 Blatchford Field Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

We thank you for your service and everything you've done for our country. We all thank you for the sacrifices you've made for us. We know it isn't easy to wake up every morning and do what you do to keep us safe. Words can not express how grateful we are to you. So thank you, 504 Blatchford Field Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Dear Sir/Ma'am We thank you for your service, we would like to inform you that you are muchly appreciated by everyone here at this squadron, as well as the rest of the country. Sincerely, Squadron 504

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Dear Canadian Armed Forces, We thank you for your service & bravery in protecting us and others. We wish you safety & health wherever you may be. You inspire many to one day share such bravery, and to serve with such loyalty as you. Once again sending prayers to you and your family. From the 504 squadron

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Dear members of the Canadian Armed Forces: Wherever you may be stationed, I hope you stay safe and I thank you for being ready to protect us. Even if your level of danger is low in your role, your contributions to the CAF are critical for the success of the entire force. While many members will not be as recognized as some higher-ranking officers, your contribution is nonetheless important to the collective welfare of this country and the countries we support. Sincerely, 504 Blatchford Field Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Edmonton AB

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Dear Canadian Military, Thank you for all the time you put into serving Canada. Military work is truly inspiring to Canadians all over and because of you, we have a safe place to live. The military is an inspiration to many cadets like us, and I look forward to hopefully joining one day. Just know our prayers are going to you and your family and once again thank you. From 504 Air Cadet Squadron

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

To Canadian heroes, Your bravery has inspired us to strive further and achieve higher. We hope that when the days come, you will entrust us with the safety of our country. So that we too can have your determination to defend our land. We sincerely appreciate your service. Thank you. Sincerely 504 Level 1 cadet

Lydia - 15/03/2023
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

To Canadian Armed Forces, Thank you for serving on the front lines and risking your life to protect Canada. As air cadets, we strive to advance as you do. From the airforce to special operations, we would like to formally thank you. Stay safe, 504 Blatchford Field Royal Canadian Air Cadets Level 1

Christine Wilson - 12/03/2023
Canterbury, United Kingdom

I am a Canadian living and working overseas and it is a great adventure. Doing the job that you do, reminds me to be thankful, I know I would not be able to enjoy my freedom to travel or even live back in Canada, without you. So thank you.

Vanessa Wood - 11/03/2023
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you to our Canadian troops for your courage and valor. Canadians trust their national security in your hands. If there is ever a day you need support remember there are many people grateful for your efforts so please reach out. Thank you for your service and dedication to Canada. You will not be forgotten. Vanessa, Alberta

Alexis - 10/03/2023
Saguenay, Quebec Canada

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Alexis et mon rêve depuis tout jeune est de rentrér dans l'armée. Merci de faire le travail que vous faites et de protéger et servir notre beau pays.J'ai bien hâte au jour ou je vais enfin être à votre place. Bonne continuation à tous.

Holly - 10/03/2023
Pen, British Columbia canada

Hi to all our troops I just want to say that you guys and gals are the best and are everyday heroes (though I know some of you may not want that title). Today's world is full of good things that can make our life easier, but it is also full of things that are crappy. You all take on the responsibility of lots of the crappy stuff so I don't have to. It isn't glamourous but is is necessary and very, VERY appreciated. Thank you so much for your service and your dedication, and thank you for being you. Love and Hugs to all!

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