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Kashyla - 07/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Chère les forces armées canadiens, Je vous remercie, j'apprécie votre dedication pour combattre pour la Canada. Vous travaillez très fort et vous avez un grand dedication pour les bienfaits des citoyens Canadiens. J'espère que vous passerez de bonnes vacances avec vos familles, et vous êtes fier de vous mêmes.

Zakiyya - 07/12/2021
MIssissauga-Malton, Ontario Canada

Merci d' aider notre pays du Canada à se sentir en sécurité et d' abandonner tout ce que vous avez pour nous :)

Muhammed - 07/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Vous êtes très importants dans notre pays. Vous risquez vos vies chaque jour pour servir la population. Je vous apprécie beaucoup pour prendre cette responsabilité difficile. De plus, vous ferez de votre mieux pour apporter la paix au Canada, et pour ces citoyens. Pour cette raison, je suis reconnaissant que nous avons ces individus magnifiques au Canada.

Manvi - 07/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Chères Les forces armées canadiennes, Je veux vous remercier pour vos efforts et engagement pour notre pays! Votre contribution à l’amélioration de notre pays et monde n’est pas oubliée. Pendant les crises d’environnement et COVID-19 vous avez travaillez forts et nous garder sur. Avez un joyeux Noël! Merci, Manvi

Roohie - 07/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Cher les forces armées Canadiennes, Je voudrais vous remercier pour vos efforts pour la protection de Canada et vos contributions contre le Covid-19. Vous êtes les membres de sociétés fortes et courageuses qui aident à stabiliser nos vies. Merci pour vos sacrifices pour les communautés et pour le Canada. Bon Vacances! -Roohie

Tiayanna - 07/12/2021
Misssissauga, Ontario Canada

Je vous remercie. Vous travaillez pour garder la sécurité pendant qu'un virus mortel circule dans le monde. Je vous prie d’être fier de vous-même comme moi, et plusieurs Canadiens sont fiers de vous. Vous faites que c’est possible que nous puissions continuer de vivre une vie sauf et contente, merci.

Demosthenes - 07/12/2021
Montreal, Quebec Canada

I thank you for helping out with covid and the floods in Afghanistan your actions will make this world a better place in every way

Valerie - 06/12/2021
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

My husband and I extend our sincere appreciation for all the work that you do for all Canadians whether it be work abroad or work at home . Certainly this year we've appreciated your efforts in our local hospitals taking care of our residents and easing this stress of our medical staff. Thanks again for being you!! wishing you a Merry Christmas whether you were spending it with family or friends or abroad please know that others are thinking of you

Paxton - 06/12/2021
Markham, Ontario Canada

Hello, my name is Paxton I am 8 years old.I hope you have a great holiday.I thank you for fighting for our country.

chloe - 06/12/2021
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Merry Christmas and happy new year! thank you for your service and sacrifices we all are very grateful. I hope that this Christmas you are warm and have enough food. I hope where ever you are, you are proud to be serving!

nelson - 06/12/2021
Sea lisland, Sea island

Thank you for laying down your freedoms to protect others freedoms. Happy Christmas, Hanukahh, Kwanzaa, Los Posadas and any other celebration you may celebrate. thank you again Nelson

Atlin - 06/12/2021
vancover, British Columbia canada

thank you for your services and have a marry christmas

Rowan - 06/12/2021
vancouver, British Columbia Canada

hello, solder I am so grateful you are putting yourself over everyone in Canada right now. it must suck not spending Christmas with friends and family but you're making sure everybody else lives a happy and healthy life. thank you for your service and sacrifice <3

Holden A. - 06/12/2021
north vancouver, British Columbia canada

Hi my name is Holden Alexander I wanted to say thank you for serving your country I hope you have a great life and a great Christmas and you are a actual hero thank you so much

Kaden - 06/12/2021
vancver, British Columbia canada

thank you for everything you do and have a marry Christmas if you don't celebrate it happy holidays. Kaden

Leslie - 06/12/2021
Burlington, Ontario Canada

To our Troops, here at home and stationed around the world: Thank you for the sacrifices you make to protect Canadians, and for your service as international peacekeepers. You are thought of often and are very much appreciated. Wishing you a safe holiday season and a peaceful 2022.

Ashley Jarvis - 06/12/2021
North West River, Newfoundland Canada

I hope this message finds you safe and well, and that wherever you are right now, you are able to find some Christmas cheer. I appreciate every sacrifice you make for our country, especially at this time of year when I know you miss your own family. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. My students in Sheshatshiu, Labrador, Canada will be writing messages here to show their appreciation for your service. Merry Christmas!

Caden - 06/12/2021
North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Dear Veteran, I really hope you have a good Christmas and keep warm and safe. I wish good things for you at Christmas time. I am hoping for lots of presents under the tree this year. What sort of things do you like? I am thankful that we can have Christmas because people like you kept our country safe and helped other countries that needed help. Thank you for your service for our country. Merry Christmas, Caden

Joyce - 06/12/2021
Markham, Ontario Canada

Dear Troops, My name is Joyce. I am a Grade 1 student. Thank you for protecting our country and keeping us safe! I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy Holidays! Yours, Joyce

Joshua - 06/12/2021
Markham, Ontario Canada

Dear CAFs, My name is Joshua. I am a Grade 3 student. I thank you so much for keeping our country safe. Eeveryone should be thankful for your time and efforts to protecting Canada. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yours Sincerely,

Leigh Burke - 06/12/2021
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

hi, i hope you are ok over there. i wish you Merry Christmas. leigh19685@yahoo.ca from Leigh Burke Canada Ontario

Jim Birchall - 06/12/2021
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Forces, Good morning, The weather forecast does not look good here in Belleville. We are expecting up to 25mm of rain and wind gusts possibly up to 100km/hour according to the news. Time to batten down the hatches! Have a good day, James

Dixon kids - 05/12/2021
New Minas, Nova Scotia Canada

Thank you for being brave. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for keeping the peace. We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Oriana - 05/12/2021
Truro, Nova Scotia Canada

Good evening This is the first time I am doing something like this. I thought to send a message to someone far away from his family. Someone who doesn't get any messages. I know that you are with your other family, but I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how hard it is to be away from everyone and everything you used to know. I hope my thoughts are like a warm blanket which protects you. So it's almost xmas and it snowed the first snow and I drove down the road and it was beautiful just like a story book. The sun was shinnig and it wasn't too cold. Where I am it's quiet but close to a small town, 2nd in size in Nova Scotia. I am not from Nova Scotia and I have no family here so I know how hard holidays are. Thank you to the person who will send this message God bless and merry Xmas

David Cromie - 05/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Thank each and every one of you for your service. Please be safe and well. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your families, especially those who cannot be with their loved ones at this time of year. Cheers! David & Carol Cromie

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