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Ron & Karen Kerr - 05/12/2021
Barrie, Ontario Canada

Wishing all our Canadian troops a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year. Ron & Karen Kerr.

Barb Vollman - 05/12/2021
Drumheller, Alberta Canada

Canadian Armed Forces Members, Christmas 2021 Just a small note to wish you Season’s Greetings, and thank you so very much for your service. Coming from a military family, we take it very personally that you are standing on guard for us, and are grateful beyond words. We live strong and free because of you. Merry Christmas Come home soon! Barb and Dave Vollman Drumheller, Alberta countrygal@sasktel.net

Sherley - 05/12/2021
Trail, British Columbia Canada

Thank you for your service. Where ever you are please remember that you are loved.

Faith - 05/12/2021
Washington, United States

Hi, Your honorable service and sacrifice for your country is commendable. You are all in my prayers. I pray for your protection and provision. I pray once you are safely home with those you love, you are blessed beyond measure. For those of you who know Jesus Christ, Remember He is with you always and loves you so much. For those who do not, please consider accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. If you accept Christ as your Savior and trust Him with your life, you’ll experience such inexplicable joy and peace. He will heal the hurt, forgive you and change your life. I’m not saying it’ll always be easy, but God promises in His Word that He will always be there. He loves us so much. He sent His only Son to die on the Cross, so we might be saved and live eternally with Him. Can you imagine sacrificing your son for an ungrateful world?! All you have to do to receive salvation is believe in Him and believe He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins. If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, here is a prayer you can pray. This prayer expresses to God your faith in Him and to thank Him for His forgiveness. "God, I know I have sinned against You and am deserving of punishment. I believe Jesus Christ took the punishment I deserve. I place my trust in You for salvation and accept you as my Lord and Savior. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and mercy!" You are loved and valued. May the Lord’s favor be upon you!

Mohamed - 05/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario canada

Hello how are you doing? im doing fine thanks. i wrote this letter to tell you that Christmas is around the corner and to wish you a merry Christmas!

Leigh Burke - 05/12/2021
Kitchener, Ontario Canada

hi, how are you doing? i hope you are doing ok. i know it is hard for you guys to be away for Christmas time, from your family and friends. from leigh

Valerie - 04/12/2021
Markham, Ontario Canada

Dear Troop member, Hello! I am a Cub Scout from Fifth Unionville Scout group, Scouts Canada and I want to thank you for all you did to save this country and how you gave up your time too stay with your family to fight for others. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep spreading your courage and hope around the world. I hope that you know and no one will ever forget what you did for us. Thank you!

Emily Trudeau - 04/12/2021
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Au combat Au combat nous partirons, Vers les immenses canons Dans les airs, ils sautèrent Nous sommes des génies militaires. Au combat nous partirons, Au combat, en expédition Je garde mon calme Comme mon âme. Au combat nous partirons, La nuit est longue et songeuse, La noirceur nous noie En dehors des autres voies. Au combat nous partirons, La boue est répugnante Dans le froid nous cesserons Au combat nous mourrons.

Iva Lindsay - 04/12/2021
Whitefish, Ontario Canada

All the best to those out there doing what needs to be done to keep everyone safe. If u would like to do a xmas card exchange, contact me. Iva

Ariane - 03/12/2021
Rouyn-noranda, Quebec Canada

À peut importe qui lira ce message, Restez fort(e)s et continuez à inspirer ceux, qui comme moi, veulent suivre vos traces et celles de leurs pères ou mères. Mon père est un vétéran, je sais ce que ça fait de ne pas voir ses proches à noël alors amour et paix à vos familles.?????

Leigh-Anne and Savannah - 03/12/2021
Welland, Ontario Canada

You may not know us during this Holiday But we are thinking of you, near and far away... May our love of Christmas wrap you up with hugs of joy Thank you for your services to our country... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Love your forever grateful Canadian, Leigh-Anne and Savannah

Veronique Peeters - 03/12/2021
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec Canada

J'aimerais souhaiter un joyeux temps des fêtes à tout nos militaires ainsi qu'à leurs familles. Une pensée spéciale à tout ceux qui seront en déplacement. Que ce petit mot vous transmette le message que vous n'êtes pas seul. Joyeuses fêtes ??

Tresen - 03/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario canada

Hello I am Tresen and I am writing this message so you are happy. and I just wanted to say thank you to who ever you are you did so much and that just made me happy. I am honoured to have the troops here without them who nos what will happen.

Gerry - 03/12/2021
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Dear Canadian military member, thank you for your service to Canada. Please know that your service is valued and that many like myself remember you in our thoughts and prayers. You represent the best of Canada so please stay strong in your convictions and example. May you know the peace that passes understanding profoundly.

Megan - 03/12/2021
Riverview, New Brunswick Canada

Thank you for your sacrifice I hope you are doing well

Lyn - 02/12/2021
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Wherever you are serving, however you are serving, please know that you & your service are not forgotten. My prayers are with you& your loved ones this holiday season. May you be safe, may you be healthy and may joy & light be with you.

Inta - 02/12/2021
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

As Christmas approaches I'm thinking of those of you who are far from home and away from your families. It's almost five years exactly since I moved to New Brunswick from Ontario. I remember getting groceries in Oromocto alongside uniformed CAF personnel from Base Gagetown. I was so impressed with these men and women who had chosen to give up their freedom for a period of time in order to serve our country. They looked proud and capable wearing their uniforms. It felt like shopping with superheroes... Wishing peace at Christmas to those who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. Stay safe and come home soon.

The Roszell Family - 02/12/2021
Tisdale, Saskatchewan Canada

Happy Holidays! We hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy the joys of the season. Thank you for your service.

Myah - 02/12/2021
Drayton valley, Alberta Canada

I thank you because you save us from the war. I hope your family is safe. Thank You! Myah (age 7)

irene - 02/12/2021
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Hello. I wish to say "thank you" for defending my country. If it were not for you and others who have gone before you, I would not be living in a free country. There must be many lonely days and nights, and especially if you are separated from your family. Stay strong. You will be home soon. thank you again and a very early Merry Christmas. May God bless you today and all the tomorrows.

Sherri oconnpr - 02/12/2021
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Thank you very very much for your service. I'm a veteran of 911. It takes a very special person to serve in the military. For all my special comrades male female and animal. I love you all my heart is with you every single day. As well as with your families because I've been on both sides of the coin. Happy holidays my brothers and sisters in arms and big big hugs and love coming at ya. Kisses too but for everybody and not in a sexual way okay. Please stay safe. And if you come back with PTSD please get help. It is so important. Love you all.

Jim Birchall - 02/12/2021
Belleville, Ontario Canada

Hey Troops, Good day to you all! Take it easy, James

Vivan - 02/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Hi there, I'm Vivan and I come from Mississauga. I like to write and to read, and I hope you like reading too! Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for what you're doing and what you've done. I hope you're doing well because you are amazing! I wish that when this reaches you, I can put a smile on your face, no matter how small. I'm sure that without you and others with you, the world wouldn't be as good as it is today, even if the situation's terrible as I'm writing this. Thank you and take care, Vivan

Anthoney - 02/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

You serve away from your families every day, even on the holidays, I acknowledge that. Thank you for serving for us, im really glad you served for us. Happy Holidays!

Levi - 02/12/2021
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Dear, Active military member Hello to who ever you are and where ever you are, what you have done and what you are doing is amazing. My brother is in the military so I know what it feels like to not see a family member for a long time, but I could never Imagine not seeing my whole family for long time. You are truly amazing and I wish you a happy holiday where ever you are. From, Levi

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